Monday, 17 December 2012

Long Time No See

*I'm back lol I hope this is alright for everyone :/ Also if you anyone wants any other fic updating just say which one in the comment box :)) I'm trying to get back into them all cause I miss writing!*

Squeezing through the masses of people Nicki finally made it to the bar. The place was pretty packed to say the least. She set her purse down whilst waiting for Candi, Lauren, TT, Thembi and all the rest. They were somewhere around, she just didn't know where. Going out wasn't planned but it was her birthday and she wasn't about to spend the night wallowing at home, since Noah was with Drake she had the freedom to go out and celebrate her nineteenth birthday with her friends. Although taking her out was supposed to kind of take her mind off of Dante and his pointless existence, she was still bothered by him. She just wanted at least some stability for Noah and in her eyes getting rid of Dante only to meet another guy some months later wasn't really what she had in mind. Things looked kind of bleak in the relationship department right now and if she had to turn to celibacy to protect her son then she would. Feeling the gap next to her suddenly fill she turned her head slowly only to see TT stood by her side.

"What you drinkin'?" Her earrings were swaying as she kept pulling her head up down in between looking at Nicki and searching through her purse.

"Just a water, thanks." She smiled with her lips folded as she moved ever so slightly to the blaring music.

"Water?! Nic, we're out celebratin' your birthday and you're drinkin' water?" Her face was written with shock as she continued to stare at her.

"Y'know I'on usually drink much." She shrugged. "Honestly it's fine."

"Whatever you want." She finally got her hands on some notes and lay them on the bar.

"I need to pee, I'll see you back here." Swiftly grabbing her purse she threw it over her shoulder and walked briskly to the bathroom. The queue was a mile long. "Serioulsy?" She fidgeted impatiently and tiptoed slightly to try and peer over the peoples heads, the line wasn't even moving and she was beyond desperate. When she had to go, she had to go. Gently chewing on her glossed lip she flicked her eyes to the men's restroom. No queue. For that split second her mind was in turmoil trying to make a quick decision. "Fuck it." Pulling herself out of the line she sneakily made her way over to the men's room. Thankfully nobody was in there and it wasn't nearly as disgusting as she thought it would have been. "Damn, it's kinda nice in here." Talking to herself she did a quick mirror check and locked herself in a cubicle and did what she needed to do. Not hearing the main door open she flushed the toilet and let herself out whilst fixing her skirt.

"Y'know, there's a girl's restroom right across from here?" That voice made her jolt before snapping her head up in his direction. She'd know it anywhere. He was just staring at her as if she was going to actually give him the time of day. She wasn't sure if it was the circumstances in which they'd bumped into one another or the fact that she was trying to hold in all her anger but she couldn't speak. Not even one word, after three years without contact she didn't have one single word to say to him. Neither did he by the sounds of it. The silence kept growing until another two guys entered and walked between them to get to the urinals, giving her a weird look at the same time. She didn't waste another minute before she shoved her phone back into her purse and once again slung it over her shoulder, pushing past him to get to the door. "Nicki wait!" He grabbed her arm but let go when she snatched it away from him.

"Wait?! You want me to wait?! I been waitin' Safaree! I been waitin' for. Three. Fucking. Years!" She screamed one word between each slap she threw at his chest. He didn't stop her, knowing he deserved everything and more. Managing to control herself she shook her head tearfully and backed away before walking out. She couldn't believe he had the audacity to stand there and try to strike up conversation with her as if he hadn't walked out on her and Noah three years ago, leaving her with only a note. As she stalked through the crowds of people on her way back to TT she ignored Candi shouting behind her until she reached the bar. They could tell there was something wrong with her, it didn't take a genius to work that out.

"Nic? What's wrong?" Candi's concerned voice was still audible over the music as she approached her other side.

"Nothin' I'm fine, we gonna get the drinks in or what?" She sniffled, trying to change the subject and pulled out some cash before TT's hand stopped her.

"It's cool, I got'm don't worry 'bout it Nic. I thought you weren't drinkin' anyway?"

"I changed my mind."

"Aight, well I'll bring 'em over." She rotated her body back to the bar as she got their drinks.

"You not gon' answer that?" The question Candi asked made her look at her with a puzzled expression.


"Your phone, it's ringin'." Pulling it out of her friend's hand she held it up to her face. "It's your baby daddy." The way she sang it out made Nicki roll her eyes.

"Oh shit, I better answer that." She moved away from her friends to take the call, leaving them there wondering.

"The hell is up with her?" Candi was about to answer TT's question when she clocked SB near the fire escape. Nudging TT harshly she nodded her head in his direction, he looked as though he was searching for someone and from Nicki's weird behaviour they already knew who.

