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It All Comes Together (Full Chapter)

*Guys, I am soooooo sorry!! After reading all of your comments and being confused for hours I realised that I had labelled the photo "Noah Lloyd Samuels" This was a MISTAKE I apologise for the confusion!! I meant to name him "Noah Lloyd Graham" that way his middle name is after Safaree and he would have Drake's last name. Sorry :/ Well here is the rest of the chapter, it's boring I know but there is going to be drama coming up in the next 2 chapters....I hope! Well hope it's ok for you all*

Nicki walked slowly through the supermarket aisles trying decide what she wanted. She wasn't going to make it a huge thing but she wanted to cook something nice for her friends and family in celebration, after all her baby was only going to turn one once in his life. She looked to the side of her where his head was resting on her shoulder, she knew every mother thought the same thing but Noah was definitely the cutest baby she'd ever seen, she truly was blessed. As she neared the end of the aisle her phone sang out from her purse, quickly trying to get it out so that Noah didn't wake up. It was Safaree.

"Hey babe, what's up?" She asked as she continued to search the shelves with her eyes.

"Nothin' I'm jus lettin' you know that everythin' over here is all the bloons and shit." He made his way back to the kitchen as he talked.

"Ohh good!! And by the way, you could act a liddle more...Ion know, excited!" She laughed whilst trying to throw some food packets into her hand basket.

"Sorry bae, just got a lot on my mind." He sighed and shut the cupboards waiting for her to answer.

"I know." She paused. "Is it 'bout Drake?" Her voice got softer as she asked him. But there was just silence. "The first sign of trouble, I promise he is gone, but you gotta understand Noah is his son. He should be at his birthday." She wished Safaree was his real dad just as much as he did.

"I know, I know...anyway hurry home. You got a nigga over here goin' hungry!" They both laughed before saying they loved one another and hanging up. After paying she made her way back to the car placing the shopping bags down first as she strapped Noah into his car seat and then loaded all the bags into her car. Noah was a super heavy sleeper so he remained asleep for the whole shopping trip and the ride home. As she pulled up to the driveway she saw Jelani's car parked outside their house. He and Danika had moved back from Florida and into the house Nicki and Safaree were living in, which meant they had to find their own place. Luckily they found one really close by and moved almost as soon as they bought it. As soon as they heard her car both guys came out to help her get the shopping whilst she just focused on getting Noah into his crib so she could start cooking.

Mama Carol, her father, Caiah, Mama Samuels, Mama Graham, Drake, Candi, Lauren and the Vaks were all coming over for dinner at 6:00pm which gave Nicki four hours to prepare. She wasn't nervous, just stressing about time and maybe a little worried about the atmosphere between Safaree and Drake. Although looking over at him now he seemed pretty relaxed as he was laughing with Jelani about something.

*** Three hours later ***

The food was almost done as Nicki left Danika in charge and went to shower, leaving Safaree to feed Noah.

"Here, you go sit down. I'll take care of this." Jelani tried to usher Danika out of the kitchen.

"Umm babe, no offense but ain't nobody wanna be eatin' your charred food!" She pushed him away as he held his mouth open in shock.

"I am a damn good cook!" This made Safaree laugh as he continued to spoon feed Noah baby food on his knee making him squawk between mouthfuls. "That liddle man sounds just like his mom!" Jelani added but soon stopped laughing as Nicki emerged from the stairs with her hair neatly done with minimal makeup.

"What's so funny?" she looked between their blank faces before shaking her head. "Forget it, prolly just one of yo' smart ass comments anyhow!" Before anyone could respond there was a knock at the door. Running to open it she was happy to see her Mother stood holding a present with Cai stood by her feet and her father stood behind her.

"You're the first here! Come in, come in." She opened the door wider as they all shuffled into the warm house, Cai hugged Nicki's legs before dashing straight to Safaree and Noah, who was now done eating. Her Mom hugged her tightly and moved on to Jelani, whilst Nicki and her father just stood awkwardly before she went around him and shut the door. They all conversed lightly and laughed amongst one another as Nicki and Danika finished up the food just in time before everybody else arrived at the same time, with an unexpected guest brought along too.

Drake was the last to walk through the door behind everyone as he wiped his feet on the mat he turned to look at Nicki, who was still holding the door open for them.

"Hey Nic." He smiled warmly as he put his arm around the girl next to him. Nicki just nodded her head at them both and smiled. "Oh yeah, this is Caitlin my girlfriend, and this here is Nicki." Caitlin held her hand out for Nicki to shake, for a moment Drake wasn't sure she was going to return the gesture but she did.

"Well, it's nice to meet you. Anyway come in, we're about to eat." She shut the door behind them. "Oh and Drake, Noah's in the lounge room with Faree." He and Caitlin headed towards the lounge room as Nicki made her way back to the kitchen, bumping into Danika as she got there.

"Woaah Nic! You trynna make me spill this shit?" She pointed at the glass in her hand filled with her Dad's favourite alcoholic drink. She pulled a face at the glass and moved over to the oven, pulling out the food tray.

