Saturday, 7 July 2012

*Sneak Peek* Someone To Confide In

***starting where I left off last chapter***

Safaree woke up early the next morning, slightly more tired than usual partly because of how late they were out waiting on Drake's ass and partly because of how much Nicki was moving around and mumbling in her sleep. He looked down in his arms to see her still wrapped safely against his chest. He looked over to the alarm clock which read 8:17am, it was still dark in Nicki's room because she had blackout blinds instead of curtains, she hated to be woken by the sun and always said it was Mother Nature being rude. He sat and thought for a while about how he was going to get out of bed without waking Nicki and decided to swiftly but gently pull away from her, shockingly it worked she did stir slightly but that was it.

He squinted as he made his way into the lounge area and the light hit him before he was ready. He really needed to talk to someone about Nicki, he was worried about her and the baby. What if Drake had done something to her? He wouldn't know because she wasn't talking about it. He sighed again thinking about the night's events and decided to take his mind off of it by making himself and Nicki a massive cooked up breakfast, knowing that as soon as the smell hit her she would be out of her room in a flash. Quietly getting the pots and pans together he carried out his breakfast plans and plated the food up once he was finished cooking. He sat pondering whether or not to wake Nicki, she still hadn't emerged from her room. Before he could act on that thought the phone rang out from across the room, but as always Nicki hadn't put it back where it belonged and he guessed it was somewhere buried in the couch. It went to answering machine and his voice spoke slowly and quietly, Safaree was riled up again and quickly snatched the phone out from underneath the pillow when he found it.

"What the fuck do you want?!" He could no longer hold his anger in. Just like last night.

"....I just...I want to speak to Nicki." Drake answered shyly but with underlying attitude.

"And you, you think Imma just hand the phone to her?! Get it into yo' damn head, she don't wanna talk to you asshole!" And with that he slammed the phone down hoping he actually hadn't woken Nicki up.
Catching a glimpse of the calendar he suddenly remembered.

"Ahh shit!" He mumbled as he looked around the room, the place was a mess and Jelani would be home in hour. Scrambling around he tidied as best he could and scoffed his food which had now gone cold, he put Nicki's back in the oven and left it for when she wanted to re-heat it when she was hungry. Literally just as Safaree was taking the trash out Jelani and Danika  were making their way up the steps to the house.

"Hey man! What's good?" The guys greeted one another before Safaree turned his attention to Danika, who he had only met a couple of times.

"And good morning to you future Mrs Maraj." He laughed as she flashed her ring hand around jokingly and giggled.

"I'll think you'll find it's now afternoon!" She smiled as she looked at her watch.

"Oh, my bad..anyway come on, come in it's fuckin' freezin' out here!" He said whilst rubbing his hands together.

Once they were all inside Jelani pointed out and praised how clean and tidy his house looked.

"Wow, I see you kids are really tryin' huh?" He motioned to the sparkling kitchen. Safaree nodded proudly. Danika was first to break the silence.

"So where she at? Huh? I wanna see how big my liddo nephew is!" Jelani had told her about Nic being pregnant and she was always there for the weekly chat when he called her to check up on them. She and Jelani looked at Safaree waiting for him to talk.

"Actually, she's still sleeping....there was a bit of...drama last night.." He rubbed the back of his neck and trailed off as he led them to the lounge area to sit.

"What?! What happened, is she ok?" Jelani was talking a mile a minute as Danika grasped his hand in worry. He knew Nicki would be pissed at him for telling her brother but he desperately need to talk to someone about it.

"Firstly, she's fine I think, but Imma call Klara and ask her to make a home visit later on today. Secondly you must promise not to kick off because that's the last thing she wants or needs for that matter and besides...I think I did enough last night." Jelani and Danika were relieved that Nicki was ok but as Safaree continued to tell them about the father of Nicki's baby and what went down las night the look on Jelani's face was furious.

"Ohh my poor baby!" Danika gushed as she stood up from the couch. " it ok if I go see her?" Safaree nodded he thought she might open up to her seeing as they both liked to talk about girly shit and guys. She made her way over to Nicki's room and opened the door quietly making sure to shut it behind her. Her room was pretty dark but she made out the small shape in the bed and tiptoed over to her. Noticing that it was almost 3:00pm she was a bit concerned as to why she was still asleep but figured she was just tired with staying out late and being pregnant....


  1. That nigga got some fucking nerve! Oh lawwwwwwwwd she betta be okay

  2. Drake really had the nerve I call! Onika does not want to hear from him after what he put her through -___- but I'm glad safaree had a talk with Jelani. He really needed to clear his head & nicki and the baby needs to be okay :/ Good sneak peak!

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  4. Omg i hpe she is ok!! O gosh i hve a feeling tht jelani is gonna do somethon to lil miss aubrey lmao! Pst soon barb!

  5. you gotta continue if u dont imma kill ur mother and father and telll everyone such a asshole your are



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