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You Only Get One Second Chance - Part One

*For the anon who asked what Warfarin was, I believe it's an anti-coagulant. So it thins the blood to prevent clotting. Oh and the chapter for CM is almooost done. I'll post that on Monday, Australia time :) Hope this is alright ://*

She stared him down for what felt like ages before actually talking.

"What do you want SB?"

"I wanna talk. Properly."

"Talk? You said everything you wanted to in the letter you left me. Explained everythin' pretty well actually!" She laughed humorlessly. "I forgot to thank you for it." He could see the tears starting to fall from her eyes as she spoke shakily. "I still have it y'know? The letter. I used to read it over and over and over again when Noah was taken from me, just try and make sense of where I messed up. What I did wrong for you to just leave me like that!"

"Nicki, please I just wanna-"

"No Safaree! I'm not gonna just stand here and let you bullshit your way back in! You really hurt me." She wiped at her face with her gloved hand as she shifted in the cold. "I'ont wanna see you so please, just stop tryin'." Her focus lay on the worn out sidewalk beneath her feet before she turned and slid into the car. He didn't want to press her and further push her away. Instead he let her go, his eyes following her car as she drove off.

Pulling up to her apartment block she cut the engine and just sat in the silence for a while, trying to come to terms with what was happening. Undoubtedly she was really hurt about what he did to her but something deep down was telling her to hear him out. Then thoughts of the letter would come back to her and his penned out feelings hit her like a truck every time. Shaking her head she climbed out of the car and got Noah out, carrying him to the apartment block steps after grabbing the bags and locking up the car.

"You dropped somethin'." She jumped at the sound of his voice again, did he really just follow her home? He handed her the boxing gloves as she just stared at him fiercely.

"You just don't get it do you?!" Shifting Noah in her arms she moved down from the top step to be closer to him. "Leave me alone. Noah doesn't need you in his life, I don't need you in our life and most of all SB, we don't want you in our life. Just, stay away from us." She turned angrily, only to almost trip up the step that she'd misjudged. Feeling his arm supporting her weight she collected her footing and pulled away from him.

"Look, just lemme help you inside Nicki? You're gonna have a accident." Tugging at the bag handle in her grip he attempted to hold on to them but she scoffed loudly.

"You think I can't manage this by myself? That's fuckin' hilarious SB! I managed for three years by myself, what the fuck makes you think I need you all of a sudden?!" Her cruel words hit him hard. Letting go quickly he held his hands up and stepped away in surrender.

"Aight, I hear you. I'm sorry I even bothered." He walked away slowly, shaking his head with regret.

Watching him leave was painful, she wanted to run after him but her heart and mind was begging her not to. The torture endured from the previous train-wreck he'd caused was too much to handle, she couldn't expose herself to that sort of danger again. After tucking Noah into his little bed she moved through to the bathroom, allowing the water pressure and heat of the shower to ease her mind and body.

"S'up with you?" Dante's uncaring question was only half of the sting as he didn't even pull his eyes away from the TV screen when she entered their room.


"Oh." He shrugged. "Aight well I gotta leave early in the mornin' so I'mma stay at my own place." He snaked his arm over her side, resting on her front as he kissed on her neck. "I'll see you tomorrow." And just like that, she was alone again. A familiar feeling as of late, aside from her family she felt completely alone.



"Hmm?" Her monotonous hum let him know she was annoyed, especially when she didn't open her eyes to look at him. She could feel him sat next to her on the bed but remained motionless.


"What Noah?"

"I'm hungry." He smiled cheekily and crawled up next to her so he was face to face with her closed eyes.

"What do you see on my alarm clock?" Turning his head he stared at the flashing digits.

"Um, a six a two and an oh."

"It's a zero baby, not an oh. Come back when the six is a seven." She smiled back into her pillow as he grew even more impatient.


"Alright! I'm getting up now." She threw her covers back and caught sight of him running through to the kitchen. "Stop running, I ain't got time to be sweepin' up your teeth if you fall." She moved around the corner only to see him sat at the table waiting. Grabbing his bowl and filling it with cereal she splashed some milk in before handing it to him.

"Thank you Mommy." He shoved his spoon straight in eagerly as she smiled down at him.

"You feel better today?"

"Mm." Nodding in response he kept up with his eating as she watched on.

"Good. 'Cause Daddy had plans for you today, so you're goin' to go see him later." She stood and began making herself something to eat before speaking up again. "Did you like the gloves he got you?"

"Yeah!" The cereal almost fell from his mouth as he grinned.

"You have to be careful with them though."

"I know Mommy, I will."


The rest of the morning seemed to run by quite quickly and relatively smoothly much to her surprise. Drake was a little late to collect Noah but not so late that she made a tardy entrance to work. Admittedly it wasn't the most desirable job but it paid the bills which is all that was important to her right now. She was a barmaid. Not at some popular, in demand, up and coming club but a small pub with a family-friendly environment. Ater handing an elderly man his change she moved from behind the bar and began collecting glasses and plates from the tables.

"Nic, the barrell needs changin' when you're done out front."

"Yes sir." She flashed her boss a smile and continued her task at hand. It was fairly busy in the afternoon, mostly men on their lunch breaks having a drink in their hour off. It always a pain since she couldn't legally serve them any alcohol but she could serve food and other drinks seeing as it was also and eatery as well. Hearing the bustle of street crowds grow louder she figured the door had opened yet again, which meant resuming her role behind the bar.

