Thursday, 25 October 2012

Resilience (Full Chapter)

Nicki pulled her hand out of Safaree's grasp and moved swiftly over to the doors of Noah's room, pushing past all of the people in her way. Not caring that a majority of them were hospital staff.

"What's happening?!" Her eyes scanned the room at the medical team surrounding Noah.

"Can somebody please get her out of here?!" She recognised that voice. It was the doctor that always had some sort of sly remark to make. Before she could get any closer a nurse ushered her out of the room, but Nicki put up a fight before finally crumbling into Safaree's arms outside the door.

"Noah's having some complications but we're doing our best, okay?" The nurse squeezed her arm gently and quickly disappeared back into the room. Safaree had no idea what to think. His mind was completely blank, only an hour ago he was sat with him and he was fine. They were taking him home soon. His racing thoughts were interrupted by an inconsolable Nicki crying into his chest as he held her. He felt sick.

"Shh, Nic it's ok. He's gon' be fine." He held her even tighter but she could hear the uncertainty in his voice. Understanding that he might need comforting too she wrapped her arms around his torso and squeezed him as tight as he was her. They could do nothing but stand and wait, watching as more and more people piled into his room. Feeling her shaking he decided to move them both to the seats lining the outside wall of Noah's room. She didn't stop crying once for the whole time they waited. A good half hour had passed and Nicki was pacing relentlessly up and down the length of the row of chairs, chewing on her fingernails.

"Why they takin' so long? What is it that's so bad that they're still in there and they're not tellin' us anythin'?!" She threw her arms down to her side and attempted to push the doors open but the doctor came out first causing her to jump backwards as Safaree stood up. "Well? What it is it? What's wrong with him?" She started playing nervously with her sleeves as the tears continued to roll down her cheeks. Safaree was positioned right behind her with his hands resting reassuringly on her shoulders.

"Please, take a seat Miss Maraj?" He looked worried as he went around them and watched them both take a seat before talking again slowly. "Noah was having some difficulty breathing and the stress put on his heart was immense-" He couldn't continue as Nicki broke down in Safaree's arms. He felt so bad, especially after all the snide comments he'd been making towards her. She obviously cared a great deal bout her son. "But he's ok now, we've managed to get him stabilised. He's a strong kid, however this may set him back a few days, so he'll be in here for a little bit longer okay?" They both nodded as Nicki wiped away some of the tears. Safaree felt the lump in his throat get smaller knowing that Noah was going to be ok.

"So, can we see him yet?" The doctor moved his eyes away from Nicki as Safaree spoke.

"Of course, come through." He walked over to door and held it open for them as some more medical staff members made their way out of the room. Safaree still had hold of Nicki as he led her though. She was sick of all of this, she just wanted to take him home. "It was a little blip, but he's fine now. I assure you." He smiled as Safaree nodded his head to thank him and left them alone.

"Is it always gonna be like this?" She sniffed at the end of her sentence, she'd finally stopped crying and was stood stroking Noah's little hand.

"Honestly? Ion know Nic, but if he can make it through all of this when he's a baby..." He trailed off. "I'm sure he'll carry on fightin'." They sat with him for hours until they were told they had to leave. He knew Nicki would be quiet and revert to bottling everything up for the next few days but that didn't alarm him. Noah would be home soon and hopefully everything would be back to normal, that is until the DNA test results were returned.

*Two and a Half Weeks Later*

"So we can come down today?" Nicki asked nervously as she stood on the phone with Klara. Safaree was sat holding Noah delicately as he watched her reactions. "Mmkay, thank you." She hung up and placed the phone back before locking eyes with him.

"So? They back?"

"Yeah, she said we can go down this afternoon. She's just gon' call Drake and let him know."

"I just wanna say, no matter what the result I'll still love him as my own y'know? And it don't change nothing between us." He stood up to walk over to her, Noah was fast asleep in his arms. He was progressing extremely well which brightened their situation up. Not to mention removing some of the stress off of Nicki, she was trying to focus on school, Noah and everything else in between. Safaree was doing his best to support her as much as he could between working hours, which she was extremely grateful for.

