Saturday, 9 June 2012

This is just the begginning...

She sat miserably, zoning out all of the noise around her that is until she heard the booming voice of her physical education teacher.

"Onika Maraj!! If I have to tell you one more time about remembering your Sports fact, no YOU aren't getting away with this again, go borrow some shorts and a jumper from the lost property bin and meet the rest of the class out on the field! You've got two minutes!"

Mr Tomlinson shook his head and walked off with the rest of the 15 year old students towards the hockey pitch. Her two best friends Candi and Lauren looked back at her apologetically, Onika just nodded her head to let them know they were ok to leave her. After they were gone she let out a sorrowful sigh and dragged herself to the change rooms, she knew Mr Tomlinson would be timing her and to be honest she didn't even care.

"Why does he hafta be such an asshole!" She mumbled to herself as she rummaged through lost property. She hastily threw on some black shorts and then lifted her top up to put on a hoodie but stopped to study her reflection in the mirror. "Just relax Onika..nobody will notice" she thought to herslef as she gently brushed her hand over her her stomach. Truthfully her bump was hardly visible but in her mind it was like everybody could see it. She shook the thoughts from her head and put on a big grey sweatshirt "This musta belonged to a mad big heffa! Either that or it was a dudes!" she muttered as she collected her clothes from the bench.

Out on the hockey pitch Mr Tomlinson looked over towards Onika's direction and started clapping and cheering sarcastically as she trudged over to him. She rolled her eyes moodily and scanned the pitch for Candi and Lauren.

"Glad to see you could join us Ms Maraj, tell me are you going to join in or continue to stand there and daydream!?" He asked with his irritating monotone voice.

As she got closer to him a weird feeling came over her, she started to stagger slightly and everything was spinning. Suddenly everything darkened and she felt the cool earth make contact with the side of her face....

*Ok I know I have no readers or followers but I just thought I would post this little sneak peak of the first chapter and also let any future followers know that there will be hints of Onikafree and Dricki in this story..but all in due time! >_< Also this will all be ONE story however I am going to do flashbacks as some of the chapters so that you know the full story! :) Thanks to anyone who reads!! Please comment if you do read, as It will help me to fix up anything or improve things, as I already said this is my first ever blog and I have never written a fictional story before! :/ Toodlooo bugs!*

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  1. this mr tomlinson or whatever seems like a bit of an ass. Like, thats the worst when you have to wear spare games kit, because u dont know who the fuck wore that before you 0_0. OMG shes preggo! FUCK! her emotions must be all over the place right now :(. she needs to go home and tell her mom! this was such a good starting chap !