"The fuck is he doin' here?!" She shook her head frustratedly. "If Nic sees him-"

"She's already seen him."

"How do you know?" She curled her lip and looked forward before catching on slowly. "Oh, right." About to start talking again they both stopped when they saw Nicki approaching.

"What's up? Everythin' okay?" TT slipped the straw back into her mouth as she waited for an answer but Nicki looked agitated.

"No, I'm really sorry I gotta go." She opened up her purse and grabbed her keys before looking back up at her two friends. She seemed really flustered as her brow remained furrowed.

"Seriously? You're goin' home early on your birthday?" The frequency of Candi's voice went right through Nicki as she squinted trying to listen to her.

"I'm sorry, I wish I could stay, you know I do but Drake just called, he said Noah's sick and he wants to go home, I gotta go pick'm up." Switching her gaze between the two of them she spoke up since neither of them were saying anything. "How 'bout we do this next Friday? Y'all are free then right?"

"Yeah, yeah Course. We'll sort somethin' out." TT butted in before Candi got chance, she knew whatever she had to say would just make Nicki feel even more conflicted.

"Thanks you guys." She mumbled in a whiny voice as she hugged them individually. "Tell the others I said bye. I'll talk to you later." With one last wave she was on her way. She couldn't wait to climb into her car and stop fighting the tears. The last three years had been insanely difficult but somehow she'd managed to get through them however seeing him tonight had set her back. It was as if having him stood in front of her like that had literally pushed her back fives steps all in the space of twenty seconds yet it had taken her three years to get this far. Resting her hands on the top of the steering wheel she let the tears run for a while before getting herself together and pulling out of the side street. She'd purposely parked there in case she decided to have a few drinks, that way she could just leave the car until the next morning to pick up. She was in a way relieved that she was leaving because she really couldn't face SB right now. She wasn't ready to deal with him or his pathetic excuses.

Putting the phone down Drake felt kind of bad, he guessed she was out celebrating her birthday and he'd pulled her away from her night of fun. He let his thoughts swirl as he made his way back to Noah's room. He had a room at Drake's and a room at Nicki's both with all the clothes he needed. They wanted to make both places feel like his home.

"How you holdin' up lil' man? You still not feelin' too good?" He sat down gently onto Noah's small bed. He was all rugged up under the comforter with a sorry look on his face, pouting ever so slightly just like his Mother. He sniffled and shook his little head before moving around to get comfy again.

"Is Mommy coming now?"

"Yeah, Mommy's on her way." He smiled at him as he brought his thumb to his mouth, usually he'd be told off but seeing as he wasn't feeling well he decided to let him off just this once. His eyes were getting heavier by the second as he lay sucking his thumb. In all honesty he looked a lot younger than four but he could definitely hold his own with the other kids at the playground. Something he must have got from Nicki. Just as his thoughts began to delve into a playground incident his apartment buzzer sounded. Cautiously leaving Noah's room he ran to let Nicki in.

"Hey, come in. I'm sorry to call you out so late."

"No, it's fine don't worry 'bout it I was headed home anyways." She lied before smiling tiredly and moving out of his way to let him shut the door. "So what's wrong with'm?"

"He's just a lil' feverish." He shrugged as he spoke, noticing the mascara stains which she'd tried to get rid of but failed. He knew she'd either been crying or somebody had thrown a drink in her face. The first one seemed more logical.

"That's it?"

"Yeah, but he said he wanted to go home so I'm not gon' hold him hostage here." He laughed as he led her through to Noah's room. He was still laying limply in his sheets.

"He take his warfarin tablet?" She was walking towards his bed as she spoke before sitting beside his little body.

"Yeah, he had it with his supper." Drake answered worriedly, hovering behind her. She touched his forehead lightly and he awoke almost immediately.

"Hey baby." Her warm smile and soft voice made him feel safe as he sat up out of the blankets to wrap his little arms around her feebly. Clutching him to her she stood up and secured him against herself before turning to Drake. "I'll drop him 'round tomorrow if he's feelin' any better. Sorry it didn't work out." She felt terrible that it was Drake's time to spend with his son and she was taking him away.

"Hey, don't worry 'bout it." He laughed a little and rubbed her arm. "He's not feelin' good, I understand." He followed behind her carrying Noah's bag when they reached the door. "Hey Nic? Before you go there's somethin' I wanted to ask you."

"Yeah?" She turned slowly with Noah still sleeping on her.

"It's about Christmas-"

"You want Noah to spend it with you."She finished off his sentence with what she thought was correct, but she was wrong. Frowning at his facial expression she waited for him to expand.

"Actually I was jus' gonna ask if you both could come for pre-Christmas lunch at my Mom's." For the first time that night she felt a small smile spreading across her face. Just the way he asked nervously, rubbing his neck as he spoke.

