Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tough Times

*Holy shitbawls! Like seriously was NOT expecting that many comments!! Thanku guys! ^__^ Sorry it has been a while since I posted on this one :/ Also before I start I dunno how it school works in America and I have been away from England so long I CAN'T even remember so Imma just have to do the Australian way XD So Nicki is 17, if I worked that out right, she got a bun in the oven at 15 turned 16 before she had Noah...a year on she should be 17 right? Well idc, she's 17! So that would mean she would still be in shcool? Welp, she is so I shall continue! Hope it's ok for everyone.*

*** Skipping Back To Nicki (her waking at like 6am, no sleep w/Noah being all squawky ***

It was 6am and being a 17 year old sleeping-in was essential but hearing the baby monitor on the side of her bed she knew she couldn't ignore it. Safaree still wasn't home, she figured he had either gone to Rex's or his Mom's house but she was still worried about him, no matter how bad their argument was. Slowly lifting the covers off of herself she shivered feeling the cold hit her and made her way out of her room. When she made it to Noah's room she was wrapping her robe around herself extra tight to keep warm and bent down slowly to pick him out of his crib. As soon as she had hold of him he stopped fussing.

"Oh? So you gon' be quiet now?" She shook her head and made her way downstairs to the kitchen with him on her hip. Usually she would be greeted with Safaree watching TV before he headed out to work, but it was just silence today. She pulled Noah's high-chair out and sat him in it whilst she sorted out their breakfast. Being that Nicki was still 17 she was still studying and was supposed to be at school in two hours however Mama Carol had called to say she had an appointment and couldn't look after Noah today so Safaree was taking the day off to look after him. She didn't really see that happening anymore, especially after the last text he sent her last night. She sighed thinking about it, how come she had never realised how he was feeling? She thought Safaree was fine with the whole 'raising another man's child' but thinking about it for a while she understood how much she was asking of him and felt terrible. Hearing the microwave ding she opened the door and set Noah's milk on the side to cool, he only had two bottles a day now. One in the morning and one before bed.

After breakfast Nicki decided to focus on getting Noah bathed and dressed before getting herself ready and ringing around asking for someone to babysit. She called everyone she knew and not one of them were free, looking at her watch impatiently she quickly threw Noah's essentials into her book bag after putting his coat and hat on and then headed out of the door. She had no choice but to take him with her and if she got in trouble she would just have to deal with it, after all she was basically just running in to hand up an assignment so it should have been ok.


"Come on!! I don't have fucking time for this!" Safaree screamed whilst slamming his hands on the steering wheel. He was stuck in peak hour traffic trying to make it home in time before Nicki left for school. Looking at his watch again he knew he had missed her. He couldn't understand why the lanes weren't moving at all, hearing other drivers yelling he opened his window and from what he heard there had been a crash, they were just checking everyone was ok and clearing up the mess. "Shit man!" He continued to tap his fingers and cuss randomly before trying to ring Nicki, he thought it would be pretty pointless anyway he knew she wouldn't answer after what he said to her last night. He was right, it went straight to voicemail.

Almost an hour later he finally made it home to an empty house. No Noah or Nicki in sight so he took this time to figure out what he was going to say when she got home. As he sat silently for a moment he ran through all of the things he could say, how he could say it but the one thing he couldn't guess was how Nicki was going to react.


Walking down the hallway with Noah balanced on her hip received more stares than she had anticipated, mainly from younger students. They had heard that this 'Onika' girl had gone and got herself knocked up but they never believed it, until they saw her. If she knew it was going to be this bad she would have just skipped school if it wasn't for that one particular assignment that was due to be handed in, with the deadline being today she chose not to risk it. Finally escaping the stares and whispers of fellow students she turned down the hallway to the teacher's office.

"Kay. So I'll just knock, go in, hand the paper up and leave. Simple as that Onika." She rummaged around in her bag whilst Noah played with the ends of her hair before being distracted by her earring. "Boy, would you stop. Mommy is tryna find som......Ah found it!" She whipped it out and proceeded to knock on the door.

"Oh, Ms. Maraj, what can, help you with?" Mr Tomlinson was greatly distracted by Noah's grumpy grunts causing Nicki to look down before answering.

"Sorry Sir. I didn't have anyone to take care of him...Anyway I just came to hand this up." She held the paper out for him.

"Thank you, but before you go I need to have a word. You want to step inside?" He wasn't asking and moved aside to let her in. Rolling her eyes with attitude she went in and sat down sitting Noah comfortably on her lap so he could rest in her arms, she figured he was tired hence his grumpy behaviour.

"Your grades are slipping Onika...Tremendously. Whats going on?" He looked at her pitifully.

"I thought that woulda been quite obvious, Sir." He raised his eyebrows at her dry answer.

