Sunday, 24 June 2012


Ohh Myy Gaawd! I never expected to get comments like the ones I have been getting!! Thank you all soooo much! Poor Nic, I feel so bad writing her into all this crap buuuut things are gunna look up for her soon but there has to be more drama before that happens :O
I aint gonna be home tonight so I can't do the next chapter but I am PROMISING you one for Monday sometime! Even if I have to stay up til' 5:00am like I did last time!! Well toodleoo bugs!! Also reading all of your comments made my birthday even better ^_____^ so thank you all!! Muuah

Ooh and just to add, I'm not sure how many of you know already but I came across this album on iTunes by DJ Smoke called 'Crazy Barbie' and they all Nicki songs, like one or two of them are early Nicki Minaj yeeah I been bought a few!! ^__^

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