Sunday, 26 August 2012

I'll Stand By You

He looked at all of the leaflets in his hand. All of them about 'Young Motherhood' and 'Coping With Your Baby'. He flicked through them quickly as he tried to skim read.

"Why hasn't she talked to me 'bout this?" He mumbled to himself as he continued to read but hearing the bathroom door open he quickly shoved them in his back pocket. He needed to talk to her about this. "Babe, food's almost done, then we'll head off again, kay?"

"Sure, I'll just go get dressed." she smiled weakly and shut the bedroom door behind her.

There was dead silence as they finished up eating. Usually Noah's little grumbles could be heard but not today. Not for a few days. Safaree was finished and sat wondering when to bring up the information leaflets he found and decided to just go for it, then it would be out of the way. He reached into his pant pocket and placed the brochures gently in front of Nicki.

"What are these?" After he asked she stopped eating and set her cutlery down before wipeing her mouth and trying to leave the table. "Nicki?! Please....Don't walk away. Remember what I said? You have to let me in!" She knew he was right but that didn't make her want to stop and talk. "Please?"

Turning around again she sat back down opposite him. "Why were you goin' through my stuff?"

"I wasn't. You left your bag in a stupid place and I tripped, when I picked it up all of these fell out." He picked them up and waved them. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know." She wouldn't look at him and kept looking down until he carefully grabbed her chin and made her look at him, the tears were clearly visible now.

"Tell me. I'm gonna listen, I won't talk." She looked hesitant but took a deep breath and started talking.

"I feel like everything is just too much, like, I hear Candi and Lauren talkin' 'bout their nights out and all the shit they do. Y'know? All the stuff I should be doin', normal teenager stuff. I have no life. To top it off my grades are really bad and I just..." She shook her head and trailed off.

"And what?"

"I feel so, alone. Like, with Noah. I can't cope Safaree."

"Don't say that. I'm here and you are definitely not alone." He pulled one of her hands into his, the size difference was huge.

"I know you are but...I don't know. I can't explain it." He knew she wasn't going to say anymore than that so he stopped pressing her. How had he not noticed how she was feeling? Perhaps he was just too engrossed in his own feelings, which made him feel rotten even more so after realising he'd left her alone last night. She'd never spent the night alone with Noah before.

"I'm sorry I left you last night." He kissed her hand and pulled her around the table to sit on his lap as he hugged her.

"It's fine, you had a good reason. I was being bitchy Nika. But don't do it again, please?" He kissed her lips to answer her.

"Never." He felt her relax into him as she got quiet, he knew she was thinking about something.



"Do you think Noah's gon' be ok?"

"Sure. Look how strong his Mom is! He's a fighter." They both giggled before she turned serious again.

"I know, but I didn't mean like that." He frowned and moved so that he was looking directly at her face.

"What did you mean then?" She could hear the confusion in his voice.

"I meant, like, with me being his Mom. I'm obviously not fit to be a mother. The doctor practically said that himself and how the fuck did I not even notice the bruises or anything? He deserves better." He wiped the tears from her face. Again.

"How could you even think that? You're amazing, give yourself some credit! You're 17, still in school and have a one year old child. Superwoman much?" That made her laugh which he was glad of.

"You mean that?"

"Of course."

"And you'll always be here for me? For us?"

"Always." He kissed her again to confirm what he was saying and she gladly accepted. "Come on. Noah's waiting." He tapped her butt as she got up and cleared the plates away. He was hoping that was the last obstacle for while, they still had to sort out the whole DNA test and speak to Drake. Which he was honestly dreading.


"You ready?" Klara looked at the three of them as they all nodded nervously. "He's had his bandages changed, but it still looks a little scary, but he's gon' be fine." She was looking at Nicki as she said it before opening the doors to his room. He was awake, he still had wires and tubes all around him though. "You can go on in, once you've had a moment we'll call your mother. Okay?" Once again they nodded and went inside, seeing him awake was such a relief. A few hours passed and Carol had been and gone.

"Nic? We should probably be goin' now."

"I wanna stay. I'm not leaving." Safaree sighed.

"Iight, I'll ask if they have any extra pillows and blankets or somethin'" He kissed her head and made his way out. The silence between Nicki and Drake was intense.

"Drake?" It came out as a whisper.


"There's somethin' I need to talk to you 'bout, but you have to promise to keep your cool, okay?"

He looked down and re-adjusted his seat before nodding at her. "Kay, I promise. I'll be calm."

"There's a small chance that....Noah, might not be yours." She went extremely quiet as she finished off her sentence.

Rubbing his hands over his face he sighed and breathed out slowly. "How long have you known he might not be mine?" She could tell he was really trying to keep from yelling.

"Only since last night, I swear. Faree told me."

"How could SB have told you? Wouldn't you be the one to know? I mean you're the one fuckin' around!"

"I was drunk. I don't remember shit! He said we slept together and he thought we used protection so he didn't tell me..." She trailed off as she started crying again. She was seriously wondering how many tears she had left.

"So Noah could be SB's or he could be mine?" He laughed dryly. "In fact, he could be the child of any one of those niggas you've fucked!"

"Drake, stop it."

He stood up and started pacing before punching the wall with all of his force, just as Safaree came back in.

"Dude, what the fuck?!" He pulled Drake away from where Nicki and Noah were and pinned him against the wall. Not in an aggressive way, just to restrain him. His knuckles were pretty bloodied up.

"Get the fuck off me!"

"Not until you calm the fuck down."

"Faree please? Just let him go, if somebody comes in here they're gon' get the wrong idea." After hearing her plea he loosened his hold on Drake and stepped away moving over to Nicki to make sure he didn't do anything to her. After all he'd done it once, he could do it again.

Drake was breathing heavily. "I can't believe this! To think, I mighta wasted a year of my damn life thinkin' he was mine!" Nicki tried to move closer to him but Safaree stopped her.

"Drake, he still could be yours, that's what I'm tryna say. We need to do a DNA test." He stopped pacing and moved closer towards them, Safaree was still wary and kept his stance in front of Nicki.

"Well, when can we do it?" He snapped and was evidently agitated as Klara entered the room.

"Am I interrupting something?" She propped her hand on her hip and cut her eyes at Drake.

He answered shortly. "No."

"Good....Well, back to what I came in here for. The doctor said that it's ok for you to hold him Nicki."

"Really?" They all saw the happiness in her eyes as she walked towards little Noah, Klara moved a chair around so Nicki could sit down as she gently picked Noah out of his crib and handed him to her.

"There you go, back in your Mommy's arms." Klara smiled as she watched them, quickly moving out of the way to let Safaree sit next to Nicki as he joined her in cooing over him. Drake stayed where he was but looked over at them catching Klara's eyes as she started speaking.

"Okay. What's going on? I obviously did intrude on something. Someone going to explain?" She looked between them all "Today, would be good."

Drake's voice was low and he sounded just as angry as before. "You wanna ask her Nicki, or shall I?" He was talking about the test.


*I'm sooooooooooo sorry It's not much and It's a bit all over the place :// I was writing an essay at the same time -___- Never doing that again lmaooo anyway HOPE this ok for everyone, and I'm sooo sorry to please ask again for 10 comments before I post the next chap? I feel terrible but it, like, lets me know when to update. THANKU so much for the 14 comments on the last chapter!! ^___^ Also @Rayebaby92TM Thanku for saying I made you feel like that!! I hope u do start writing!! I need more fics to read so I'd be there! haha Welp, I'm off to bed!! Night Barbz Muuuuuah! Sorry for typos!*


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