Sunday, 16 September 2012

Whose Son?

Klara turned to look at Nicki, not knowing what was going on but getting slightly impatient with how silent they were all being. Then she noticed Drake's bloody hand and walked swiftly over to grab some anti-septic wipes and a bandage.

"Boy, come here." Her voice was sharp and authoritative making him do as she asked without question. As he sat in the chair next to Nicki she fixed his hand up in a neat bandage before asking them all for the last time what was going on.

"So you'll do a DNA test for us?" Nicki asked after explaining the whole situation, she was now stood watching Safaree who was cradling Noah in his arms as he sat in the chair.

"I won't do it myself as such, I'll take Drake's and Safaree's blood as well as Noah's and then they'll be sent off to be tested. But you do understand that they will take maybe a week or two to be returned?" They all nodded. "Right, well I'll just go get the equipment I need." She turned and headed for the door before stopping as if she'd forgotten something. "Oh and please, no more arguing whilst I'm gone. You'd be amazed at how much babies pick up on their atmosphere. If you're going to scream and yell, take it outside kay?" She locked eyes with Drake as he just bowed his head solemnly, slightly embarrassed about his behaviour and with that she was gone.

"Drake-" Nicki started but his crackly voice silenced her.

"Nicki, just don't." He stood up and walked out of the room, leaving them in silence. She stayed on her feet not knowing quite what to do anymore until she felt Safaree's hand grasp on to her own.

"Hey, forget him babe." He tugged at her little hand, encouraging her to come closer to him and Noah. "You wanna hold him again? I need to go pee." She nodded and watched him stand carefully before handing little Noah to her, allowing her to take his seat when he moved to the door.

"Faree?" He glanced back at her from the doorway. "Can you please try and find Drake? Ion want any more drama." He would normally have argued, but hearing how tired and upset she sounded he agreed, for her sake only. He couldn't be dealing with Drake's whiny ass right now.

"Yeah, course." He smiled and continued out to the bathroom leaving Nicki and Noah to have a minute together. It didn't last long though as the doctor came in to check Noah's charts. The same one that Klara had words with, although Nicki didn't know about that.

"Oh, Miss Maraj. I didn't expect to find you in here so late. No Friday night parties to be attending?" He flipped through the papers as he spoke, not even looking at her.

"Excuse me?"

"Hmm? Oh I just figured someone your age should be out having fun, that's all." She honestly couldn't tell if he was getting at her or actually being serious but she knew she definitely didn't want to start trouble so for once she tried to keep her mouth shut and just looked down at Noah who was now sound asleep in her arms. "Well, everything is looking good so far." He placed the chart back on the end of Noah's crib. "Nurse Michaels will explain about the social worker visits and-" Before he could finish Klara came walking in whilst holding some forms in her hands.

"Oh, doctor, I didn't know you were in here." She half smiled as he returned a cold one back and left the room without another word.

"He hates me."

"What? Nicki, no don't be silly, he just feels really strongly about young parents. I don't know why, it just gets to him. Pay him no mind." She smiled warmly. "He's doing well isn't he?" She nodded her head at a sleepy Noah.

"Yeah, I can't wait to just take him home, it's so quiet without him." Klara smiled.

"Only a few more days, he'll be back before you know it. Is there anything I can get you?"

"No we have everythin' we need, thanks Klara." She smiled and carried on watching Noah.


"So, the results will be returned here and I'll make sure to call you and arrange for you all to come in and find out the results." Klara was just finishing up taking the three blood samples for Safaree, Drake and Noah. The atmosphere was a lot calmer now that Drake had cooled off a little. They had been advised to go home and rest seeing as Noah was fine, Nicki was hesitant but knew what Klara was saying made sense.

"So that's it, were all done?" Safaree asked as he rolled his sleeve back down.

"Yep, done and dusted. I'll just go take these down." She sealed the plastic bags with the sample containers enclosed. "You're all free to go home now." She smiled and said her goodbyes.

"You 'bout ready to leave Nic?"

"Yeah, I'm just gon' go use the bathroom before we go."

Once she left the room Safaree took that chance to set Drake straight. "Look, you can't keep feelin' this angry towards her. It ain't her fault, she's just as shocked 'bout all this as you are." He didn't want to raise his voice around a sleeping Noah so he kept the volume down.

"I know and I'm sorry for how I acted, I need to apologise to her. But think about it, I'm here thinkin' that this kid is mine. I love him like crazy and to know that he might be ripped away from me is just...." He trailed off and for the first time Safaree really thought about it from his perspective.

"Let's just wait for the results before we start assumin' things, yeah?" He nodded and moved over to Noah, stroking his little hand before he left. As soon as Nicki returned she and Safaree headed home.


"Nic, you want somethin' to eat?" Safaree was stood in the kitchen even though it was almost midnight and they had only just got back from the hospital.

"Uhm, no I'm good." She had come out of the bathroom in just her underwear as she made her way back to their bedroom. He tried to keep his concentration on the task at hand but he couldn't tear his eyes away. He lost his view as she disappeared, she was well aware of his staring. He heard her rustling around and figured she was climbing into bed. Making his way over to the bathroom he too showered and performed his evening rituals before joining her. They were now laying together in silence.

