Sunday, 11 November 2012

Out Of The Blue *Sneak Peek*

*I think some of you are gonna be proper mad at me after this BUT you'll just have to see what happens. HUGE thanku for all the comments on the last chapter, I was like O_O This one hasn't had that many comments in a while lmao. Welp, hope this is alright!*

Pushing the door open in a hurry Nicki threw her bag to the ground and tore her shoes off.

"Safaree?!" There was silence as she was about to shout him again but she saw him on the couch. "Hey, you didn't hear me shoutin' for you?"

"Yeah, I was sleep. Sorry." He stood up and greeted her properly with a kiss before she pushed him off.

"Stop, I need to hurry!" Giggling she continued on to her room. "Where's Noah?"

"Oh I put him down for a nap a while ago."

"Well the girls are goin' shoppin' so I'mma take him with me. You know where his bag is?" She was searching around as he stood in the same position.

"By the door."

"You ok? You're doin' that thing where you answer with like, one word." She was trying to keep it sweet but she hated when he did that. How were they supposed to resolve their issues if he never said what was wrong and acted like this?

"I'm good, just tired. Anyway I'mma go get showered up. I'll see you later." He moved over to where she was and kissed her like he was never going to see her again before pulling away and looking at her.

"I'm goin' to the mall Safaree, it's ten minutes away." She laughed at how weird and cute he was being.

"I know, but I'm not gon' see you before you leave. So I'm sayin' bye now." He ran his thumb over her dimple and smiled at her.

"Now you're just being corny. Get off of me." She cackled not knowing that he was being dead serious. He did what he said he was going to do and shut himself in the bathroom as she heard the shower turn on. Mumbling to herself she threw Noah's stuff on the counter and quickly went to get some better shoes before getting Noah. Luckily she saw him standing up against his crib railings and was relieved he was awake.

"I knew he wouldn't change you." She wrinkled her nose up and lay him on the changing table. It took her all of three minutes to get him sorted. Pulling his little pants back up over his diaper she grabbed his coat from the rocking chair, since his surgery he had to keep all rugged up and warm so Nicki was taking no risks. "Mmkay, we're ready." She zipped his coat right up and sat him comfortably on her hip before moving back to the kitchen and grabbing the rest of their things. Yelling bye once more she didn't get a response but knew he was showering.


"Nicki! He's the cutest little thing I have ever seen!" Cassie was peering over at him in his stroller as they sat enjoying their food.

"Cassie, you haven't seen him in a bad mood."

"Oh, is he like you?" Lauren couldn't help but laugh at how serious Cassie was but she didn't seem to notice what she'd said.

"The hell is that s'posed to mean?" She laughed along before handing Noah a piece of her burger bread bun. Not even hesitating to investigate what it was he shoved it into his mouth along with half of his hand.

"Wow, he really is his Mother's son." Candi's comment was followed  by a swift thump to her upper arm before she gasped and grabbed at the skin where Nicki just hit her.

"He's a growing boy, he needs his food." She wiped his face before turning her attention back to the group.

"So did you speak to SB?" TT was just dusting the crumbs off of her hands as she spoke.

"No, he was gettin' ready for his shift and I was runnin' 'round like a damn blue-assed fly to get here on time. I'll make sure I talk to him when I get back." She chewed on the inside of her cheek as she thought. He had been acting a little weird, but who wouldn't after everything they'd just been through?

"Well, are we gon' go shoppin' or just sit here?" Cassie was the first to stand after her brisk question as they all disposed of their trash and roamed around. A few of the stores Nicki had to sit outside because it was too difficult to manoeuvre Noah's stroller through all the clothes racks but she didn't mind she was just happy to be out with her friends. Feeling the stroller shake as Noah had a mini tantrum she turned it around to face her, he looked grumpy. His grouchy grumbles gave her the hint that it was time for them to leave, she didn't drag anyone else away though just saying her goodbyes she headed back to the car.


Safaree had only been filling in for another worker and had told Nicki that he'd be home before 7pm, which she was glad about because she needed to talk with him. Setting all the bags down she moved further in before shutting the door and removing Noah's coat.

"Safaree?" There was no reply, ignoring the lack of response she moved through to the bathroom and started running a shallow bath for Noah who was now clutching on to her for dear life as she bent over into the tub to reach the taps. "Baby, I'm not gon' drop you." He only grumbled as she stood up again. Setting him down on the lounge room rug he crawled over to where his toys were as she switched between checking the bath water and undressing him. Thankfully he wasn't in as much a grumpy mood as she thought and bath time went smoothly. Now sitting on the couch she had Noah in his all-in-one pyjama suit laying next to her on a bundle of cushions as she held the bottle to his face. She'd put the TV on to remove some of the silence. Safaree still wasn't back and she was starting to get worried as she looked at the time, it was almost nine. Knowing that the social worker was visiting tomorrow she decided to concentrate on getting Noah to bed first and then she'd worry about where the hell Safaree was.


He'd been sat in his parked car for hours, just thinking. Honestly that was always a bad thing. His thoughts would expand and become more embedded and before he knew it he was making decisions he never knew he wanted to make. It had only really dawned on him today when Nicki was at school. He had Noah for the day and decided to take him out. He loved when everyone would make comments about him being a cute kid and how lucky he was to be his Father. Of course, he could fool them but Noah was always going to grow up knowing that Drake was his Dad. He'd be around them forever. He knew he'd told Nicki that nothing had changed, that he'd never leave her. But everything had changed, it was almost as if he didn't fit in to their lives anymore. Like he was on the outside looking in, which he knew was complete bullshit but that feeling wasn't going to go away. Not any time soon, maybe not ever. The thoughts continued to fill his head before he started the engine angrily. He wasn't angry at Nicki nor was he angry at Drake, he was angry at himself for all the hurt he was about to cause her.



  1. Awwwwwwwwwww Safaree! OMG. I knew he was hurt. OMG. What does he mean "the hurt he's about to cause her"? NOOOOO. He can't leave her! They need to talk it out! OMGOMGOMG. :((((

  2. Lawwwwwwd wth is he about to do? Smh well I guess it has to get worse before it gets better

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  9. Please don't let him leave her! He's her #1 support system :"(

  10. I'm feel so bad for SB, but I do understand where his is coming from. I mean, Drake will always be Noah's dad, so Nicki will always have a place in her heart for him. I'm guessing SB is going to break up with her. I feel bad for Nicki, but I don't think they should be together if SB doesn't feel like he belongs, even though he does, because that's not fair to him.