"What's good off of the menu in this place?" Her attention was immediately pulled in his direction as she placed the dirty glasses into a crate. It was Safaree. Her anger levels spiked, but being in her place of work she managed to bite her tongue.

"Food is served over the other side of the bar." Not making any sort of eye contact with him he sat the menu down and watched her as she slid the heavy crate under the bar. She was completely blanking his existence, treating him as though he was just a stranger she was serving.

"Well, I wanna drink then. Just a water'll do, thanks." He watched her roll her eyes and throw a rag cloth on to the side with a hint of her infamous temper.

"Kels, could you serve this customer please? I have to go change the barrell, I won't be long." Kelsey nodded and took Safaree's order whilst Nick disappeared into the cellar. Why couldn't he see that she didn't care anymore? That she didn't want to see him or speak to him? Her mind struggled to find an answer when her thoughts suddenly kicked into overdrive. What if it was because he knew that she wanted to give him a second chance, even though she didn't even know it herself. That thought alone made her confused. Why would he think she wanted him back when she didn't even think she wanted him back? Maybe she did want him back. Standing up quickly once she was finished she felt her head pounding. "Why the hell do you do this to yourself Onika?" Not bothering to seem competely crazy and answer her own question she made her way back out the front. Only to be annoyed when she saw him still sat there, sipping his water.

"Yo Nic, who is that guy?"

"Never seen him before in my life. Why?"

"Really? You think he's single?" She hadn't anticipated her asking that question and felt herself becoming defensive.

"How the fuck would I know? If you're that depserate, go ask him." She shook her head whilst still looking at him. "I'm goin' on my break. If Dev comes back through tell'm I'll work overtime If I can get someone to watch Noah. Lord knows, I need the money right now." Kelsey watched her disappear before sighing, she and Nicki always had a rather turbulent relationship but always in a sisterly way. Seeing her obviously going through something wasn't particularly nice but being treated as though it were her fault was not acceptable. Filling another glass with a beverage she slid it across the side to a solemn looking SB.

"This one's on me. You look like you could do with it." She smiled and leant over the bar, using it to rest on. "I'm Kelsey by the way. I never seen you 'round here before."

"Thanks, I'm SB and I just moved back here, it's been a while."

"You had a rough day or somethin'?"

" Rough day? Try a rough three years."

"Wow. That's pretty grim." She moved back and started wiping down glasses as she spoke.

"Mm, sorry what'd you say your name was again?" He squinted a little and smiled.

"Kelsey." Holding the cloth in one hand she extended the other for him to shake. "Nice to meet you, SB." Her pale white skin looked almost porecelain in contrast to his dark and appealing tone.

"You too."

"So you gonna join our long list of sad and lonely regulars at this place?"

"Actually, no." He laughed a tad at what she had said. "I only came her to speak with Nic, I shoulda known she was gonna act like this though. Lil' stubborn ass."

"Wait, y'mean Nicki?"

"Yeah, the other bargirl you was talking to before."

"You know her?"

"Lemme guess she said she never met me before?"

"Yeah, s'up with that?" She dropped the cloth again, becoming more intrigued by where this conversation was going. Nicki's past and personal life always remained in the shadows with the new people she met, so this encounter was proving to be very insightful to Kelsey's ears.

"Eh, I can't really get into details." Folding his lips after finishing his drink he placed the glass back down. "Thanks for the drink and nice meetin' you. Tell Nic if she's got the least bit of interest then meet me tonight at Dario's, eight on the dot. If she doesn't show, I'll leave her alone." Grabbing his phone he re-adjusted his cap and left without another word. The instructions left in Kelsey's capable hands.


"Dev, please? Noah's with his dad and I could really use the extra cash at the moment." Clasping her hands together she followed behind the middle-aged man as she whined.

"Nicki I can't afford to be payin' you, you're underage and the amount of people you'll serve in a night will be minimal. I'm sorry, Kelsey's twenty-three. She can at least serve alcohol to my customers."

"Well, I'll clean or clear tables or somethin'?"

"We have a cleaner and the other bargirls can clear tables. Go home Nicki." He stopped walking and turned to face her. "I'll see you tomorrow." With an affectionate half smile he shut the door in her face as politely as he could. Once again feeling defeated she emptied her locker of her belongings and zipped up her jacket.

"Hey Nic!" Kelsey chirped and shut the staff room door quietly.

"What?" Ignoring her monotounous response Kels expanded her sentence.

"That guy you supposedly didn't know told me he'd be wating for you at Dario's tonight, eight sharp."

"And?" She curled her lip and slammed the locker door shut.

"And if you have any sort of interest you've to meet him there." Her smiled faded when she heard Nicki scoff.

"And if I don't?"

"Then he said he'll be outta your life for good."

"He's so fucking dramatic."

"He seemed pretty cut up y'know? I think you should at least show up, hear him out and if you're still angry then let him leave."

"Thanks for the advice Kels, but after the way he treated me? He's lucky I even gave him the time of day." She sighed again and gripped the keys in her hand. "Look, I gotta go. I'll talk to you later."

"Aight, well just think about what I said then." Watching her leave, she ony prayed she'd take her words and use them wisely. In her eyes, everybody deserved a second chance.


*sorry if this is FULL of typos, I typed it using the blogger app for iPad and I'm really sucky at typing lol thanku for commenting on the last chapter and I hope this was ok :))*


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