Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Always There For You

***Starting where I left off last chapter***

Nicki continued to try and get away from the stranger's grasp, he wasn't hurting her but she was afraid that if she didn't try and fight him off he would end up doing something dangerous and it made her skin crawl just thinking about it. She was panicking for hers and her baby's safety. As the stranger hardened his hold on her, he turned her to face him and she relaxed in relief.

"Nicki! Calm down!! It's only me!" he soothed. She pressed her head against his chest as his arms wrapped around her, she hadn't noticed that the drunk guys had backed off and found a new source of entertainment; a group of slutty looking hoes across the street.

"Drake! Oh My god! You fuckin' asshole, you scared the shit outta me!" She said as she pulled away to look at him...she had completely forgotten his hands were still protectively holding on to her waist.

"Onika... is there...is there something you want to tell me? He said as he removed his hands slowly. Nicki's heart dropped as she stepped away from him awkwardly, to her surprise he moved closer and interwined his hand with hers.

"Tell you what, why don't we just go back to your place like we planned and talk there?" He said sweetly "It's cold, dark and I don't think you should be out here alone" He kept tight hold of her as they walked hand in hand down the sidewalk. Nicki stayed silent as she desperately tried to figure out how she was going to explain this.

"You know, I've known for a while..." he paused as he gestured towards Nicki's tummy, which was extremely evident under her tight fitting coat.

"What?!..Drake how in the hell do you know..who told you?!" She questioned hysterically.

"I do go to the same school as you y'know? You might think that those baggy clothes cover it up...but I still noticed. Not to mention remembering that night at the party..." he trailed off as they walked up the steps to Nicki's house (well, Jelani's house but y'know what I mean!). She had no idea what to say to him.

"I'm sorry..I should have told you sooner and if it makes any difference I was plannin' on tellin' you tonight...and if you wanna leave I understand, it's a lot to take in. I'm not sayin' that's what I want but I get it if you don't wanna be involved" She tried hard not to cry, she knew it wasn't good for the baby for her to be stressing and crying especially after the panic and distress she experienced just minutes ago.

"I'm glad I found out by myself...y'know, it gave me time to adjust and get used to the idea without gettin' heated and saying somethin' I didn't mean. I know it's my baby, you don't sleep around like a lot of the hoes at school and...if you let me, I wanna be there for you and our baby" He smiled that million dollar smile, it made her melt every time. Without warning she wrapped her arms around his neck as he placed his hands on the small of her back lifting her up with him. He had to bend down considering how petite she is.

"Me and our baby boy both need and want you in our lives!" Tears of joy rolled down her face. She felt like what she was saying was so mature for a 16 and 17 year old.

"It's a boy?!" He yelled in excitement.

"Nooo, IT'S not a boy, HE'S a boy!" She giggled inbetween words "I found out today!" She pulled away so she could unlock the door and let them inside.

"You went to your appointment alone?" He asked her with a voice full of concern.

"Well..yeah but only this time, Faree goes with me usually" She dropped her school bag in the small hallway as she led them towards the kitchen. Jelani's house was average sized, enough room to accomodate two people considering there were three bedrooms, one bathroom a kitchen and living area. Safaree had generously let Nicki have the bigger room with the walk-in wardrobe, he was trying to cheer her up after her rough weekend in the hospital after the placental bleed she suffered.

"...Faree, as in Safaree Samuels, the guy in my math class?" He asked trying not to seem bothered. She looked his way as she shut the refridgerator door with her butt, setting down a plate of food for them to pick at.

"Uum yeeaaah..also known as my best friend" She added with a laugh before looking at his serious face.

"Hey...what's wrong?ohh wait..you ain't jealous of him are you?" She walked over to him and got so close that her bump and her chest were pressed against him. He looked down and smiled at her dimpled grin.

"Nooo!...it's just, Ion know, I feel like he's been here for you through all the important stuff that I missed out on" He pretended to pout and look away from her.

"Aww, I'm sorry boo" She put her arms around him gently and turned their pretend stand off into a hug, a gesture that he gladly returned.

"You gon' hafta be nice to him Drake! I mean it, Faree is my rock and he has been there and done so much for me I honestly don't know what I would do without him..in fact.." She looked over at the big wall clock in the kitchen " he's gon' be home soon, you should stay and get to know him! After all he's gon' be our baby's godfather!" She looked up at him waiting for an answer.

"Sure I will, anything for you babygirl" He leant down and kissed her sweetly and as he did both he and Nicki jolted as they felt a movement between them.

"Holy shit man! Did you feel that?" Drake whispered as he looked down.

"Yeah, that was our baby" She tiptoed to reach his lips, he had to help her out a little and bend down to meet her.

Their first little family moment was interrupted by a jingling of keys followed by the stare of an angry Safaree as the two broke apart quickly.

"Someone gon' tell a coon what the fuck is goin' on here?!"

*Pheeeeew that actually took me a while, I'm sorry if it's a little boring and I know I kind of speeded the whole Nicki/Drake thing up! I was getting impatient! Well hope y'all like it! And sorry for any typos!*

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  1. oh no........ i knew this wud happen. Like, im super glad Drake is manning up and being a father to his son, and hopefully he will help with money and buying diapers and stuff, but i hope Safaree dosnt feel pushed out.. Like Nicki wont do it on purpose, but it will happen, like Nicki will hav 2 tell him Drakes going to the appointments and stuff and he'll be mad upset. Oh lawd, i hope they dont fight