Tuesday, 17 July 2012

*Sneak Peek* It All Comes Together

*Alllriiighty guys just a liddle announcement, all of my posts from now on are possibly going to happen less often or be shorter than usual :(( I have problems with my hip and knee joints, especially in cold weather like now and it's bad for me to be sat like this for too long, it gets really painful but I have started on these new pills so hopefully they help, but I have to take like nine a day...NINE!! And they are mad big!  But anyhow hopefully they actually help and I can get back to typing more ^___^ Well enjoy a sneak peek for the first chapter!*

Nicki walked slowly through the supermarket aisles trying decide what she wanted. She wasn't going to make it a huge thing but she wanted to cook something nice for her friends and family in celebration, after all her baby was only going to turn one once in his life. She looked to the side of her where his head was resting on her shoulder, she knew every mother thought the same thing but Noah was definitely the cutest baby she'd ever seen, she truly was blessed. As she neared the end of the aisle her phone sang out from her purse, quickly trying to get it out so that Noah didn't wake up. It was Safaree.

"Hey babe, what's up?" She asked as she continued to search the shelves with her eyes.

"Nothin' I'm jus lettin' you know that everythin' over here is sorted..like all the bloons and shit." He made his way back to the kitchen as he talked.

"Ohh good!! And by the way, you could act a liddle more...Ion know, excited!" She laughed whilst trying to throw some food packets into her hand basket.

"Sorry bae, just got a lot on my mind." He sighed and shut the cupboards waiting for her to answer.

"I know." She paused. "Is it 'bout Drake?" Her voice got softer as she asked him. But there was just silence. "The first sign of trouble, I promise he is gone, but you gotta understand Noah is his son. He should be at his birthday." She wished Safaree was his real dad just as much as he did.

"I know, I know...anyway hurry home. You got a nigga over here goin' hungry!" They both laughed before saying they loved one another and hanging up. After paying she made her way back to the car placing the shopping bags down first as she strapped Noah into his car seat and then loaded all the bags into her car. Noah was a super heavy sleeper so he remained asleep for the whole shopping trip and the ride home. As she pulled up to the driveway she saw Jelani's car parked outside their house. He and Danika had moved back from Florida and into the house Nicki and Safaree were living in, which meant they had to find their own place. Luckily they found one really close by and moved almost as soon as they bought it. As soon as they heard her car both guys came out to help her get the shopping whilst she just focused on getting Noah into his crib so she could start cooking.

Mama Carol, her father, Caiah, Mama Samuels, Mama Graham, Drake, Candi, Lauren and the Vaks were all coming over for dinner at 6:00pm which gave Nicki four hours to prepare. She wasn't nervous, just stressing about time and maybe a little worried about the atmosphere between Safaree and Drake. Although looking over at him now he seemed pretty relaxed as he was laughing with Jelani about something.

*** Three hours later ***

The food was almost done as Nicki left Danika in charge and went to shower, leaving Safaree to feed Noah.

"Here, you go sit down. I'll take care of this." Jelani tried to usher Danika out of the kitchen.

"Umm babe, no offense but ain't nobody wanna be eatin' your charred food!" She pushed him away as he held his mouth open in shock.

"I am a damn good cook!" This made Safaree laugh as he continued to spoon feed Noah baby food on his knee making him squawk between mouthfuls. "That liddle man sounds just like his mom!" Jelani added but soon stopped laughing as Nicki emerged from the stairs with her hair neatly done with minimal makeup.

"What's so funny?" she looked between their blank faces before shaking her head. "Forget it, prolly just one of yo' smart ass comments anyhow!" Before anyone could respond there was a knock at the door. Running to open it she was happy to see her Mother stood holding a present with Cai stood by her feet and her father stood behind her.

"You're the first here! Come in, come in." She opened the door wider as they all shuffled into the warm house, Cai hugged Nicki's legs before dashing straight to Safaree and Noah, who was now done eating. Her Mom hugged her tightly and moved on to Jelani, whilst Nicki and her father just stood awkwardly before she went around him and shut the door. They all conversed lightly and laughed amongst one another as Nicki and Danika finished up the food just in time before everybody else arrived at the same time, with an unexpected guest brought along too...

*I'm sorry it's only a sneak peek, hopefully I come up with some more ideas before thursday haha well I hope it was okay :/ Also I will do more flashbacks in these chapters so y'all are caught up with what happened in the year you missed ^_^ *


  1. Awww Noah got big on me!!! This was good Carlee... Eh! When Drake comes.... I know it's gonna be hard for Safaree :( . Hopefully everything goes as smoothly for Nicki. Oh and get well soon Carlee. You are in my prayers Muahhhh!!!!!

  2. NO! u did not just make this a sneek peak! i need the rest, as long as u dont make a big drama with Safaree and Drake. I want lil Noah 2 have a good birthday! Safarees just to cute with Noah, like i cud really imagine him feeding a little bubba on his lap! ur just making me miss him on twitter even more ! Lol, anyway this was good, :*


  4. New reader! Just finished catching up :) This chapter was so good but left a lot of suspense lol. Anyway I love your story, post soon! XoXo