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You're Never Alone - Part Two (Full Chapter)

*Sooo it's the last chapter of part one of this story *wipes tear away* Haha welll hope you enjoy!! Muuah*

They all looked at the door as Klara shuffled in with her bag of equipment, Drake jumped up to help her as she dropped her purse on the floor and couldn't shut the door Safaree remained by Nicki's side holding her hand.

"So Nicki, your little boy's decided to make an early appearance huh?" She said trying to lighten the mood as she moved the coffee table out of her way and sat on the floor but Nicki just looked at Safaree with fear in her eyes. "It's ok, I'm here now." She added, noticing the frightened look on Nicki's face. "Kay, firstly Imma need you gentlemen to get me a few towels, some water and maybe some pillows too?" She got straight down to business, clasping her hands together looking at the two guys expectantly. "Well? Come on, we have a baby on the way y'know?" Safaree and Drake shot up without thinking, going in separate directions to gather the things she needed. Klara pulled Nicki's knees up carefully.

"I'm just going to check how dilated you are, okay?" She asked quietly and sweetly not wanting to alarm her. Nicki just nodded and opened her legs more as Klara slipped some sterilised gloves on.

"Mkaay, that's not goin' to sit well." she muttered as she checked over Nicki. "You're only six centimetres dilated, you have to be ten before you can start pushing." She held her eyes wide open as she looked at Nicki. "So that means you're going to have to be brave and strong, just like I know you are, and last through these contractions okay?" Nicki had teared up again.

"What if I c-can't do it?" She wiped furiously at the tears that just kept falling.

"I believe you can do it. You're a little fighter!" She smiled and patted her knee, causing Nicki to smile weakly back at her. As if on cue Safaree and Drake returned with all of the required items and resumed their original places. "Now before we get any further, are you happy to have the two gentlemen in the room for the birth or am I to kick them out?" She looked at Nicki waiting for an answer.

"No, they can stay." She said through gritted teeth as another contraction rippled through her. "Ugghh! How I have to stay like this?!" She half yelled gripping Safaree's hand tightly.

"Just breathe, okay? You're gonna want to push but you musn't do that unless I say it's okay, you understand?" Klara asked again as she checked to see how dilated she was. Nicki just huffed and nodded as the pain subsided again, the contractions were getting closer together and even more painful. "Alright, you're almost at eight centimetres now." Drake watched jealously as Safaree pressed his forehead against Nicki's temple, with her turning so that her forehead was against his and he kissed her lightly.

"You can do this babe, I know you can." He squeezed her hand and she gratefully squeezed back.

"Please can I have drink?" She had been oblivious to her incredible thirst, forgetting that the house was super heated to her liking. Although she wasn't liking it that much right now, she felt sweaty and gross.

Before anyone could act on her request she lunged forward and let out a cry of pain as yet another contraction ripped through her, without thinking she went to grab something on the other side of her and found herself crushing Drake's hand in her grasp. In her head it was his punishment, seeing his face wrinkled in pain made her feel a little better. She tried to get back up on to her knees but both guys stopped her.

"No, Nic you have to sit still bae." Safaree tried to move her to a sitting position but Klara stopped him.

"Just let her get to where she wants to be, she'll find a position that suits her." She was slightly intrigued usually most women found it more comfortable to be in the position was already in. They all watched as she got on to her knees and rested her hands on Klara's shoulders like she was with the coffee table. "Okay, Safaree you come swap places with me and I'll move behind her, that way I have better access." As soon as they switched Nicki felt far more comfortable, looking Safaree dead in the eye, still bent over slightly as she grasped on to his shoulders and moved her hands up the back of his neck as she swayed trying to ease the pain. Drake was getting angrier by the minute watching them together, but soon sorted himself out when he saw Klara looking at him sternly. "Alright Nicki, you're almost there. Just focus on breathing, kay hun?" She said as she checked her dilation again.

"You hear that Nic?" Safaree whispered as he looked at her worried face. "Just concentrate on breathing." He rested his hands on top of hers which had moved back to his shoulders as she continued rocking on her knees.

"I'm scared faree, really scared." She managed to whisper before looking down and grimacing as the next contraction came, she was really fighting the urge to push this time. But she couldn't stop herself as she let out a long groan and let her head hang down, resting it in the crook of Safaree's neck.

"Onika, don't you dare push!" Klara had to keep in my mind that Nicki was just sixteen, and only just turned sixteen at that. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell. It's just we don't want any tearing." She said apologetically. She soon started speaking again with a shocked voice. "Oh! Okay you're ten centimetres now so with the next contraction I want you to push, yeah?" But before she could answer Klara was tapping the inside of her leg, asking her to spread her legs more. Nicki couldn't believe this was it, she was about to have her baby boy. As she moved her legs as far apart as they would go she heard Safaree whispering to her.

"I'm so proud of you. You're so brave." He kissed her lightly on the lips, lingering for a while. "Now, you ready to see your baby?" He smiled at her as he pulled away from the kiss, he hated seeing her in this kind of pain especially when he knew he couldn't do anything about it.

"Our baby." She whispered back tearfully as she prepared herself for what was to come, wincing as the pain took over yet again.

