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Someone To Confide In (Full Chapter)

Safaree woke up early the next morning, slightly more tired than usual partly because of how late they were out waiting on Drake's ass and partly because of how much Nicki was moving around and mumbling in her sleep. He looked down in his arms to see her still wrapped safely against his chest. He looked over to the alarm clock which read 8:17am, it was still dark in Nicki's room because she had blackout blinds instead of curtains, she hated to be woken by the sun and always said it was Mother Nature being rude. He sat and thought for a while about how he was going to get out of bed without waking Nicki and decided to swiftly but gently pull away from her, shockingly it worked she did stir slightly but that was it.

He squinted as he made his way into the lounge area and the light hit him before he was ready. He really needed to talk to someone about Nicki, he was worried about her and the baby. What if Drake had done something to her? He wouldn't know because she wasn't talking about it. He sighed again thinking about the night's events and decided to take his mind off of it by making himself and Nicki a massive cooked up breakfast, knowing that as soon as the smell hit her she would be out of her room in a flash. Quietly getting the pots and pans together he carried out his breakfast plans and plated the food up once he was finished cooking. He sat pondering whether or not to wake Nicki, she still hadn't emerged from her room. Before he could act on that thought the phone rang out from across the room, but as always Nicki hadn't put it back where it belonged and he guessed it was somewhere buried in the couch. It went to answering machine andhis voice spoke slowly and quietly, Safaree was riled up again and quickly snatched the phone out from underneath the pillow when he found it.

"What the fuck do you want?!" He could no longer hold his anger in. Just like last night.

"....I just...I want to speak to Nicki." Drake answered shyly but with underlying attitude.

"And you, you think Imma just hand the phone to her?! Get it into yo' damn head, she don't wanna talk to you asshole!" And with that he slammed the phone down hoping he actually hadn't woken Nicki up.
Catching a glimpse of the calendar he suddenly remembered.

"Ahh shit!" He mumbled as he looked around the room, the place was a mess and Jelani would be home in hour. Scrambling around he tidied as best he could and scoffed his food which had now gone cold, he put Nicki's back in the oven and left it for when she wanted to re-heat it when she was hungry. Literally just as Safaree was taking the trash out Jelani and Danika  were making their way up the steps to the house.

"Hey man! What's good?" The guys greeted one another before Safaree turned his attention to Danika, who he had only met a couple of times.

"And good morning to you future Mrs Maraj." He laughed as she flashed her ring hand around jokingly and giggled.

"I'll think you'll find it's now afternoon!" She smiled as she looked at her watch.

"Oh, my bad..anyway come on, come in it's fuckin' freezin' out here!" He said whilst rubbing his hands together.

Once they were all inside Jelani pointed out and praised how clean and tidy his house looked.

"Wow, I see you kids are really tryin' huh?" He motioned to the sparkling kitchen. Safaree nodded proudly. Danika was first to break the silence.

"So where she at? Huh? I wanna see how big my liddo nephew is!" Jelani had told her about Nic being pregnant and she was always there for the weekly chat when he called her to check up on them. She and Jelani looked at Safaree waiting for him to talk.

"Actually, she's still sleeping....there was a bit of...drama last night.." He rubbed the back of his neck and trailed off as he led them to the lounge area to sit.

"What?! What happened, is she ok?" Jelani was talking a mile a minute as Danika grasped his hand in worry. He knew Nicki would be pissed at him for telling her brother but he desperately need to talk to someone about it.

"Firstly, she's fine I think, but Imma call Klara and ask her to make a home visit later on today. Secondly you must promise not to kick off because that's the last thing she wants or needs for that matter and besides...I think I did enough last night." Jelani and Danika were relieved that Nicki was ok but as Safaree continued to tell them about the father of Nicki's baby and what went down las night the look on Jelani's face was furious.

"Ohh my poor baby!" Danika gushed as she stood up from the couch. " it ok if I go see her?" Safaree nodded he thought she might open up to her seeing as they both liked to talk about girly shit and guys. She made her way over to Nicki's room and opened the door quietly making sure to shut it behind her. Her room was pretty dark but she made out the small shape in the bed and tiptoed over to her. Noticing that it was almost 3:00pm she was a bit concerned as to why she was still asleep but figured she was just tired with staying out late and being pregnant.

"Nicki?" She smoothed her hand over her arm as she whispered to try and wake her. She didn't move. "Nic? Come on, I know you're playin' sleep." She giggled as she carried on tickling her arm which would usually make her start laughing and give away the fact that she wasn't really asleep. "Nic, girl I'm not about to drag yo' lazy pregnant ass outta here by your damn hair!" Her smile faded as she realised Nicki still wasn't responding. "Shit Nic, you're scarin' me now..." She started shaking her more roughly but not enough to hurt her. Still nothing. Danika jumped off the bed and ran to the light switch flicking it on quickly before turning to look at an unamused Nicki glaring back at her.

"What'd you go put the damn light on for, hoe!" She cracked a smile as she said it but Danika wasn't impressed.

"You had me over thinkin' you was unconscious or some shit like that!" she picked up a pillow and threw it in Nicki's direction. "Bitch! don't do that again, you scared me!" Nicki just laughed lightly at her reaction.

" is everything?" She moved back over to the bed and sat where she was before.

"....amazing." Nicki sighed as she looked at Danika.

"Don't be sarcastic, it ain't cute! But really though, what happened last night?" She kept her eyes fixed on Nicki as she questioned her.

"Me and Drake had an argument...thas it." She started to play with the tassels on her pillow feeling the conversation becoming uncomfortable. Danika picked up on her mood and decided to change the subject.

