Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Truth Always Comes Out

*Kay so it isn't a HUGELY massive surprise, but it's still a surprise ^_^ also I am just warning you all that some of you may not be happy but ULTIMATELY you will see why this is a good thing...and everything I just said will make sense after you have read XD Oh yeah and remember that when I post in Italics it is a flashback unless of course it is the sneak peek section of a full chapter but you all know that! Anywaays, hope it's ok for you all :/*

Safaree sat rigid on his mother's couch, it was almost 7am and he hadn't slept. He couldn't. Everything that had happened was swirling around in his head and just wouldn't stop. What the hell was he going to tell Nicki. How the hell was he going to tell her, he sighed and rubbed his forehead as the memories took over.


It was a friday night and the party was only just beginning. The Vaks had arrived at Safaree's for his 18th birthday party, bringing along with them plenty of alcohol and a good number of people that Safaree was almost certain he had never seen before. However with him being partially wasted already he welcomed them in without a care in the world. He had planned on getting completely shit-faced seeing as this would be his last chance to go wild until the seniors party in two weeks time, only it would be his turn to drive meaning no alcohol for him. Nicki, Candi and Lauren was sat comfortably on his lounge room couch, everybody else was milling about with drinks and others dancing to the music which was now absolutely blaring.

"Why in the hell are y'all just sat like a bunch of bores on MY birthday?!" He staggered a little and poked himself in the chest as he said 'MY'. The girls just giggled at his current state until he collapsed on to the couch next to Nicki and he rested his head on her shoulder making her start to laugh again. Candi and Lauren looked at each other.

"Candi, I wanna go get another drink. You coming?" She raised her eyebrow.

"oh, uhm yeah I think I'll grab another while I'm up." The two smirked and looked back at Nicki trying to lift Safaree off of her as they walked away.

"Faree! My god! Yo' big ass head is seriously crushing me!" She started moving her shoulders up and down trying to get him to move.

"Aye! I'm tryna get some shut eye here!" She knew he was doing it on purpose because she could see the corners of his mouth turning up into a smile.

"Nigga, get off!" She laughed loudly and pushed him forcefully making him erupt into laughter.

*** Three Hours Later ***

Just when they thought there couldn't be anymore people crammed into his house it seemed as though the number of party guests had doubled. People were pouring out of the front and back doors due to the little space left downstairs, guests were piled all the way upstairs and cluttered the hallway and bathroom too. Safaree had smartly locked all bedroom doors before everyone arrived. If his parents came home from their week away to find any trace a party they would surely hit the roof. Candi and Lauren had separated and gone off with the guys of their fancy whilst Nicki was sat with Safaree and some randoms in the kitchen. They were both well and truly smashed.

"Sah-fah-ree?" Nicki yelled for the fourth time, only more slowly and right in his ear. she was slurring madly and swaying on the spot.

"Whaat?! Nic I can't....I can't hear you!" He squinted and tried to look at her only there was now three of her in his eyes. She waved her hand at him as if to say 'forget it' and tried to walk off through all of the bodies pushed up against one another. He decided to follow her and staggered behind. When they finally reached Safaree's bedroom door he patted all of his pockets trying to find his keys, after around six pat-downs he found them and took another ten minutes trying to get the right key before pushing open the door and locking it behind them, people were already trying to push their way in. They wanted beds.

"I-I said I don't...I feel funny Faree!" She clamped her eyes shut and sat on his bed with her hands pressed on her temples. "Ughh, I'm gon' throw up!" Before Safaree could react in his drunken stupor she bolted, wobbly, to his en suite and emptied her stomach into the toilet. The sound of her retching honestly made him feel queasy.

"Yo, Nic...You kay?" He decided to sit, it made his dizziness worse though. After hearing the toilet flush and the sink water running along with the clanging of the cabinet she emerged from the bathroom looking rather pale.

"Who did this to me?" She whined and flopped on to the bed next to him face down. He laughed at her dramatic behaviour and fell back so that he was laying next to her. Before he could jokingly answer her question he felt her moving next to him at first he thought she was going to vomit again but he jumped when she turned her head to face him and put her hand gently on the side of his face.