"Have you ever considered maybe, seeking the help of a counsellor? I mean to be doing all of this and studying at the same time, it's a lot to take on for a 17 year old"

"No." There was silence for a while after she answered. "Can I please leave? If you hadn't noticed I have a lot on my plate right now and listening to this isn't helping. At all." Her body language and the vibe she was sending out made Noah even more restless and he began to cry as she stood up, grabbing her bag. She didn't even wait to hear what he had to say and walked speedily out of the door and back down the hallways, thankfully they were clear now as classes were in session. Noah had gotten quieter as she hit the sidewalk and headed to her car. (I don't know what the driving age in America is! It's 16 here in Australia.) Opening the door to his car-seat she went to put him in and noticed he was already asleep, but there was something different, he felt really limp.

"Noah? Baby wake up." She gave him the gentlest little shake to try and wake him. Nothing. She tried again and again but he wouldn't respond. Remembering the information she was given about his condition she checked his breathing and heart rate, both were extremely shallow and she started to panic. Quickly strapping him in she jumped in the car and went straight to the hospital, which was only minutes away. Parking extremely out of the lines she darted around to his his car seat and secured his lifeless little body in her arms and ran for the hospital entrance.


Sitting deep in thought he still hadn't come up with any ideas about how to explain this to Nicki. He was finally just thinking maybe he should just blurt it out and then it's done. As he was about to to turn the TV on his phone started ringing in his pocket. It was Mama Carol.

"Hey Mama Carol. How are things?"

"Safaree you need to get down to Clearview hospital. Now." She sounded out of breath and all the noise around her made her voice hard to hear.

"Why? What's going on? Are you hurt?" He stood up trying to throw his shoes on thinking that something terrible had happened to her.

"No...It's not me...It's Noah..." She trailed off and he could tell she was crying, without hesitating he hung up and bolted out of the door.


"Ma'am, please? We need you to calm down." One of the nurses was trying to console a hysterical Nicki as they sat waiting to hear what was wrong. It was no use though.

"Nika, honey, they are trying their best in there. We just have to hope and pray for now." She wrapped her arms around her daughter's trembling body as she continued to cry.

"How c-could I have not n-noticed anything was wrong? I'm his m-mother!"

"Shhh. Safaree will be here soon, kay?" She smoothed her hand over Nicki's face trying to remove some of the tears but it didn't matter because they just kapt falling anyway.

"What? You called him?"

"Of course I called him! He would want to be here for you both!" Nicki just scoffed tearfully at what her mother said.

"He doesn't give two sh- He doesn't care." She pulled gently out of her mother's grasp and sat upright.

"Now I know that is not true Onika! All that boy does for you two! He loves the pair of you, don't ever question that." She shook her head at her daughter's behaviour and they were silent again until an out of breath Safaree ran over to them.

"What's happening? Do you know anything yet?" He was aiming his breathless questions at Nicki but she wouldn't acknowledge him and let Mama Carol do the talking.

"We haven't bee told anything yet...They're seeing to him now." She looked back up at him only to realise he watching Nicki fiddle with her nails. "I think I might go get a drink, do either of you two need anything?" Safaree shook his head politely and took her seat after she left.

"Nic, talk to me. What happened?"

"Don't come in here acting like you actually give a fuck!" He didn't answer and looked down at his lap. "Why'd you even bother coming? If I remember correctly he ain't your kid, right?" No matter what he tried to say she would always be yelling over him. He never got chance to speak his mind and he was running out of patience. As she continued to shout and bark questions at him, he flipped and grabbed her forearm before dragging her into the stairwell. There was nobody around to witness his angry outburst.

"Safaree let go! You're hurting me!" She tried to wriggle out of his grasp but he pushed her up against the wall.

"STOP YELLING! And Let. Me. Talk." He breathed heavily between each word, but it had the effect he wanted as she was quickly silenced. "I'm sick of you yellin' at me like I'm nothin' Onika! Like I'm a useless piece of shit! I'm done with it!" He released her arm forcefully shoving her a little. "I don't wanna hurt you, but don't you see what you're doing? You're pushing me away." His voice was a lot softer now, but her body carried on shaking uncontrollably. She was looking down and he could see the tears dripping off her face.

"I'm sorry." He moved closer to her but she flinched away, he hated seeing her face frozen with fear because of him.

"I'm sorry too, come here." He tried once more and this time she collapsed into his arms sobbing as he rubbed her back. "I ain't mean to scare you babe. Just understand that I love you and I'm not going anywhere. But you have to let me in. Stop pushing me away." he felt her head nod against his chest as her cries started to subdue slowly, she was still shaky though.

"I never knew thas how you were feelin'."

"I suppose we're both to blame. I could have let you know, but you never seemed like you cared."

"Faree I love you and of course I care! It's just been so fuckin' hard with Noah and Drake and school work. I don't know if I can do anymore." She looked away tearfully and he pulled her even closer to him.

"We'll sort this out bae, don't worry." He kissed the top of her head before they were politely interrupted by the doctor.

"Ms Maraj?" ......

*Uggghhh I was trying to get into this all damn day!! I just COULD NOT THINK and sorry it's a little short! But anyways thanks for all the comments on the last chapter!!! :o haha I don't think I'll be able to top that ever again so I think it's safe to say that chapter was a record breaker for me!! ^__^ Well, hope this was alright for you guys ://Sorry for any typos/mistakes! Niight*


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