"Lani's out there y'know? He sounded like a kid on the way over! Chattin' 'bout how much he's gon' spoil this nephew of his!" They both laughed at the thought until Danika stood up.

"Come on! I'm not lettin' you lay in here and rot! Get up, go for a shower and come out to see us in some decent clothes, Ion want your brother seeing you in a pair of teeny tiny boy shorts...he'll hit the roof!" She was right, Jelani hated to think of her being a teen now.

"Allrrriiight, but I'm tellin' you now I'm not gon' be very good company! I feel like shit, I'm really tired and NOTHING fits me anymore!" She dramatically threw the covers off of herself and stormed over to her wardrobe to find something to wear. Danika just smiled at her diva-like attitude.

"Well, me and Lani are in town for a week so how 'bout I take you and your friends out shopping? My treat?" She made Nicki's bed as she waited for her to respond.

"Thanks, I need to get outta here for some time with the girls." She looked down as Danika moved closer to her.

"I'm here y'know? If y'ever wanna talk?" She pulled her into a hug before moving away. "Now go shower! And be quick about it!" She left the room shutting the door behind her. In a way Nicki was kind of glad Drake acted like a jerk last night, she was rid of him and there was no way in hell she was going to let him be around their baby if he was like that. She wanted for her baby to have what she didn't...although now their was no father-figure around. As of yet, she did need to speak to Drake whether she liked it or not.

A good hour later Nicki was sat on her bed in her underwear rubbing lotion all over herself, making sure to put more on her bump than anywhere else. She was paranoid she was going to get stretch-marks. Without warning her door opened causing her to jump.

"Oh shit!! I'm sorry Nic, I didn't know you were..y' you-"

"In my underwear Faree?" She was getting impatient with his stammering. By now she had pulled her robe on and stood up from where she was sat. "I'm good now, you can turn around." She showed him a small smile before walking over to him. It was now or never.

"Faree I need to talk to you....can you please shut the door?" He nodded unsurely as he heard the door click shut and walked back over to Nicki, who was now sat back on the bed.

"So, is this 'bout last night? Cause I think we really need to talk about that." He raised his eyebrow and positioned himself on the bed next to Nicki. She sighed and looked away. Maybe this was a good thing though? That way she could explain what happened with Drake and tell Safaree how she really felt about him. She was scared though, if she made things awkward now when she needed him the most she would regret it. However her Mother's words echoed through her thoughts and she decided to just go for it.


Safaree felt himself getting riled up again after hearing what Drake did, he was brought back from his angry thoughts by Nicki clutching at his arm.

"Faree?" He turned to look at her.

"Did you hear anything I said just now?!" He hadn't realised that he had completely stopped listening as soon as she told him Drake had lay his hands on her, meanwhile she had poured her whole heart out to him.

"Sorry, I'm just...I'm so mad." He balled his fists up again only to have her gently grab hold of his hands and hold them tight, he gladly returned the gesture. "Please..continue, repeat what you just said." She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"I said....I think...well I don't think, I know that..." She kept pausing and blushing. "...there is something between us Safaree, Ion what it is but I sure as hell know that this isn't just a normal friendship. Y'know what I'm sayin'?" She desperately wanted him to catch on and take control of the conversation. His heart felt like it was about to beat out of his chest, as did hers.

"Actually, I do know what you mean." His response was extremely calm considering his stomach felt like it was doing somersaults. "I have had feeling's for you for the longest time Onika...and I 'm just hopin' that's you was 'bout to tell me, right?" He suddenly panicked thinking maybe she wasn't intending it the way it had sounded. Nicki's body collapsed as she started crying.

"Fuck's sake! Look at me crying...AGAIN!" She was sick of crying and feeling like an emotional wreck all of the time. Safaree just pulled her closer to him and held her tight, he shivered when he felt her talking softly against his neck. "...You are right though, that is what I was 'bout to tell you..." She trailed off before sniffling again. He gently pulled away from her so that he could look her in the eye, both staring for a few seconds before moving closer and closing the gap. He brushed his lips against hers lightly, sending the most intense tingles through her whole body, things got heated pretty quickly as she parted her lips to let his tongue enter and he had no option but to pull away when she moaned into his mouth at the feeling of him, she was craving this kind of attention so understandably she pouted when he stood up.

"You're brother is right outside of this door Onika, so get some clothes on! He's takin' us out to eat." Nicki's stomach churned as he said that, she was starving and wasn't about to pass up on a free meal out.

*Don't be mad if it's a little short :/ I am trynna get things wrapped up but Ion wanna rush so y'all will just have to be patient! And those comments guys? I was cryingggg XD It was like 4:00am when I was reading them, had to put a damn pillow over my face to muffle the laughter! Connette...stay away from my parents kay? You got your chapter >____> hahaa and there will be more drama in the next three chapters! :D :D Well hope it was alright for you all!! THANKS FOR COMMENTING!! Oh and pleease excuse any typos :/ Muuuah*


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    1. I know right!! It took me forever to get there XD Hmm I wonder how he will take it? :O hahaa Thanks for commenting ^_^

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    1. Aw thanks! ^_^ ahaha I know, I know I was taking forever to get there! XD BeleeDatWoe He's gonna get what's coming to him, don't worry! hahaha Thanks for commenting and reading! ^_^ Ohh yeah and this is to anyone who reads 'Here I Am...' I posted like 5 minutes's quite a long chapter :))


    1. Hahaa they are cute hey? OHMYLAAWD You have no idea how much that made me laugh! haa .-. Like, I was cryingggg XD I almost peed smh Anyway thanks for commenting and reading! ^_^

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