Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Closer Still

Jelani jogged swiftly up to the front door. He was sure nobody else was home, he had been watching the house for a good hour and a half. Like a predator stalking it's prey. Before Drake had chance to close the door, Jelani shoved his foot in it to stop it from shutting.

"Dude, what the fuck?!" Drake argued as he tried to shove the stranger back out. But he was no match for this guy. Safaree admittedly was a struggle, but Jelani was something else. He felt helpless as he was rammed back into his own house and pinned against the wall with intense force.

"I hear you been messin' with my baby sister! Then I hear you fuckin' laid your hands on her, that right boy?!" He sounded crazed but calm and as he was only inches away from Drake's face it kind of freaked him out a little bit.

"What the fuck are you talkin' 'bout? Damn crazy ass nigga!!" He knew he probably shouldn't have answered back like that. Not to mention acting like he didn't know who Jelani was talking about. He tightened his grip around Drake's shirt and shoved him harder into the wall, the veins in his neck looked as though they were about to pop out and his eyes had a deranged look in them.

"I'm not 'bout to stand here and listen to yo' lame ass excuses! But if you go anywhere near her again..." He sucked air through his teeth before gritting them and talking again. "...You won't live to see another day! Got it?!" Drake was hesitant to nod but the force behind Jelani's grip on him increased causing him to nod ferociously. He let go of him an watched him fall into a heap on the floor gasping for breath. "You pathetic piece of shit!" He shook his head as stepped over him and left as if nothing had happened.


Danika was stood looking out of the front window. It was almost dark. "Where the hell are you Lani?" She whispered to herself as she felt someone stood next to her.

"He'll be here soon, don't you start worrying too! Onika's sat bouncing her knee waiting on him!" Mama Carol laughed as she put her arm around her. "Thank you for doing all of this for her, we all really appreciate it." Danika smiled at her.

"It's really no problem! I love doing stuff like this! Besides I'm really happy for Nic, she's gon' be a great Mom." She nodded her head in Nicki's direction, she was sat with everyone in the lounge room playing with Caiah. Mama Carol sighed, she still couldn't believe her baby was about to have her own baby.

"I know she is. Now come on let's go check on this food of yours! It smells delicious." They both disappeared back into the kitchen.

Nicki looked around for minute, she couldn't see Safaree anywhere and guessed he must be in the bathroom so she went and checked. Nothing. After searching almost everywhere she finally found him in his room on his laptop, he hadn't heard her come in or close the door quietly. Tiptoeing over to him, she put her hand on his shoulder making him jump.

"Nic, shit you scared the fuckin' crap outta me!" He held his hand on his chest as he tried to regain his breath.

"Aw, I'm sorry." She said as she pouted and squished on to the bed next to him. "What are you doin' in here anyway? Don't you wanna be out there?"

"No, I was just...looking up on some stuff, thas all." He shut his laptop and turned to face her.

"What kinda stuff Faree?" She tilted her head, which he found adorable.

"Kay, I'll tell your nosy ass...but promise not to laugh?" He looked at her sternly, whilst she tried to look serious and nod her head. "Well, I was lookin' up info about nestin' and shit." He tried to play off his answer by shrugging and acting like it was nothing before talking again. "Y'know it says that sometimes it's a sign that you 'bout to go into labour?" He looked at her, now laying down, and moved so that he was slightly over her.

"Forreal? So....I could be, like, goin' into labour soon?" She sounded a worried and he didn't want her to start stressing.

"Ion still three months don't worry." He said in between kisses as his answer turned into a whisper, he felt her breathing quicken as she lay under him.

"Mmm, Faree." She moaned quietly into his ear as he started sucking on her neck. Being pregnant had been making her feel super horny as of late so she wasn't about to turn down this proposal. He moved down to her clavicle, then her bare breasts as he unbuttoned her blouse. Nicki's breathing got even harder and quicker as he got lower and lower. She snapped her head up quickly feeling him stop.
"Faree, why'd you stop?" He felt bad as she sounded quite hurt by his actions.

"I'm sorry...I just can't, it don't feel right while you're, y'know?" He motioned to her bump as she lay her hands on either side of it protectively. "But I'm not against other things..." He trailed off as he leaned over her once again, taking complete control. Their little make out session was interrupted about ten minutes in by Danika knocking on the door.

"Safaree, you in there? We can't find Nicki, please tell me she's with you?"

"Yup...we were just...looking up some more baby stuff on the internet, you can come in." They had both fixed themselves up at this point and placed the laptop in front of them to cover their lie. Danika just looked at them both and smiled.

"Okay, well Lani's home and the food is gon' be ready in, like two minutes and then...." She clapped her hands together and squealed. "Nicki is gon' open all of her presents!" She grinned even more before turning to leave, with one last comment.

"Oh and Nicki? You might wanna do your blouse up babe, we don't wanna see your baby feedin' tools hangin' out, kay? She winked at a blushing Nicki, who was fumbling around with her buttons, before shutting the door behind her. She looked as Safaree smirking.

"Oop!" As she said that they both burst out into a fit a giggles until she pulled forward, wincing in pain.

"Nic? What's wrong?" He sat upright quickly as she just shook her head.

"Nothing, just felt a little tight, thas all." She smiled as he kissed her forehead and they both made their way back out to sit with the others.

*** Six Weeks Later ***

The baby shower was a highlight of Nicki's pregnancy and having everyone there, except her father and Drake, made it all the more special. Jelani and Danika had gone back to Florida and even though Nicki was sad to see them go she knew that had to leave. Everything seemed to be looking up for them now, Klara had done another ultrasound on Nicki at her last appointment and confirmed that the baby's heart beat was getting stronger and more regular now, so Nicki and Safaree were ecstatic. She was a little bit apprehensive though, she was now seven and a half months pregnant and she had an eerie feeling. She just didn't know what about.

"Faree, can you bring me the painkillers and a glass of water on your way through?" She was laying on the couch after Safaree ordered she have a rest. He had found her at midnight in the kitchen scrubbing out all of the cupboards and placing all of the items back in neatly. The night before that she was folding and re-folding all of the tiny clothes in the baby's room. He wasn't alarmed though, he read that it would be something she might do.

"Here. Why'd you need it, are you hurting bad?" He asked whilst sliding on to the couch with her.

"No....well, yeah, my back is just aching like bitch and my head is pounding." she looked at his worried face and shrugged. "Probably because I was on my hands and knees cleaning for too long, and not had enough sleep." She pecked his lips after swallowing the pills. "Imma try and have a sleep now, I wanna be awake when you leave." She wriggled around finally getting comfy on her side, resting on his chest. He had to go to work in two hours, he didn't want to leave her though especially not now he knew she was in pain but he knew he had to, there were bills to pay.

Strangely Nicki woke as Safaree was about to leave, he saw how peacefully she was sleeping and didn't want to wake her. "Hey, you leavin' without a goodbye?" She pouted as he made his way back over to her and kissed her, for what seemed like ages before moving down to her growing bump and kissed it too.

"I'll be back at about eleven. Don't open the door for nobody, right?" She just nodded as he acknowledged her and left the house. She was about to drift off again when her phone buzzed, warning her it was low battery. Safaree had urged her to keep it charged as the house phone was broken, so if she needed help her cellphone was the only thing to contact anyone quickly on. Slowly getting up to grab it she felt an intense pain rip through her as she struggled to steady herself on the coffee table.....

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