Sunday, 10 June 2012

Flashback: Doing The Deed...

3 Months Earlier...

The flyers for the Seniors Party on friday were pasted on almost every free space on every wall of the high school. As Nicki Lauren and Candi made their way down the hall to the cafeteria they felt a huge knock to their backs behind them. It was Safaree, he handed each of them a flyer and jumped around so that he was walking in front of them, but still facing them and walking backwards.

"Why y'all givin' us these nigga, we ain't seniors?" Candi questioned with attitude.

"Wooaah chill out shawty! I AM a senior, so I can invite y'all if I wanna...but seein' as you ain't to pleased I might jus-" He was cut off by Lauren screeching.

"Na aah, we are definitely going!" She exclaimed, shooting Candi a dirty look. Candi, Lauren and Nicki were all 15 very soon to be 16, whereas Safaree had just turned 18. Yet they were still his best female friends. Especially Nicki.

"So you in Barbie??" He asked looking at Nicki.

"Faree, Ion know, I mean there is gunna be a tonne of people there and parties ain't really my scene.." She looked back and forth between Candi and Lauren's shocked faces.

"There is seriously somthin' wrong witchu kid!" Lauren smirked.

".....but 'you know who' might be there Nic" Candi said in a menacing manner.

Nicki gasped "Candi! Would you shut the hell UP?!" Safaree started cheesing like a mad man.

"Aahh so Lil Nic's got her eyes on a senior nigga now does she?" He started laughing as he said it. Nicki just shot him a dirty look and rolled her eyes.

"You talkin' shit boy!" She huffed as she sat at the cafeteria table. Both Candi and Lauren mouthed behind her back to safaree and whispered "Drizzy" and started giggling like hyenas.
Safaree's mouth dropped, he didn't really know the guy in person but Drizzy as everyone called him was captain of the football team and was probably one of the younger seniors he was about 17.

"So today is wednesday, that only gives us tonight and tomorrow to get sorted for the party!" Lauren manged to break the silence whilst they were eating.

"I think the mall is calling us!" Candi sang between laughing and shovelling food into her mouth. Safaree blanked out the rest of the dressy girly talk and focused on Nicki.

"I think you should go on fact, you ARE going Imma make you!" He stated proudly. Nicki shook her head and laughed.

"Don't think so nigga, besides who said I ain't already busy?" she cocked her head to the side and waited for answer.

"Gworrl, don't even go there we all know you ain't got nothin' better to do!" Candi cackled. Lauren looked over at a scowling Nicki.

"Come on Nic, It'll be fun! And if you ain't having fun you can just leave" Lauren suggested and Safaree added.

"Yeah, I'll take you home if you get sick of it! Promise!" He looked at her hopefully

"But Faree you'll be drinking, how is yo as about to drive me home if your wasted?" She asked hoping that they would all just drop it.

"No actually I am designated driver this weekend...we take it in turns to drive" He started smiling knowing that they had Nicki in a corner. Nicki looked at all three of them individually and huffed.

"Fiiiine! I'll go, but you and yo ratchet asses are doin' my hair and makeup!" She whined whilst making a pouty face. Safaree laughed and the other two squealed and agreed to the deal.

***Friday Night***

"Lauren! Safaree is gon' be here in like 5 minutes and you still spraying shit in my hair!?" Nicki half yelled, she was nervous about the party. She knew that her Lauren and Candi were classed as popular girls partially down to their connection with Safaree but also their looks, intelligence and humor. They were a rare combination of all three, they weren't like the plastic snooty bitches in the popular girl group but were equally as known.

"Calm yo shit woman!" Candi added from the bathroom "He is almost always late and besides it ain't cool to arrive early" Nicki and Lauren made eye contact in the mirror and immediatley broke out into a fit of giggles.

"Pauz that" Nicki managed to let out in small coughs as she contined to laugh, it only made it worse when Candi's unamused face popped out from the bathroom.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny" she said dryly as Lauren finished up Nicki's hair.