"He brought a hoe with him. Can you believe that?" She continued doing what she was doing as she said it.

"His girlfriend?" She asked quizzically before setting the drink down and moving over to Nicki.

"Yeah. Caitlin. She looks like a fuckin' model!" She threw the tray down quite roughly before pulling enough plates out for everybody.

"Um Nic, this might not be my place but what's the problem? Drake is your ex and your baby daddy. Nothing more, nothing less. You better calm yourself before you go back in there. Jus' sayin'." That was all she said, she left the room before Nicki could even reply. She was right though. Why was she acting jealously. Shaking her head she made her way back out to the table, with a little help from Safaree they were all set up and ready to eat.

Drake was still cradling a sleeping Noah as he and Caitlin sat comfortably on the couch. Everyone was done eating and were now sat relaxing in the lounge. Mama Carol had put Cai down to sleep in Nicki and Safaree's bed as he fell asleep just before 10pm. Noah should really have been in his crib hours ago too but Nicki wanted for Drake to see him on his birthday. She was watching them intently, not realising that somebody was doing the same to her.

"Imma go sort some more drinks out, give me a hand Nic?" Safaree looked at her as she broke her gaze away from Noah and Drake.

"Oh, yeah. Sure." Following behind him they both stood silently in the kitchen after he closed the door.

"What's up with you?" He moved closer to her but she looked down.

"Nothing babe, I'm just tired. I didn't expect everyone to stay this late and Noah should have been in bed ages ago." She pouted and tiptoed to peck him on the lips, he returned the kiss and took her bottom lip into his mouth turning it into more than a kiss as his hands went straight to her waist before she pulled away with a moan. "Later, now lets get these drinks." She grinned at his sad face and tapped him on the butt, moving around him to get glasses out of the cupboard.

Noah was now being rocked gently in Mama Graham's arms. Nicki always thought she looked super cute holding him and she was going to feel so bad taking him off her but she was getting really bothered by the fact tat it was now almost 11pm and he was still not in his crib. It had taken her and Safaree weeks to get him into a good routine.

"I think I'm gonna get the birthday boy off to bed now." She smiled sweetly as Mama Graham handed him to her, he didn't stir so Nicki was relieved.

"Well, Nika I think we're gon' head off now." Mama Carol spoke as she emerged from Nicki and Safaree's room with a tired looking Cai being carried on her hip. He rubbed his eyes sleepily as Nicki kissed him and her mother on their foreheads, letting them say their goodbyes to Noah too. The little dinner had been a success, no dramas had occurred, Drake and Safaree were civil with one another and Candi and Lauren had managed to keep the rude remarks about Drake to themselves. Although she still got upset when she thought about what he did to her she knew that it was the drink and whatever the hell he was taking or smoking that made him do it. He was the father of her baby and she didn't want Noah being raised hearing awful things being said about him. It wasn't fair. Looking around she realised the only two left were Drake and Caitlin. Before she could divert her eyes from an approaching Drake he stroked his finger under Noah's chin and smiled at him before turning his gaze to Nicki.

"Nic, can I talk to you for a second?" He looked at her hopefully as Caitlin walked over and stood patiently by his side.

"Sure, I'll just go put Noah in his cr-" She was cut off as Safaree took him gently out of her arms.

"Here, I'll take him." She smiled lovingly at him as he disappeared into Noah's room shutting the door quietly behind him.

"So, what did you wanna ask Drake?" She kept looking between him and Caitlin, who annoyingly was still stood there.

"I was just wondering, y'know, because Noah is a year old now, we could sort out some sort of timetable or arrangement that includes him staying over at our place on certain nights?" He awaited nervously for an answer. "...but only if that's ok with you?" She saw Caitlin nudge him after he added that and just glared at her. Honestly though she was lost for words, she didn't even like Noah stopping over at Jelani's for the night and he was her brother living only 10 minutes away.

"Look, Drake you know that I love for Noah to spend time with you but I really don't think that's such a good idea." She was playing with her hands nervously as she spoke. "I mean for a start, he's never been away from me and you've never looked after him overnight before." Shortly after he was born he had complications with his heart again, which needed surgery to be corrected. They we warned afterwards that the effects could be everlasting and he would always need routine checkups. Luckily he had stayed fine ever since the operation. Drake sighed and just looked at her but she was too busy looking at Caitlin who was rolling her eyes at Nicki's answer. "You got somethin' to say?" She rolled her neck and crossed her arms as she said it.

"You be actin' like he's just your child! Drake is his father you can't deny him the right to spend time with him!" She took a step closer to Nicki. "S'all I have to say. Thanks for the dinner." She turned to Drake leaving Nicki stood in shock. "I'll be waiting in the car babe." And with that she left.

"Seriously? Thas your girl?" She shook her head and stormed into the kitchen trying to carry all the glasses, cups and rubbish with her.

