Monday, 9 July 2012

The Time Is Nearing

*Not a very dialogue filled chapter, sorry guys :/ Hope it's ok for you all*

Nicki and Safaree just lay on the couch completely stuffed after their meal out with Jelani and Danika, who had now gone to see Mama Carol before they went to a hotel for the night.

"I can't believe how much you ate!" Safaree laughed as he turned to face her. She just pouted at him before getting up and heading to her room, she returned about 5 minutes later in a baggy t-shirt that used to be Safaree's and a pair of pink boy shorts. Nicki hated the cold normally and ever since she got pregnant the hate became so much stronger so the house was constantly heated to keep her happy.

"Move over we need more space." She placed one hand on her bump and flicked the back of his head making him hiss and immediately start rubbing the area she hurt, he did as she said making enough room for her between his legs. Carefully she climbed into the gap and made herself comfy. "That's better!" She sighed happily in his arms with her back resting on his chest, she knew she should probably just go to bed because she'd fall asleep as soon as she shut her eyes, which is exactly what she did. Safaree wasn't tired yet so he just let her sleep while he watched the TV, Nicki wasn't easily woken so he figured it would be ok. She did keep fidgeting though so he quickly muted it thinking that the noise was disturbing her, when he noticed her brow was furrowed. What he saw next was really strange. As he sat there staring he moved his hand to Nicki's bump and gently rested it there and surely enough he could feel what he was seeing. The baby was moving, he guessed that's why Nicki was squirming around with an uncomfortable look on her face. It felt so weird, no wonder she looked angry in her sleep. He was pulled out of his thoughts by Nicki's hand unconsciously coming down to hold her stomach, he moved out of her way and continued watching TV.


Nicki woke up at about midnight in her own bed. She looked around trying to remember how she got there when she realised Safaree must have carried her to bed. She felt cold and lonely so she made her way out of her room and gently opened Safaree's door only to see him sleeping wild. She closed the door as quietly as she could behind her and carefully crawled up under the covers and into the tiny little space near his back. She watched him for a while, not in a creepy way...just admiring him as he inhaled and exhaled steadily. She tried to get closer, feeling the cold all of a sudden, finally finding the right place to settle where she drifted back off to sleep in no time.

The next day Safaree woke up to find the covers completely snatched away from him and bundled around a tiny shape next to him, he could see it rising and falling slowly. Shaking his head he trudged quietly out to the bathroom to proceed with his morning duties. He had a lot planned for today, and it made things a lot easier knowing that Nicki was asleep.


Again, waking up after midday, Nicki decided that lounging around didn't really suit her so she showered and got dressed before making her way in to the lounge room. After feeding herself a plentiful amount she had the intense urge to clean, she hated cleaning but this was just something that she felt like she had to do. Without questioning her desire she got to work, scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting the whole house from top to bottom until it was absolutely pristine. Heading into the only room left, which would eventually be her baby's, she almost dropped all of the cleaning objects in her hands. She stood with her mouth gaping open, walking in slowly trying to take in all of the surroundings. The whole room had been decorated and furnished. The walls were painted a pastel blue as well as the carpet and a small rug in the centre of the room, which all went well with the little white crib in the corner near a set of drawers. She moved over to the rocking chair, which was sat near the crib, and made herself comfy on it. She was so caught up with the room right at that moment, she didn't even hear the front door open. Safaree and Danika were watching her from the doorway when she looked up at their smiling faces.

"Guys! When the hell did y'all get time to do this?!" She stood up slowly as she went over to them.

"Actually, all I did was buy and pick out the clothes..." She looked at Safaree. "He did the rest...anyway, I'll go make us a drink." She smiled and left them to have a moment.

"Safaree, I don't even know what to say!......Thank you so much, I love it." She reached up on her tiptoes and kissed him lightly on his lips before grabbing his hand and leading him out of the room.

"Do you like what I did?" She stood proudly next to him as he Danika and looked around in awe at how clean the house was.

"Onika? Cleaning? Forreal?" She playfully hit him on the arm and made herself comfy on the couch.

"Aww, Nicki's nesting!" Danika squealed on her way through to the lounge room. Safaree started laughing before looking at them both staring at him. "It really happens y'know?" Danika looked at him seriously. "And it's gon' get a lot worse than just cleaning." She looked back at Nicki who was now giggling at Safaree's confused and worried face.

"Why d'you gotta make her sound like a bird or somethin'?" He rubbed his head and sat down next to Nicki. Danika just cackled at his question.

"No, dumbass! That's what it's called! She's preparing the house for the new arrival." She put her hand on Nicki's bump as Nicki just nodded at Safaree, who now looked even more confused.

".....Anyway, Candi and Lauren are coming over later. Lauren was rambling about having to give you a present for the Bump's six month birthday or somethin' like that." Nicki's eyes widened.

"Oh yeah! I'm officially six months pregnant today!" She beamed, grabbing both of their hands and pushing them on to her bump. They just laughed at her being all excited.

"Hey? Where's Lani?" Nicki looked at Danika questioningly. Honestly she didn't really know either.

"I dunno, he said he had some business to take care of before he came here. But he'll be here later don't worry!.....Your Mom and Caiah are coming too, I'm gon' cook for y'all as like a liddle celebration!" She grinned, Nicki loved how carried away Danika got with things like this. That's why she couldn't wait to go and look at all of the clothes she had picked out for her baby boy. She knew they'd be super cute.
They continued to converse and laugh amongst one another until Candi, Lauren, Mama Carol and Caiah arrived. It was like a casual baby shower. At that moment Nicki couldn't have been any happier.


Jelani looked at the address once more as he sat in his car outside of the house. He was at the right place, no doubt about it as he saw Drake making his way in through the front door.

"Found you." He said to himself before opening the car door.....

*DON'T YELL!! I'm sorry I really did mean to make this a MUCH longer chapter but....I left it too late :/ sorry! Anyway I have a different idea, Imma just keep going until Nic has the baby and then maybe do two chapters after that to explain a name an alladat blah blah blah and THEN I will fast forward a year...or two but I'll decide that when I get closer to actually being there, kay?? Hope this was okay, was a little slow but...yeeaah :/ Muuah and THANKS FOR COMMENTING ALL OF YOU WHO DID!! ^_^ *


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