"Okay Nicki, dear, I want you start pushing for me now." Klara was positioned behind a bent over Nicki who was still leaning on Safaree. She heard Klara's request and did as she was asked. "That's it, well done. Keep, eight, nine, ten. Breathe." Nicki cried out as she finished pushing. It was the most intense pain she had ever felt, and she was getting more distressed knowing that she still had a long time to go.

"Uhh, Faree it hurts so fucking much! I can't! I can't do it!" She panted as she tried to regain her composure.

"Shhh, you're okay, you heard what Klara said. You're doing great, you hear me?" He kept running his hands up and down her arms trying to comfort her, which strangely worked. Klara looked at him gratefully. The last thing she needed was for Nicki to get worked up and panicky.

"Your baby's crowning, so I can see the top of his head! A head full of hair just like his mommy!" Klara grinned looking at Safaree who passed the comment on to Nicki, she was only tuned in to whatever he said. It was like she had blocked out everything else in the room. She tried to wipe her flushed face but Safaree grabbed a towel and did it for her.

"You mean our baby?" Drake butted in with a mad look on his face.

"Yes, of course that's what I meant." Klara glared at him, she didn't want to start trouble but she had heard about what he did to Nicki because Safaree had called her to ask her about her breathing a while ago. He didn't want Nicki to know that he had told her so she kept quiet and turned her concentration back to Nicki, who was now breathing quickly as another contraction came. Klara started to get more concerned as this went on for another fifteen minutes. They weren't getting anywhere, but before she could say anything Nicki screamed out causing all three of the bystanders to look at her nervously. Klara lifted the bottom of Nicki's baggy t-shirt to see the baby emerging some more. She guessed Nicki could feel the shoulders coming through, hence her screaming so she held her hands under Nicki ready. "Keep going! You're almost there, just one more push Nicki." She sounded more like she was pleading with her than coaching her. Out of nowhere she had a surge of energy and pushed with all her might, letting out a dull moan into Safaree's neck as she felt Klara supporting the baby's head and gently tug his little legs out. His loud screams filled the room as Klara wiped his face down and Nicki breathed heavily, looking at Safaree as the tears rolled down her face. He could see the relief on her face as she panted, still trying to get her breath back. Klara handed the baby to Nicki through her still parted legs. She looked down to see her baby for the first time and as soon as she lowered herself to sit and took him in her arms he immediately stopped crying. She couldn't stop looking at him, he was so tiny especially as he was six weeks early. Safaree was in awe too, but Drake couldn't even see.

"Well done Onika! Who wants to cut the cord?" Nicki payed no attention, she was too busy admiring her baby boy. But Safaree and Drake just stared at one another, klara regretted asking. However, with Safaree being the bigger man he just nodded at Drake who in returned smiled faintly as a thank you. Nicki had looked up to see the exchange of gestures and kissed Safaree passionately before mouthing "Thank you" to him.

*** Two Hours Later ***

Nicki had been cleaned up, showered and was now laying comfortably in her bed with Safaree sat on the other side next to her cradling Noah. She just watched them admiringly as she fought to keep her eyes open. It was almost 3:00am and after six hours of hell all she wanted to do was sleep. Klara cancelled the ambulance, which was taking it's sweet ass time anyways, and stayed with them to keep an eye on Nicki and Noah as well as helping her to breastfeed him whilst the guys called the relatives. Drake left after holding Noah for the first time, realising what a dick he had been. But what happened on this night wouldn't be forgotten. There was no way he just going to roll over an let Safaree take his place. He was going to do whatever it took to get her back, and Noah too. At about 4:00am Klara headed off too, after congratulating Nicki and hugging her what felt like a million times. Then it was just Nicki, Safaree and Noah. She held him once more and placed him gently into his little blue moses basket next to her bed before snuggling up to Safaree and started to drift off to sleep as he held her tightly.

"I love you Onika." He rested his head on hers.

"Love you too Faree." She replied sleepily as she lay with her head on his chest.


Noah Lloyd Samuels: (I know it isn't a great picture but it's the best I could find!)

*BOOM the end!! I feel so good that the first part of the story is finished!! ^____^ *sighs* *Nicki's cinematic voice* now for part two!! Haha sorry it dragged on forever I really didn't intend for it to be this long! Haha can you imagine if I just did another chapter where Nicki woke up and it was all a dream XD I can just picture your liddle faces like this -___- Anyway, now to answer your question @SoftLykeButta: Yes I am a UK Barb ^__^ But I moved to Australia when I was 13, I'm 19 now so that's like 5 years, it'll be 6 years this year :'(  And @Jamaicaz_Barbie Thanks so much for wishing me luck with school! I just found out that I managed to pass all of my university exams too, one was a Distinction! *happy dances* Also as you can all see, NOAH was the name that I pulled out of the hat so that one won :)) Right, hopefully I'll be posting again tomorrow or wednesday. I'll still be posting on this blog but it will just be a year on from now. Hope it was ok for you all, please excuse any mistakes it's 1:10am here and ignore any lack of medical or baby knowledge!! haha Thanks for all of the comments left on the previous chapter too! I love reading them and they motivate me so it's all down to you!! Right I'll stop blabbering now. Nighty Night Barbz!*


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