"Look I know what you're thinkin'! That she's just some hoe I picked up a few days ago, well she's not. I been seein' her for about five months now and sh-" He couldn't continue as she whipped her head around quickly.

"Wait, what?! You mean to tell me that you had her all this time actin' like the stand in mommy whilst Noah's with you, and you didn't even think to let me know?!" She threw her hands up and let them drop to her side. 

"Y'know what? I can't be dealin' with you when you're like this...I'll, I'll just call you tomorrow." He threw his hand down and shook his head walking out swiftly leaving her stood there.

After cleaning up and showering individually, Safaree and Nicki were laying in bed together in silence until Safaree spoke.

"What did Drake want?" He sniffed and turned his body to face her as she sighed and carried on playing with her pink polished fingernails.

"He wants more time with Noah, like, sleeping at "their" house and all that." She put air quotes around "their" when she said it and rolled her eyes. She was about to turn over when Safaree ripping the covers off of them both made her jump. "Faree, what the fuck?!" He didn't answer as he scrambled around looking for some clothes to put on. "Safaree? Answer me! What are you doing?!"

"What am I doing? I'll tell you what I'm NOT doing! I'm not 'bout to lie in bed with you dribbling on about these two! I saw you watching them all night! I saw you givin' her dirty looks and what hurts the most Onika, is how I saw the way you looked at him and Noah!" He was now yelling and after finally dressing he stormed over to the bedroom door only to be stopped by a crying Nicki.

"Faree, please? Don't go?" She put her hands on his chest only to have him gently remove them.

"I'll be back later." He moved her to the side and grabbed his keys going past the hallway table.

"Fine! Fuck off then, in fact don't even come home tonight!" She didn't mean any of that and she knew it just as much as he did. She was merely trying to get a reaction out of him. He just stood still as the words bounced off of him, opening the door and slamming out behind him. She slid down the door frame as the tears started to fall more readily, and it must have been the door slamming but soon enough she heard Noah crying loudly from his room. As she scooped him up and tried to soothe him she went and sat in the rocking chair by the window, holding him as close as she could. She knew that babies could sense weird things so she guessed he could feel that she was upset because there was just no calming him. Three long hours later he was finally asleep again. She felt emotionally and physically exhausted mostly from crying for so long, pulling her phone out she decided to text him.

Thanks for waking our baby up. Ur such an ass.

She climbed back into bed and smoothed his pillow out as her phone buzzed letting her know that she had received a text.

He's not my kid though, is he?

She had to read the message four times before she actually realised that she had read it right the first time. she couldn't believe he really just said that, she knew he wasn't actually asking but merely making a point that he wasn't Noah's dad and that was it for the night, she cried for what felt like forever. She had't even slept when she heard Noah stirring on the baby monitor, looking at her alarm clock it was only 6am...

*Kay, so I don't like this and I PROMISE I will try and think up some better stuff but if I can't then I'm prolly just going to abondon this fic until I have better ideas. Also I will explain the name choice of Caitlin, only for the benefit of myself XD My actual friend Caitlin was being a super hoe to me not too long ago and she's the only one who knows about me writing these blogs so I told her I would write her into my stories as a bitch and ta-daaah, there you have it, Bitchy Caitlin >:P Again sorry for the name confusion :/ I repeat his name is actually "Noah Lloyd Graham" XD Thanks for the comments on the previous chapters, really appreciate them!! Muuah*


  1. Nicki don't want him back right? Like she has Safaree. She can't be jealous of them. And Safaree should haven't left like that... And Nicki should have never told him to not come back tonight. Ugh.. I thought Safaree was asking her if that's his kid like it was a possibility it could be his kid when I first read it... But I guess not.

  2. Nicki need to get over the fact that he got some girl in focus on her family. I mean lawd! But dead at him wanting him to spend the night I say when he's two or three you know so that he is old enough to talk. Smh theyre just upset right now and they were both outta line. Besides SB is just hurt he'll be okay

  3. to be fair to Nic, everyones like that when they see there ex with someone new, especially since this Caitlyn is ganna be aroumd her baby? But she coulda been a bit more subtle damn! and seriously? she needs to remind drake of that time when he beat her up and was off his face if he asks for Noah to stay the night again? Like no, Noahs better off with his mom and Safaree. Safaree shouldn' have walked out like that or text her that, but hopefully he'll come back and aopoligise and it will all be cute again!

  4. Whoa! That was damn harsh what Safaree said but she is really being dumb. She moved on a long time ago but she expects Drake to be single. WOW!

  5. I wish there was some sort of a possible way that was Safaree's child but whatever he will end up more than likely taking on the father role better than drake and Nic shouldn't be getting all worked up over her ex and his girlfriend because safaree has been there with her since day 1 so she has someone that's great to her but Safaree and Nic should work out their problems.

  6. NicKi really doesn't have the right to be upset that Drake moved on, it's not like she hasn't. And I know it would be hard for Nicki, but I think she should let Drake have more time with Noah and let him stay overnight, he is his son and its better than him going to court to get joint custody, which I have a feeling he might do anyway.