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Splitting The Triangle - Part 2 (Full Chapter)

Nicki pressed play and listened to the message on the phone, it was Drake.

"Bae, it's me Drake. I'm sorry I wasn't there to see your beautiful face when you woke up this morning, I had to go..y'know school and alladat" She smiled as she listened to his smooth words, although it was hard to hear him over all of the noise in the background on the message..which didn't really sound like school. She could hear older men yelling, laughing and cussing. "..anyway I was just ringing to ask if you could come pick me up later, I know you can't drive...but SB can and I don't really feel like I can ask him...s'ok if you can't but get back to me soon. Bye baby" and with that the message was over.

Nicki was a little confused but just shrugged it off and texted him asking what time he wanted to be picked up. When he texted back she did a double take "11:00pm! What in the hell? I'm gon' be sleep at that time!" she huffed and shook her head "Whatever, not like I have to get up early". She finished her texting session with Drake and let Safaree know that they had to go get him. Then she called her mother to make sure they had got home ok, which to her relief they had. Finally she settled herself back on the couch and called Candi and Lauren.

"Heeeeyyy Nic, s'goin on?" Lauren was always so chirpy.

"Hi Laur...well nuttin'! That's the problem!" Nicki pouted as though Lauren could see her. Then she heard some yelling in the background.

"Hold up Nic, Candi's bin a loud ass" Nicki heard Candi's muffled laughter and started giggling herself.

"Annyywaaaays I want y'all to come 'round to mine, y'know for a girls night?"She played with the ends of her hair waiting for them to answer.

"Sure, we dying to see you, plus we got lots to talk about missy!" Nicki cringed, she hated been interrogated by these two, they were relentless.

"Damn Laur! so you go about interrogatin' pregnant girls in yo' spare time?!" The girls couldn't help but laugh at her ratchet talk.

"Shuush child! We on our way over, make sure there's food! We starvin' over here." She ended the call and shook her head and started to get everything ready.

She had finished showering up and was sat on her bed in her underwear pasting body lotion over herself. "I ain't livin' with no stretchmarks cause of you liddo one!" As she continued to talk to her baby she could feel him continuously kicking and wished Safaree was here to see it. "See?!" she thought to herself "Why do I think of him first?...Drake is the father, not Faree." Her internal argument was interrupted by someone annoyingly holding the doorbell down. "Candi, seriously Imma slap the shit outta you!" She muttered and threw her robe back on over her underwear, and went to let them in.

Candi and Lauren barged through the door as soon as it was opened, being careful not to knock Nicki over at the same time.

"Do you have any idea how damn cold it is out there?!" Candi exaggerated as she shrugged her coat off. Nicki just laughed as she went to hug Lauren and then did the same to a pouting Candi.

"I've missed you two so much!!" She squeaked as she did a little skippy run to the kitchen to get snacks, Lauren and Candi just shook their heads at her trying to run as carefully as she could.

"We missed you too Nic! Or should I say both of you!" she patted Nicki's tummy. "So how is our little nephew?" Lauren had gone over to help Nicki carry things over to the lounge area whilst Candi had helpfully spread herself on the couch and seized the TV remote.

"He's ok, yeah." Nicki said with a small smile. She hadn't told them about his heart, that was what she planning on doing when she invited them over, that and to talk about the Drake and Safaree situation.

"Just..ok?" She looked concerned as she continued to rub her friend's bump. Nicki looked up with a sad face.

"Let's just get these in to the lounge area and I'll tell you everything." She sighed as she said it, every time she thought or talked about it she would get upset all over again but she wanted to have a positive outlook on the situation so she started taking her medication and vitamins like Klara had said and was determined to give her baby the best start in life.

Candi and Lauren were almost in tears as Nicki explained what might happen to her baby if his heart didn't get better.

"He's gon' be so little...but if he's a fighter like his mommy is, he's gon' get through it easy." Candi nodded her head in agreement with what Lauren was saying.

"Thank you guys, you always make me feel better that's why I love you!" She rewarded them with one of her best dimpled smiles.

"Don't be think' you're gettin' out of our questions we wanna ask you!" Lauren said as she crossed her arms and tilted her head with attitude.