Nicki was wearing her hair down and straightened, with her makeup kept to a natural look. Her dress was a light shade of pink and hugged her curves in all the right places, stopping a little bit above her knee so it wasn't too short. Candi had opted for a blue dress that looked amazing on her and emphasised her makeup, which Lauren and Nicki had spent ages doing. Lauren had decided after about 20 different dresses that she would wear a black mini dress that stopped half-way down her thigh, she always managed to make her outfits look classy even if they were super short. Her make-up was also kept natural but unlike Nicki she didn't have bright pink lipstick on. Candi and Lauren had agreed that Nicki was the only person they knew that could pull of that lip colour. Their small talk was interrupted by a shy knock on Nicki's bedroom door.

"Nicki, girls, Safaree is here. He is waiting downstairs so hurry up!" Ms Maraj uttered.

"K mom, tell him we'll be down in a minute!" Nicki shouted after her mother and looked back to the girls "You ready?" They all looked at each other and nodded with smiles emerging on their faces. Nicki went over to her wardrobe and pulled out three glasses and some champagne she found in their drinks cabinet downstairs.

"Jus a lil somthin' to get is going" she cheesed as they poured themsleves a glass, gulped them and went downstairs to leave. As they made their way down the stairs Safaree and the vaks started cooing and whistling playfully, Candi jokingly shoved Rex in the arm and continued out to the car. Safaree made an effort to point how beautiful he thought Nicki looked, and she did, he couldn't take his eyes off of her but shook the thoughts from his head as she approched him.

"Hey stranger!" She chirped, Safaree could tell she was a little tipsy, he knew she was a light drinker. He just laughed it off as he led her to the car.

***At The Party***

"Where did Candi disappear to?! Lauren yelled over the music, it was around midnight and Candi had vanished with Rex.

"Umm..Ion even know!" Nicki laughed and half slurred. She wasn't super wasted but she could feel the alcohol having an effect on her.

"Imma go find Safaree, don't move from here and I'll come back and get you when I've found that nigga ass!" She shouted as she blended back into the crowd of people. Nicki stayed where she was, slowly moving her hips to the music, when she felt someones hands around her waist. She gasped and spilled her drink all down her front.

"Ohh shit sorry, I didn't mean to make you jump" The strangers voice said in her ear. She didn't know who it was but their voice sent tingles down her spine.

"No, it's fine!" She said, a little irritated, but as he turned her to face him her voice got caught in her throat. She was eye level with the bottom of his rib cage, she looked up slowly, taking in his muscular frame and got all shy when she reached his face. There standing before was Drizzy Drake. He pulled her by her hand into the kitchen of the host's house.

"Sorry, I really didn't mean for that to happen" he said as he handed her a tea towel. His voice was deep and made her knees buckle slightly.

" it's fine, honestly" She replied shyly as he lifted her head with his hands.

"Whats your name? I've seen you around school loads, but never had the pleasure of talking to you" He said smoothly and softly.

"It's Onika...but everybody calls me Nicki" She said whilst blushing "...and your name?" she questioned even though she knew too well who he was.

"My real name is Aubrey, NOBODY calls me that though, I either get Drake, or Drizzy" He looked down at her and smoothed his thumb over her right dimple "You are really beautiful, you know that?

Nicki's heart started to thump so loud she thought he might have been able to hear it. It doubled in speed as his face came closer to hers as he leaned down to kiss her. She went to protest but nothing happened, she couldn't bring herself to stop him and as his tongue made its way into her mouth she let out a soft moan. He pulled away first and gently grabbed her hand and led her upstairs to one of the bedrooms, he shut the door and they continued where they had left off in the kitchen.

"Mmm Drake" she murmered as his mouth found its way down to her neck and collarbone. He sucked gently leaving marks on her neck before he headed further down to her chest. He swiftly but gently pulled her dress down to gain more access to her breasts as he playfully ran his fingers over her nipples before lettng his mouth cover her left breast. She kept moaning quietly as she let him pleasure her, running her fingers through his very short curls. He finished with her upper half and stated to gravitate lower and lower until he reached his desired destination, he looked up at her silently asking permission, she nodded her head and he removed her dress quickly and started to remove her pink laced panties with his teeth.