"You're my best friend, y'know that?" Her eyes were blinking lazily. Safaree put his hand on top of hers on his own face and smiled, answering her question silently.

"And you're mine." He shut his eyes feeling the room start spinning even more. She watched as intently as she could and moved closer to him snuggling into his neck. His eyes shot open as he felt her breathing on his neck, he hadn't realised that his arm had automatically moved to be around her tiny body and was brushing against her ass. "Nic?"

"Hmmm?" She didn't move as he called her name but he felt her humming.

"Stop, please don't do that." He slurred and tried to pull her hands from wandering up his shirt.

"Whyyyyy?" It came out as a squeaky whine but she continued to do it anyway. Before he knew it she was sat on top of him pulling his shirt up over his head. It took a while considering the state of them both. He knew this was really wrong, something was telling him that, but at the same time he didn't want her to stop. That thought was strongly reinforced by her grinding on him as she got to his belt buckle. Snapping out of the argument of his conscience he sat up slowly holding on to her tiny waist and pressed his lips against hers, at this point he didn't really care that she had vomited, he could automatically taste toothpaste as their tongues massaged one another. The moans and noises she was making were getting him hard, fast. Swiftly picking her up he moved them both so that he was on top and gently but urgently unzipped her black fitted dress and threw it to the side with his shirt. His jeans, boxers and her underwear all followed shortly after. The way she called his name drove him wild as he  pounded into her with more force making her scream even louder as she came all over his dick, he came a few strokes later and collapsed to the side of her.

The muffled noises coming from downstairs made him stir slightly. He blinked numerous times trying to focus his vision on the alarm clock on his side-table. It was 8am. Wiping his hand down his face he groaned, suddenly feeling something warm touching his leg. He flinched and looked at the naked beauty sleeping next to him. Some of last night's events came flooding back, panicking he lifted his covers to see them both laying naked underneath them. He can't have had sex with his best friend. No way. No doubt about it, he really did have strong feelings for her that were stronger than that of a best friend but he was waiting until she was maybe sixteen or seventeen until he told her and especially have sex with her! However he always had the worry somebody else would snap her up before him. He came back to reality when she shifted slightly, he made sure she was still asleep whilst he slipped out of the bed and gathered his clothes when he noticed it. He breathed a sigh of relief as he walked over to the used condom laying on the floor, filled with his deposit. He decided to get dressed and then go to the guest room and flush the condom in there so as not to wake Nicki. After showering in there and changing his clothes, once realising they were covered with drink stains, he returned to his own room. Nicki was sat looking really confused with the covers pulled up tightly around herself.

"Why am I in here?" She asked warily, she noticed he was dressed and he looked like he had showered. His heart dropped and his mouth went dry realising that she obviously couldn't remember anything. "Please Faree, don't tell me I had slept with somebody in your bed?" She looked like she was about to burst into tears as she held her hand on her forehead. He really couldn't bring himself to tell her and felt like a coward, but really what was the harm? They used a condom, she couldn't remember anything, and to top it all off he thought it would break her if he told her the truth.

"No, you felt sick so we came in here whilst you threw up and then you wanted to shower, so I told you that you could stay in here for the night. I stopped in the guest room." He moved over and sat on the bed, he felt sick about lying to her especially about this. Her face relaxed almost instantly.

"Oh my god! I'm so relieved! I have never been so drunk that I have forgotten everything." She blushed and looked down. "Um, Imma get dressed and then I'll come help y'all clean up." She said it quietly as he nodded.

"You don't have to help Nic, I'm surprised you ain't throwing up after the amount you drank!" He smiled at her shocked face.

"Nigga! I bet you drank just as much!" She laughed as she hit him playfully.

"Nah, I did drink a lot. Only difference is I don't forget everything....Just some things!"

"Wait? How would you know if you only forgot some things?" she looked confused.

"Well, people always be talkin' about the shit I did at parties but Ion ever remember those things. I remember parts and forget parts." He shrugged as he finished his sentence.