"Thank you." She moved closer to him as he handed Noah to her and kissed her sweetly.

"I'm just gonna go get ready, I'll be twenty minutes max." And with that he disappeared into the bathroom. He was more than nervous, in a matter of hours they would find out something the could affect their whole lives.


Sitting and waiting for Klara to show up was torture. Drake was sat holding Noah as Nicki bounced her leg nervously and Safaree was sat silently next to her. Their anxious thoughts were interrupted as they saw her coming.

"I'm so sorry I'm running a lil' late, there was an emergency upstairs." She faltered as they just nodded. "Anyway lets get on with it shall we? I can tell y'all are tired of the suspense." As they all stood and followed her down the hall Drake delicately handed Noah back into Nicki's arms before they reached a side-room. Klara already had the envelope with her as she stood to the side of the door and let them enter first.

"Ok, take a seat guys. I won't be a minute." They did as she asked and sat themselves down whilst she left the room again.

Noticing how quiet Safaree was being, Nicki turned to look at him and grabbed his hand gently. "You feelin' okay?"

"Yeah, remember what I said though. It doens't change anythin'." Hearing those words uttered again made her feel a little more at ease, she still felt apprehensive though. She looked down at a wide-eyed Noah sat on her lap, he was playing with her bangles on her wrist as her arms held on to him securely. Since the incident with Drake almost three weeks ago he had apologised profusely and was adamant that if he was Noah's father then he was going to do his best to be great Dad to him, which honestly she was glad to hear and deep down she knew he was a good Dad so either way Noah would wind up having an amazing father but the issue lay with hers and Safaree's relationship. She was petrified that still having some sort of contact with Drake would drive them apart sooner or later. Blocking her train of thought Klara re-entered the room with her casual clothes on. Her scrubs were a little dirty.

"Okay then, the moment of truth huh?" She widened her eyes as she took a seat behind a desk but tried to remain more sensitive seeing how nervous they looked. Slowly opening the envelope she slid out the sheets of paper with the results on them. Turning them over they all watched her intently as he eyes scanned the documents in front of her. After a few seconds of breathless silence she brought her eyes back up to meet Nicki's. "You want me to read it out or do you wanna take a look for yourself?"

Shaking her head quickly she moved forward a little in her seat. "No, please could you jus' tell us?"

"Alrighty, well, cuttin' out all the technical terms and names the test results show that Drake is actually Noah's biological father." As soon as the words left her mouth Safaree felt a huge surge of sorrow, pain and heartache course through his entire being. The room was silent as Klara tried to stay out of the awkward feeling. "Kay, well I'll leave you guys to it and I'll see you soon for Noah's check up." Grabbing her stuff she moved away from the desk and stopped in the doorway. "Could you make sure this door is shut behind y'all when you go?" Nodding mindlessly Nicki shifted in her seat to face a dazed Safaree.

"I'm okay Nic."

"Really though? 'Cause you don't look it?" She held on to Noah tightly with one arm as she gently rubbed Safaree's hand.

He smiled genuinely but she could still see the hurt. "Yeah, I mean we always thought he was Drake's anyway right? So it's not really changed anythin'."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." She kissed him lovingly before turning back to look at Drake who was making playful faces at Noah.

"Well, I guess it's like Faree just said. Nothin's changed so....Do we just go on as usual from here?" Switching her gaze between the two guys the both nodded in unison.

"I s'pose so, and Nicki, I meant what I said 'bout tryin' to be a better father. I wanna be there for him, y'know?"

"Yeah I know." She smiled, letting him know that all was well. Or was it?

*** The Next Day ***

"Nic you gotta eat somethin', please?" He pushed the plate up in front of her as she still hadn't eaten.

"I'm not hungry Safaree."

He sighed and took a seat at the table next to her. "You'll have done fine, I know it! So stop worryin' so much!"

"I can't help it like, my whole, entire, overall grade relies on this one test result." She spoke super speedily as she stood up to go get Noah out of his highchair.

"So nothin' else is botherin' you?" He treaded cautiously with his questions as he followed her over to where Noah was.