"Ahhh" she inhaled and started to breathe heavily as he kissed and sucked her inner thighs. She couldn't take it anymore, her body was aching with desire as he continued to tease her. She reached down and placed her hands on his head, letting him know that she was thirsty for him, he didn't hesitate and licked her once causing her to scream out in pleasure.

"Pleeease! Stop...te-teasing.." she managed to yell out in between moans and screams as he continued to repeat the same action.

"Tell me what you want baby" He said, his voice dripping with sex.

"I!" was all she could say before he pushed two fingers inside of her, she was so tight, he could tell she was a virgin. He started to speed up the movement of his fingers as she started to roll her hips against them. Her breath was coming out as short pants as she arched her back and came all over his fingers. He brought his hand to his mouth as he sucked off her juices and moved to hover over her face and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself in the process. She reached for his belt buckle and ripped off his jeans, never breaking the kiss. Once they were both fully naked in the centre of the bed Drake looked down at her.

"You sure you're ready?" He didn't want to hurt her in any way, and he knew this wasn't going to be very comfortable for her.

"...Yes..I'm ready" she answered breathlessly still recovering. She silently braced herself for the pain she was about to endure as he positioned his 9 inch member ready to penetrate. It took a few tries before he finally managed to push himself into her, he continued to insert himself all the way extremely gently. He was so big and she was so tight, the pain was evident in her face as she turned away from him biting her lip to stop from crying. He stopped abruptly and looked down at her.

"Are you ok? Am I hurting you? I can stop if you want?" He asked sounding really worried.

"No, no I'm fine, the pain will stop in a minute" She reassured him and he cautiously started to thrust, keeping eye contact with her to make sure she wasn't in pain. Her face scrunched up as she felt him pierce through her barrier, she let out a cry of pain and he started to kiss her neck and face sympathetically as he eased up the thrusts. Soon enough his thrusts were being met by her hips bucking towards him.

"Ohh yes..Drizzy, ahhh" She hissed as he increased the speed of his thrusts. She was starting to enjoy it and got into his rhythm.

"Ahh Faster, Shit Drake uhh" her moans were getting higher in pitch and he felt her walls tightening around him. It was to much for him to handle, she was already so tight and this just drove him wild.

"Oh, somthin-" she couldn't continue, as she continued to groan as Drake cut her off.

"It's ok baby, let it happen" he moaned more than said "cum for me baby" before he could o any further Nicki let out a long moan as her juices covered Drake as he continued to work her, three long, hard strokes later he came too and lay breathlessly on top of her heaving body. They stayed silent as they tried to regain their breath and heart rate. Drake pulled out of her and rolled tothe side, he moved the hair from her face and looked into her sleepy eyes. There was something about her that made him tingle inside. He felt like a dick for thinking that, they had only just met...and just had sex but he knew something was between them. Little did he know she was feeling the same way, and little did he know she was only 15.

"I told her menacin' ass to stay here!" Lauren yelled in Safaree's direction. They had managed to find Candi and safely secured her in the car, now Nicki was missing.

"Ayo Ham! I see her, she over here!" Safree shouted over the crowd towards Lauren as he waved his arms to signal Nicki down. She looked exhausted and slightly upset, she walked up to him slowly.

"Safaree, I've had enough...can we leave now?" She looked up at him desperately, even though she was wearing heels he still towered over her tiny frame.

"Umm sure, thas why we was lookin' for y'all anyways" he said trying to read her facial expression, he couldn't tell what she was thinking, which was a first for him, usually he could see right thru her ;) He just put it down to the alcohol as he rounded up the others to take them home.

***Back At Nicki's***

She let herself in hoping and praying that she didn't wake her father who was passed out in the lounge room. She felt so overwhelemed and had no idea what to think. She had just had sex with her crush of almost 4 years and it was amazing....But that thought was tainted by the memory of feeling his warm deposit fill her, they hadn't used a condom. She hurriedly washed her face, showered and cleaned her teeth as she felt the tears coming, she jumped into bed and just lay there thinking everything over in her head and seeing the look on his face when she corrected him, telling him she was 15...

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  1. SHIT! oh io feel so bad for her, that was one big mess, like they shud've used a condom. and she shouldnt have had sex when she was drunk..........oh and he dosnt know how young she is,......