Friday, 13 July 2012

You're Never Alone - Part One (Full Chapter)

He stood at the door not knowing whether to knock or just turn away. Dropping his hand down letting the bouquet of flowers brush against his leg, he sighed and ran his hand over his face and moved slowly towards the door knocking hesitantly. He knew that now there was no turning back, unless nobody was home. There was silence so he figured his last guess was right and was angry that plucking up the courage to do all of this was pointless, just as he was about to walk away he heard somebody calling out from inside the house. It sounded like Nicki.

"Ayo, Nic? You in there?" He knocked again, only louder and shouting too. There was no reply though.

"Musta been next door." He murmured to himself as he made his way back to his car. Just as he was about to get in he heard a faint smashing sound, which he knew definitely came from the direction of her house. Dropping the flowers he approached the door again.

"Nicki? Please, I just wanna talk?" He was now sounding desperate, he tried the handle and to his shock it opened. However, nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to see.

He ran over to her, forgetting that he was probably the last person she wanted to see.

"Shit Nicki! What's happened? Where's SB?" He was panicking a bit as she was still on her knees leaning on the coffee table. She'd knocked her glass on to the floor so he figured that's what the smashing was. He looked over Nicki, she wasn't answering him and instead she was trying to control her breathing before letting out a cry of pain as she doubled over again grasping at her stomach.

"Ugghh Drake..why the fuck are you here?!" She spat angrily. She may have been in tremendous pain but that didn't change the way she felt about him and what he did to her.

"Look, I just came to talk to you. But right now I don't think that's important!" He knelt down to her level and attempted to help her up but she just slapped his hand away.

"The fuck?! Don't fuckin' act like you care all of a sudden!" She laughed dryly, letting out small deep breaths as the pain subsided slowly. She was still panting slightly, she knew what was happening but kept denying it in her mind. 

"Onika, I am truly sorry for what I did that night! I'm not askin' for you to take me back or whatever, I just need you to know that I'm sorry. And you know that wasn't me, Aubrey. It was the alcohol." He snapped out of his sad thoughts when he saw tears streaming down her face, she still refused to look at him. "Nicki? Oh fuck this shit, Imma call an ambulance. Where's the phone at in this place?" He looked around but her small, shaky voice soon answered his question.

"It's cell have one on you?" She asked between deep breaths as she felt the same pain coming back, only this time more intense. Drake's face dropped as he patted all of his pockets realising his cellphone was at home, a fifteen minute drive away. He started to panic even more when Nicki screwed up her face as she let out a series of painful groans.

"Shit, it's back home...where's yo' charger I'll just make the call when it's plugged in...and how long have you been like this?" He was becoming more concerned as he again bent down to her level. But she couldn't answer him.

"Mmmmmmm." She now had her head tucked with her chin almost to her chest, and just continued making monotonous humming sounds between short, shallow breaths. It felt like an eternity to Drake but in reality she was only like that for about fifty seconds. "It's in my room....on the desk." She answered breathlessly before gaining the air to finish what she was saying. "And I've this since Faree left at" She relaxed some more as the pain had gone. Drake looked at the clock on the wall which told him it was now ten thirty. She had been like this alone for almost four hours. He ran to get her charger, making the phone call for an ambulance as soon as it had enough battery power. "Call Faree as well, I need him here now..." She started crying again. Truthfully she was petrified but at the same time she was angry that Drake would just march in here like nothing happened. She was grateful though, if it wasn't for him...she didn't even want to imagine what would be happening right now.

"Why didn't you call an ambulance earlier?" He questioned as he moved quickly back over to her. A question he would wish he never asked.

"Excuse ME?! I can't even fucking move right now! I feel like I'm dying!" she snapped quite loudly as the tears rolled down her face. "...I'm in fucking labour Drake." She paused, breathing heavily whilst Drake stood in shock, he was brought back by her yelling. "And why the fuck aren't you on the phone with Faree right now?!" She braced herself for the oncoming pain as she winced and started to moan again, swaying back and forth on her knees. Drake could tell something was happening as her breath quickened before each time she did it.

"I texted him, he's on his way and the ambulance said about twenny to thirty minutes before they get here-" Before he could continue a frantic Safaree burst through the door, surprisingly he blocked Drake out and went straight to Nicki.

"Oh god, Faree you're here-" He cut her off as she recovered from the last contraction. 

"I'm sorry baby, I knew I shoulda stayed home tonight!" He was frustrated with himself, if only he had stayed home Nicki would already be in the hospital now. She couldn't answer so she squeezed his hand reassuringly. Drake was still stuck on the word Safaree called her, 'baby'.

"I was gon' take her to the hospital in my car but she said she can't move." Drake interjected, Safaree was itching to beat him right there, right now but he was glad he was with them. How else would he have known to come home early.

"S'fine, besides I don't think we'd make it, the roads are mad busy and it's freezing...probably isn't good for a baby to be born out in that." He motioned to the rain hammering down on the lounge room window pane. They were both interrupted by Nicki.

"Oh god no, no, no!" Her voice got higher pitched with each 'no' being said. She was looking down at the area between her legs, and there staining the floor was a puddle of fluid. "My waters broke.." After all their nights of reading on the internet Safaree knew that after the waters are released, it's the real thing. Nicki was about to give birth in their lounge room. Thinking quickly he whipped his phone out and called Klara as he rubbed Nicki's back soothingly, he had Klara on speed dial ever since their first visit to the hospital. None of them could think straight, hence their inability to act effectively on what was happening. Klara answered cheerfully but soon turned serious as Safaree explained what was going on. They couldn't believe the ambulance still hadn't arrived, Klara however was only minutes away as she had just finished a house visit with some new parents.

"Nic, klara's on her way now but she said we have to make sure you're comfortable." He pulled her back gently as he talked to her making her sit down with her back resting on the foot of the couch. "...and we'll have to take these off, kay?" He tugged at her underwear, looking at her as if asking permission before he completely removed them. She just nodded solemnly, she was glad about wearing an overly baggy t-shirt now, she didn't want to be completely exposed. She felt so vulnerable just sat on the floor with no underwear on, they were soon distracted as they heard the door opening.....

*I'm really sorry guys, I really don't like this but I had to post it cause I wanna go to sleep! I'm still sick and tired so y'all can just have this and LIKE IT! :((( Alsooo I have never had a kid before nor have I ever seen one being delivered so I have no CLUE what I am chatting about!! XD Just pretend I'm right! ^_^ Thanks for all of the comments left on the sneak peek!! Laughing @SoftLykeButta being super dramatic saying it was gonna take foreverrrrrrrrrr XD one last thing..I'm going back to university next week :''''( so I will alternate weekly between updates for Here I Am and Forever Young so you'll only get a chapter for an individual blog every 2 weeks, you know what I mean?? :((  Oh and thanks to the reader who said get better too me!! Hopefully I recover soon haha, well I hope you enjoy :/ sorry for any mistakes, it's like really late here... Muuah*


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