Friday, 29 June 2012

*Sneak Peak* Splitting The Triangle - Part 2

***Starting where I left off last chapter***

Nicki pressed play and listened to the message on the phone, it was Drake.

"Bae, it's me Drake. I'm sorry I wasn't there to see your beautiful face when you woke up this morning, I had to go..y'know school and alladat" She smiled as she listened to his smooth words, although it was hard to hear him over all of the noise in the background on the message..which didn't really sound like school. She could hear older men yelling, laughing and cussing. "..anyway I was just ringing to ask if you could come pick me up later, I know you can't drive...but SB can and I don't really feel like I can ask him...s'ok if you can't but get back to me soon. Bye baby" and with that the message was over.

Nicki was a little confused but just shrugged it off and texted him asking what time he wanted to be picked up. When he texted back she did a double take "11:00pm! What in the hell? I'm gon' be sleep at that time!" she huffed and shook her head "Whatever, not like I have to get up early". She finished her texting session with Drake and let Safaree know that they had to go get him. Then she called her mother to make sure they had got home ok, which to her relief they had. Finally she settled herself back on the couch and called Candi and Lauren.

"Heeeeyyy Nic, s'goin on?" Lauren was always so chirpy.

"Hi Laur...well nuttin'! That's the problem!" Nicki pouted as though Lauren could see her. Then she heard some yelling in the background.

"Hold up Nic, Candi's bin a loud ass" Nicki heard Candi's muffled laughter and started giggling herself.

"Annyywaaaays I want y'all to come 'round to mine, y'know for a girls night?"She played with the ends of her hair waiting for them to answer.

"Sure, we dying to see you, plus we got lots to talk about missy!" Nicki cringed, she hated been interrogated by these two, they were relentless.

"Damn Laur! so you go about interrogatin' pregnant girls in yo' spare time?!" The girls couldn't help but laugh at her ratchet talk.

"Shuush child! We on our way over, make sure there's food! We starvin' over here." She ended the call and shook her head and started to get everything ready.

She had finished showering up and was sat on her bed in her underwear pasting body lotion over herself. "I ain't livin' with no stretchmarks cause of you liddo one!" As she continued to talk to her baby she could feel him continuously kicking and wished Safaree was here to see it. "See?!" she thought to herself "Why do I think of him first?...Drake is the father, not Faree." Her internal argument was interrupted by someone annoyingly holding the doorbell down. "Candi, seriously Imma slap the shit outta you!" She muttered and threw her robe back on over her underwear, and went to let them in.

*Sorry it is super short but I had a MASSIVE twitter session tonight so I'm drained..And I'm working tomorrow :((( But I will try and get the full chapter up on Sunday or Monday, kay?? Thanks for all your comments ^___^ And has anyone got any feedback? Anything you feel I could be doing better? You see, all of this is new to me so any help is appreciated!  :)) Don't worry Onikafaree fans, Safaree will be in the next chapter...He seems to have gone missing, oop! Well *Nicki voice from Sweet Dreams Remix* That's all folks! ^__^ Muuuah*


  1. UH uh where df he at wanting to get picked up at 11? Tuh is ass can stay there or walk his ass to the house smh. Lol at SB supposedly going missing. She know she want SB lol cute

  2. YASSS! Can't wait for the full chapter. shit's going downnn ;O

  3. 11 though and lies.He wasn't in school, his ass better call a cab, SB ain't no taxi driver.

  4. I love this! Do you have a twitter cause I need to know when you post

    1. Aw thanks so much!! ^__^ I do have a twitter but this blog is a secret so I don't talk about it on twitter, sounds stupid but I prefer for ppl not to know :/ But yeah my twitter is @FontyHeartsGali
      I could dm you whenever I have posted tho? :))Thanks for commenting

  5. Drake? WHY u being so selfish? Nicki's pregnant with a baby with an irregular heartbeat and u want her running round after u in the middle of the night! hell to the no! as soon as she tells safaree he ganna be mad/.....