Wrinkling her face up she shrugged before picking her son up. "No, why?"

"'Cause I just think it's a lil' odd that the social worker happens to be comin' over tomorrow and you're actin' all scatty and weird. You worried?"

Relaxing her shoulders she turned to face his direction but kept her focus on wiping Noah's dirty face. "What if they find somethin' bad or-"

"Nicki stop." Pulling them both closer her kissed both of their foreheads before talking again. "It'll be fine and your test results will be fine. Now hurry ya ass up and go to school."

"Bossy much?" Handing Noah over she kissed his little head before moving up to Safaree's lips. "Aight, I'm goin' and yes Safaree, I'll get somethin' to eat when I get there!" Grabbing her bag she smiled at him laughing and she shut the front door behind her.

"Well, guess it's just you and me little man."


"Wait, start again. Who is Noah's real Dad?"


"And you're sure?" Candi and Lauren was interrogating their friend as they all sat in the cafeteria area.

"Yup. Did a test and everythin'."

Widening her eyes Lauren sighed before looking more sympathetic. "How'd SB take it?"

"Really well actually, I mean I think he's kinda upset that Drake is still gon' be in our lives, forever. But other than that he seems fine."

"Is he though? Y'know SB? Bottlin' shit up and all that." Nicki frowned and looked down. Now she was questioning whether or not everything really was ok. What if their friends were right?"



"I just been yellin' you! The bell rang, we'll catch up wit'chu later." Candi grabbed their trays as they both headed off to their own class whilst Nicki sat for a little bit longer, she was petrified about getting her paper back.

Sitting herself at her desk she shook her foot nervously, Mr Tomlinson was taking his sweet ass time as more students filed in to the classroom and took their seats. Finally strolling through the door he set all his stuff down on to his desk and began sorting the papers out.

"Alright, I'm about to hand back your papers so it's all done and out of the way. We have a lot to get through this lesson." Beginning to pace up and down between desks he handed them back one by one. She hated the suspense as he travelled up to her desk, feeling her heart in her throat she chewed on her lip when he stood still after reaching her.

"Ninety-seven. Well done Nicki. One of the highest, keep up the good work." He smiled knowing what kind of pressure she was under and how well she had done. It was as though a whole weight was lifted off of her shoulders as she flicked through the pages and read the feedback.

After fleeing from the classroom in excitement as soon as her class was over, she met up with the rest of the girls outside the gates.

"Hey Nic." She knew that voice anywhere.

"Oh my God, Cassie!" Embracing her in a huge hug she moved around to share herself with TT as well. "Ugh I've missed y'all like, way too much! How are you?" Although they were all as close as could be TT and Cassie attended a different high school and with them being focused on study they hadn't seen each other in a while.

"Yeah we're good, hows 'bout you and SB and...Noah? Is it Noah?"

"Yeah, yeah s'all good! Mhm, Noah's doin' fine now. Thanks for askin'."

As they continued to chat they started walking when Nicki realised she was just going without thinking.

"Oh wait, where y'all goin'?" Stopping in their tracks the turned to face her as they got to Cassie's car.

"Uhm, the mall. Why? Aren't you gon' come with us?" They stood staring after Lauren spoke.

"I can't, I gotta get back." The obvious sadness was evident in her voice as she let her bag slip off of her shoulder and on to her forearm. "Have fun though, I'll see you on Monday." They tried to persuade her some more but she had to get back because Safaree was working. As she got to her own car she stopped. Why should she have to miss out? She could easily just take Noah with her. Or call Drake but no doubt he would be working too and honestly she felt like she hadn't seen her baby in the longest time. Quickly processing all of her thoughts she walked back over to their car, they still hadn't left. "I could meet y'all there though? Where you gon' be?"

"Food court first, see you in ten?" Cassie waited for a response as Nicki checked the time on her phone, she could make it ten minutes.

"Yup. See you there."

*o__o I have a feeling some of you will be mad that Safaree isn't Noah's father :o I still dunno what I'm doin with this fic but it looks as though I'm continuing lmao anyway thx for the comments on the sneak peak and I hope this was ok for everyone :/*


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