Nicki just looked at them and thought to herself "Damn I thought I was gon' get away with that!"
"Uuuugghh fine!! what are yo' stupid ass questions anyway?!" She huffed loudly and sank further into the couch.

Lauren looked at Candi and smirked "Ohh you know just stuff about.." she paused whilst shrugging and playing with her hair " and...DRIZZY DRAKE!!" Nicki almost jumped out of her skin at how loudly they both yelled and side-eyed them.

"Yeaah...what 'bout us?"

"Oh, so there is an US?" Candi emphasised the word 'us' as she stared intently at Nicki.

"Y'know what? Imma need you nosey asses to mind y'own business, kay?" She couldn't help smiling as she said it, she thought it was funny how desperate they were to know.

"Actually...come to think of it, you never even told us who the father of this liddo one is!!" Lauren was now spitting chips everywhere as she talked with her mouth full.

"First of all, stop sprayin' food all over my gatdamn livin' room and second of all...I was going to tell you that tonight..."She trailed off before piling a handful of popcorn into her mouth.

"OhMyGawd, it's Dwight ain't it?!" Candi sounded shocked at her suggestion, as if it were actually true.

"Umm No!" She looked between the two of them before continuing "......It's Drake." Their gasps were as loud as one another's.

"When in the HELL did that happen?!" Lauren crawled closer to Nicki and climbed up on to the couch with her.

"At that stupid senior's party, y'know the one I told y'all I didn't want to go to?" She put more emphasis on the word 'didn't'. Both of her friends looked beyond shocked.

"So thas why you were so desperate to leave?" Nicki just nodded and looked at Candi, he didn't realise that I was only fifteen at the time, but now-" She was interrupted by Lauren.

"Wait, what do you mean 'but now'? You ain't tellin' us that you still with him..are you?"

"Well yeah I am but, thas kinda what I asked you 'round here for, Ion know if it's just me or my hormones or what...but I don't feel the same way about him as I did....and I think I may be catching feelings for Safaree." she speeded the last part of her sentence up and tried to quickly stand and walk away to the kitchen but Candi and Lauren grabbed a hand each and pulled her back..but gently of course.

"Hoooold up a sec! You, you like Safaree that way?!" Candi sounded disgusted seeing as they are all his best friends and nothing more.

"Thas what I'm trynna say! Ion know if it's actually the way I feel...I mean the other day I had hold of his hand and it just felt..right and he came out of the bathroom with just a towel 'round his waist and I swear I had to go change my panties!" They all laughed at the last part of her comment.

"But seriously though, you think you have feelings for him? Cause I know for a fact that nigga has had a thing for you since the first day he met you!! 'Bout time somethin' is gon' happen about it!" Nicki was relieved to be hearing all of this come from Candi and Lauren, but a little worried about what she was going to do about Drake.

"Ok, Imma talk to him 'bout it but I need to talk to Drake first." She looked over at the clock on the wall. "Faree should be home soon, then we gotta go give Drake a ride home so I better go get dressed huh?" She looked down at her robe, she felt like she had been living in it for days even though it had only been one day and she was glad to be getting out of the house.

"Yeah, we gotta go anyways, two assignments due us you ain't missin' anything at school 'part from ridiculous deadlines!" Candi cackled as she hugged Nicki goodbye, followed by Lauren.

"See you soon Nic, we'll come 'round on Saturday....and our lil nephew is gon' officially be a six month old bump!" Lauren squealed excitedly before blowing two kisses, one for Nicki and one for the baby. The house grew silent as soon as they shut the door behind them, leaving her with her loud thoughts.

***Two Hours Later***

Nicki was sat fully dressed waiting for Safaree to get home, it was almost 11pm and she had missed a text from Drake at 7pm when she was showering. All that was in the message was the address of the place he needed picking up from, nothing else. No 'love you' or a little 'x' like he usually did and this made Nicki moody.

"I'm stayin' up and 'wake for his nigga ass, and thas all I get!?" She muttered angrily to herself as she repositioned the way she was sitting, she was finding it hard to sit, lay or sleep comfortably anymore, her bump was just getting in her way. She exhaled slowly as she felt a tightening across her bump."Calm, Onika. Be calm." She slowly rubbed her tummy and tried to soothe away the feeling and it actually worked causing her to smile proudly.