"Oh, well then, yes. Yes we can." She looked back up at him.

"Great, so you're free on Sunday?"

"I'll have to check Noah's planner but I'm sure he's got nothin' planned." She smiled before shaking her head lightly. "We're both free, thanks for askin'." Even though she was joking around and putting on a fake smile, which she thought was pretty believable, he could tell there was something wrong with her.

"Funny." He smirked and nudged her arm with his knuckle. "You okay tonight? You seem...Upset. 'Cause if it's Dante actin' like-"

"It's not Dante and it's nothin', really. I'm fine but thanks for actin' concerned."

"Nic, I wasn't acting I really am worried. The guy's an ass, I'on want him 'round either of you."

"Drake, I'm fine. We're fine." She ended her sentence with a reassuring smile. "I promise."

"Aight, well I'll see you on Sunday. Don't forget Noah."

"Now look who's got jokes." She hit him with her free hand before he opened the door for her.

"Oh wait!" He thrust Noah's overnight bag into her hand before she got chance to say anything and disappeared back into his apartment. He was back within seconds. "I forgot these."

"Drake. I told you about this already. He can't have stuff like this." She looked back at him with annoyance whilst pushing the tiny pair of boxing gloves back away from herself.

"Come on Nic. He was so excited for 'em, what harm is a four-year-old gonna cause himself?"

"A four-year-old who is gonna be takin' warfarin for the rest of his life? A lot Drake. I mean, what if he gets into it and wants to continue?" She shook her head again.

"So what? You're just gonna say no to everythin' he wants to get involved in? You can't wrap him in cotton wool Nicki." Looking back up at his disappointed face she felt awful. Any kind of contact sport was out of the question for Noah. Even a large bruise could be dangerous and she wasn't prepared to take that kind of risk but then again just a simple paper-cut or nosebleed could be as bad.

"Fine, but if he asks to carry on with it you're the one who's gonna tell'm no." His face beamed when she took the gloves from his grasp. "I'll see you tomorrow if he's feelin' any better.

"Aight, g'night Nic." He just leant in his doorway, watching her disappear before shutting himself back inside. He loved that they got along, it was good for theirs and Noah's sake.

As she got down to her car she threw the bag and gloves into the front before opening the back door to Noah's car seat and placing him in it carefully, so she didn't wake him. Drake was right, he was fairly burning up but his body was shivering. She pouted at the thought of her baby feeling ill and covered him with his big blue blanket once she'd strapped him in. Shutting his door quietly she was about to move around to the driver's side when a voice behind her stopped her in her tracks.


*Okay I'm not too happy with this but I feel as though I need to post and hopefully my ideas will start going again :/ I'm a little less knotted right now because I finally got all my results back and I've successfully passed my first year at uni! ^_^ Anyways, thanks SO much for the comments on the previous chapter, I hope this one was okay and thanku also for being patient :D*

Oh yeah and here is little Noah ^_^


  1. OMG I would have kicked SB ass too!!! I cannot fucking wait to hear what the fuck he has to say for himself. Carlee you better not ever go away again geez!!!!

  2. SB! Hmmmmmm. He better make it up to Nic real good if he wants another chance. He better explain WTF he left her for. And NOT via letter -_- Don't leave us again :'( and update HIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Congrats on passing your first year!!!!! :')

    Safaree....ugh. I'm so mad @ him, but Onikafaree needs to be back. He better have a REAAAL good explanation because I can't just let this go. He broke all our hearts when he left and just...UGH. He has a lot of work to do.

    WTWC & SD? :DDD

  4. Thank God you're back. Yesssss!!! Don't ever leave me like that again ok?? K. SB have a lot of explaining to do. How he just up and left her. I just hope she actually listen to what he gotta say when he do explain.

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  6. Im glad she finally got a chance to go off on SB. He deserved it. Awwwe, Noah's sick. :( I hope he gets better. I wonder who the voice of that mystery person was? Hmm…

    1. P.S. Congrats on passing your first year in uni!!!!! I knew you would! Oh yeah, 1 more thing, welcome back :)

  7. Carlee! You're back! Congratulations on finishing your first year at university :D Please don't ever leave us again! Im glad Nic yelled at SB in the restroom he desreved that! Im a lil worried about where things are gnna go w/Drizzy and Nic hopefully they just stay friends! And this might sound silly but what's warfarin? ://
    Please dnt ever leave again! Good chapter please post again soon!

  8. So happy that you're back!!! :) Great chapter..please let it be safaree ONIKAFAREE. Post ASAP oh and a Catch me update would be nice ^_^

    1. Ohh and congrats on your first year of uni :)

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