"You still wake?" He waited for an answer as he held his breath.

"Not anymore...What's up?

"Oh, my bad. Nothing I just wondered."

"Forreal? You woke me up 'cause you was just wonderin'?" She turned over to face him, they were now so close their faces were almost touching. He could see her furrowed brow and how angry she looked but it quickly softened and he saw her smile. "Somethin's up. Talk to me." She smoothed her hand gently down his face as he sighed heavily. She could read him like a book as he could her.

"Ion know....I was just thinkin' 'bout this whole DNA test shit. Like, what if I'm not Noah's dad? Then where does that leave me?" Nicki scooted even closer to him and was now laying on her front with one arm draped over his chest with him laying flat on his back. She felt him shifting slightly when she rested her bare leg across his thighs.

"That leaves you where you always were, and always will be. With me and Noah." He rotated his head to face her and instead of answering he leaned in to kiss her not at all intending for it to lead to anything more but she had other ideas. Quickly deepening the kiss she moved her leg further across him and straddled his waist, never breaking their connection. He pulled away feeling himself getting hard.

"You sure?" He didn't need to ask twice as she removed her own top, allowing him to take off her bra as he sat up right for her to do the same to his tee.

"Positive." She was breathless already, and this time she was going to remember everything when she woke up.

*** (I wasn't joking when I said no more of those scenes)

The next morning Nicki was awoken by her alarm, which was still set for school hours. Slowly reaching over to her nightstand she slammed her hand on to the clock immediately shutting it up. Rolling back to her original position she realised she was naked and suddenly remembered last night and smiled.

"Morning." His voice was deep and croaky as he moved  on to his back too.


"You sleep good?"

"Mhmm, thanks to you." She smiled some more as she got closer to him. He did the same as he pulled her into his arms.

"What time you wanna go see Noah?"

"Mm I was thinkin' 'bout eleven. Lauren and Candi wanna come see him too." The way she ended her sentence he could tell there was a 'But' coming.

"Annnnd?" He shook her playfully making her giggle but she soon stopped.

"I have a test to study for....Mr Tomlinson said my grades are droppin'." She looked at him worriedly.

"Hey, no biggie. You'll ace it, I know you will. How 'bout you spend this mornin' on studyin' and shit and I'll go be with Noah, so he's not alone?" He knew she felt bad if nobody was there with him even though he always had nurses cooing over him, she wanted someone familiar there.

"Really? You don't mind though?"

"Don't worry 'bout it, I think my Mom wanted to come along too so I'll go pick her up and take her."

"Such a sweet boy to your Momma. Thanks Faree." She grinned and pinched his cheek before unexpectedly grabbing him firmly under the covers, she smiled devilishly as she started stoking him and then quickly stopped after he groaned as she threw the quilt back, exposing herself purposely as she made her way to the bathroom. Turning her head at the doorway to catch him looking at her.

"You're wrong for that Nic." He looked down at his now erect penis and shook his head.

"Whatever." He heard her giggle from the bathroom.


After breakfast Nicki was sprawled across the lounge room floor with books and notes everywhere as she tried to concentrate. Safaree thought it was cute how she would frown as she chewed her pen in thought.

"Aight I'm goin', but I'll be back at three to come get you, yeah?"

"Yep. I'll be ready." She looked up at him stood over her as he bent down as far as he could to reach her lips, lingering for a while before pulling away.

"Study hard kiddo." She laughed after telling him to shut-up and he played upset as he left to go pick up his Mom. She was kind of excited for this week to just be over, Noah would finally be home, her test would be done with and Jelani and Danika were visiting for the weekend. Danika was almost five months pregnant and Nicki couldn't wait to catch up with her. But back to her study she got down to business and before she knew it the time was almost three. Once she'd tidied up she was sat waiting patiently, she didn't want to nag him and keep calling to ask  where he was but she really wanted to go see her baby boy. She beamed hearing the door open as Safaree walked in.

"You ready bookworm?"

"I been ready forever, let's go." He laughed as she ran past him and jumped in the car before yelling for him impatiently. "Safaree!"

"Aight I'm comin', keep your damn wig on." He finished locking the door and headed over to the car also.


She didn't know why but every time she entered the hospital she felt nervous, even though she knew Noah was fine and he was making great progress with his recovery she just felt like there was always the possibility they could be told bad news. Safaree felt her hand squeezing his.

"You kay?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. I'm good."

"He's fine y'know? I just saw him not even an hour ago! Stop worrying." He squeezed her hand back and he felt her relax a little.

"Yeah, I guess it's just hospitals...Ion like 'em."

"Who does?" He laughed which made her feel even more at ease.

"Thanks Faree."

All that tension easing however was a waste of time as they approached Noah's room to people scurrying around everywhere. Something had happened....

*BAM!! There you ave it ^_^ I literally re-read all my blogs and died at how sloppy it has gotten compared to before..I'm sorry, hopefully anything from now on after this one will be a bit better cuz Im free from uni!! Thanku guys so much for all the comments left on the last chapter :)) i have been neglecting this one a little :// Sorry for any typos and the length is a little short I know :(( Well I hope it was ok for everyone ://*


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