"Wuchoo grinnin' at?" She turned and saw Safaree coming through the front door, dumping his bags at the foot of the frame.

"Oh, just somethin' Lauren said earlier." She lied, not wanting Safaree to stress about the feeling she just had, Klara had already told her she would experience them so she was prepared.

"Yo, you ready to go then or what?" He walked over towards the couch Nicki was half laying, half sitting on.

"Gimme chance, coon! It's gon't take me at least two minutes to get up off of this damn couch!" Safaree extended his arm out to help her up and she willingly took it.

"Thank you sir." She replied in her British accent causing Safaree to chuckle a little and shake his head.

"Oh yeah and guess what?!" She had almost forgotten to tell him. The were now sat in the car on their way to the address Drake had given them when she remembered.

"What?" He didn't look at her as he was watching the road, he didn't like driving in the dark especially with a pregnant Nicki sat in the passenger seat.

"My Mom visited today." Safaree whipped his head around to look at her, for only two seconds before looking back to the road.

"Seriously?! What happened?" Nicki spent the remainder of the journey, which to their annoyance took almost thirty-five minutes, telling him about how surprisingly well things had gone with her mother and how happy she was to have seen her and Caiah again. Once she had finished the car dipped back in to silence as Safaree concentrated on the road signs, before recognising the one he needed and pulled on to the neighbourhood street.

"This nigga's just lucky I ain't gotta be up early!" He looked around as he pulled up to the house. "Nic, Ion know about this don't seem too safe, you sure you ok to go in alone?" Nicki looked around nervously before answering him.

"....Yeah, and if anything happens I know you're out here, right?" She looked at him hopefully.

"You bet yo' pregnant ass I am!" He answered as she hopped out of the car. She walked up the pathway, careful not to trip on anything and knocked on the door unsurely. All she could hear was loud music blaring and lots of kind of sounded like a party.

"What do you want kid?!" A husky voice asked aggressively as the door swung open. She shifted uncomfortably.

"I'm lookin' for Drake, he wants a ride home..." He squinted at her and stepped aside to let her in.

"Oh damn, Drizzy was right 'bout that ass of yours!" He tapped her ass as she walked past and she turned around quickly.

"Excuse me?! Get yo' damn hands off me nigga!" She spat in rage.

"Hell, he was right about the attitude too!" Was all she heard as he slumped back off in to another room laughing. At that moment she saw Drake walking, or stumbling more like it, towards her. She was so pissed off with him, she felt the fury building up inside.

"Hey baby...I'm soo g-glad you came, I wan' you to come meet some pals of mine." He was slurring so bad she could hardly understand him and his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. Before she could protest he had grabbed her hand and pulled her into a lounge room packed with stoned guys, there were bottles and cans all over the place and she could only just make out peoples faces because of the thick smoke lingering in the air.

'Errbody..this, this is Nicki!" He stood her in front of him and everyone turned to look at her, they all looked like a bunch of perverts the way they were staring at her with their mouths gaping open.

"Drake! Let go of me you fuckin' asshole, I shouldn't even be in here with all of this smoke and shit!" She motioned to the polluted air around her and marched towards the front door. All she could hear was the guys 'oohing and aahing' at her bitch moment. Before she could get hold of the door handle she was pushed sideways forcefully and rammed into the wall next to the door with her back pressed against it....

*Dun Dun Duuuuuuun!! Like I promised....Safaree has returned...only for lil bit though sorry! I hadn't planned on this chapter being so long -____- so there is gonna be a part three but I'm not doing a sneak peek I'm just gonna post the full chapter tomorrow! ^__^ So be ready!! Alsooo I dunno if anyone saw buuut I have made a new blog called "Here I am......(onikafaree)" but I haven't started writing yet so, if any one of y'all have any ideas you want to see in a story please do tell!! Or in fact if anyone is interested in sharing a blog and writing together I'm up for that too! ^_^ Welp it's entirely up to you so if I don't get any suggestions or offers it's cool I'll just do some planning on the side! :))) Hope you enjoyed the chapter I know it's just been loadsa talking recently but there is more drama in part three and...who know what else will happen ;) *Kisses the Barbz* Muuuuah, and thanks SO MUCH for all of your comments!!!*



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