"Whatever! Imma get dressed now...So could you please....leave?" He jumped up remembering she was naked. How could he have forgotten such a body.

"Oh right! Yeah, see you downstairs in a bit, you want toast?" He asked from the doorway, she gave him a nod before he smiled and shut the door.

End Of Flashback

How could one of the best nights of his life become forgotten under one, big, sickening lie. He was glad his Mom still wasn't up yet. He knew she would be asking about him and Nicki and trying to pull information out of him. He loved her dearly and she was always there for him but right now he couldn't handle that type of pressure. He was too busy trying to figure out a way he could tell Nicki.

Flashback: A Couple of Weeks Ago

After another petty row with Nicki, Safaree made his way over to Rex's house he and Candi had also had a bust up. As soon as he entered and they dapped up, the drinks cabinet was opened allowing their troubles to become less of a burden.

"I'm sick of arguing with her, man! Like, I love her to death but sometimes..." He shook his head and exhaled. Safaree nodded in agreement before adding to the conversation.

"I know what you mean! I work damn hard to pay the bills and shit and I know she is thankful and she's busy with Noah and I forget she's still seventeen sometimes...well almost eighteen I guess...anyway, where was I going with this again?" He rubbed his head as Rex let out a hearty chuckle.

"Ion what it is at the moment but I feel like...I got all this stuff locked up inside and...Oh shit now I'm sounding like a fuckin' girl!" They both laughed at his comments before Safaree had an idea.

"Hey, lets play confession or whatever it's called. You just...confess things, I guess. Y'know, let things off your chest. Clear your conscience." He waved his drink around dramatically and put on a posh accent as he said his piece.

"Alright. You go first." Safaree sat and thought for a minute until he came up with something and started snapping his fingers.

"Kay, kay, I got it. The other day Nic was going on about me bein' a pig and not cleaning up after myself, so I decided to do the laundry and "accidentally" got bleach on her favourite top." He cheesed before pointing at Rex indicating it was his turn. After each confession they would throw back a shot of whiskey. It was now round four and Rex was telling his confession as Safaree listened intently.

"Right, so a while back...Your 18th birthday party I stole the keys outta your pocket and I fucked Karissa Woods...on your fucking bedroom floor!!" He started to cackle. "But wait there's more! After we done, I return the keys and act like nothin' happened only to remember I left the condom in there! I never went back for it!" Being as drunk as he was at this point he couldn't stop laughing at his stupid story. Safaree on the other hand had been skipping his shots, not wanting to go home drunk to Nicki and Noah. Sat almost as sober as a judge he wanted to throttle him there and then but where would that have gotten him. The condom he found wasn't his. That means they hadn't used one and there was a 50% chance that Noah was his son.

End Of Flashback

He wasn't acting the same around Nicki now that he knew Noah could be his, luckily she thought it was the fact that Drake was always going to be in their lives. It's all he and her had ever wanted, for Noah to be his, but how was he supposed to tell her that they had drunken sex on his 18th birthday only to have him lie about it and keep it a secret for over a year. He was always under the impression that they had used protection so he figured the baby wasn't his when she revealed she was pregnant. His thoughts were confirmed in the hospital when she told him it was Drake. But now, he had to face up to his responsibilities and tell her everything....

*Ohhhh you have no idea how long that took -___- On top of my uni work XD I fell asleep on my desk doing my Criminology homework and skipped it to do this so if I get asked to leave the tutorial tomorrow it's your fault Barbz! XD Just kidding I did as much as I could. Puttin' my books first ^_^
Well hope you ain't too mad with Safaree for sleeping with a 15 year old Nic AND not telling her drunken ass XD btw some of her actions (Not the Sex!) are based on my behaviour recently O___O I got well and truly hammered the night before my birthday and cannot for the life of me remember anything!! Pretty sure my drink was spiked >_> I also woke up on the day of my birthday feeling like shit, shaking like crazy and I had a mouthful of blood, it was all over my pillow and sheets. No memories of my night out :((( The moral of my experiences and this chapter is DON'T DRINK TOO MUCH BARBZ!! XD Muuah*


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