Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Happy For You

***Starting where I left off last chapter***

Nicki and Drake stood there not knowing what to say to Safaree. For a start Drake couldn't understand why he was so mad. Next to him Nicki just stood there and then finally broke the silence.

"Faree..please don't be like this?" She moved closer to him as he dropped his keys on the table.

"Nic, I'm not being like anything...It's your life, your baby it ain't up to me what you choose to do" He answered with an angry tone without looking at her. Drake felt awkward just stood there listening to them.

"Look man I know you her best friend and you really care about her...but so do I, can't you just be happy for her?" He moved closer to Safaree and Nicki could see Safaree tense up with his back to them and she started to get worried, she knew what he was like when he was angry.

"Faree, just leave it..please?" It came out as a hushed whisper but both guys heard her "Look, Drake maybe this wasn't such a good idea...Um..I'll just call you later, kay?" She walked over to him and gently grabbed his hand to lead him to the door but he didn't move.

"Do you have a problem with me SB?" He could feel the tension in the room rising as Safaree turned to look at them both slowly.

"Actually I do!! Now if you don't mind I want yo' nigga ass gone!" The two got closer and closer until they were face to face. Nicki tried to step inbetween them but things got heated pretty quickly as Safaree shoved Drake really hard and Nicki jumped away just in time to avoid the scuffle.

"NIGGA, LAY YOUR FUCKIN HANDS ON ME AGAIN-" Drake started but was cut off by Safaree's deep and angry voice.

"YOU AIN'T GON' DO SHIT!!" He continued to shove Drake as he in return pushed back, before Nicki knew it they started yelling and cussing violently while she tried to step between them again. Neither guys noticed that she had been knocked to the ground in the midst of their fight.

"Shit!! Nicki are you ok, are you hurt?" They both rushed over to her, only to be yelled at and slapped with one hand as she held on to her bump with the other.

"FOR FUCKS SAKE YOU GUYS!! DRAKE..."She paused as she tried to get off the floor unsuccessfully "..drake please will you just leave!? I'll call you later..and Safaree I'm goin' for shower and don't EVEN think about coming to see me..I don't wanna see either of you two assholes right now!" With that she got herself up from the ground, with a struggle considering her baby bump. Drake and Safaree looked at each and felt awful, they both rushed to help her up agai but she swatted both of them away and stormed off.

"...I really didn't mean for that to happen" Safaree sighed as he smoothed his hand over his face.

"Tell me about it..." Drake added as he picked the food scraps off floor which was a result of the food plate being knocked to the floor during their altercation.

"Leave it, it's fine I'll clean this up" Safaree shrugged, it was obvious he was trying to make things ok but his pride was putting up a fight. Drake glanced over and gave him the smallest but most genuine smile he could before heading to the door.

"..Oh and Drake?" There was one last thing Safaree wanted to say "If you EVER so much as hurt her in the smallest way...." He shook his head as he spoke.

"SB, I really, really care about Nicki..and our baby, I AM NOT gunna hurt" The way he emphasised 'OUR' made Safaree's blood boil.

And with that Drake left.

"Why can't they just fuckin' get along?! Is it too much to ask?!" Nicki angrily thought to herself as undressed and turned the shower on. She continued thinking about what just happened as she grabbed a fresh towel, pyjamas and face cloth. "Why were they both acting like such assholes?! Tuh, Men!" She shook her head as she closed the shower behind her and let the steam and water wash away everything that just happened. As she rinsed through her long dark hair she wondered how long it would be before Safaree came knocking at her door to apologise. Just as she was about to start lathering up with body lotion she felt a large shooting pain and she automatically doubled over to grab her stomach and let out a cry of pain, to her surprise the pain disappeared as soon as it had come. She opened her eyes slowly and started breathing normally again as she stood up straight. "Prolly just..a kick, yeah that's prolly what it was" she assured herself and continued to massage the body wash into the stretched skin across her middle. Once she was all clean and showered up she exited the bathroom with her toothbrush hangin out of her mouth as she carried her laundry to the washer, no Safaree in sight. "Good, cause I can't be dealin' with his ass right now" She whipsered to herself. She made sure all of her makeup was all removed before she finished brushing her teeth, she hated sleeping with that shit on her face. She wet into her room and closed the door and stopped when she turned to face her bed.

"Faree, what do you want?!" She had and aggressive tone to her voice.

"Look, Nic I'm sorry things got kinda outta hand earlier...I just, I care about you and I know how upset you've been because of that nig- I mean Drake.." He trailed off and looked up at her.

"Please move?!" She waited for him to get up.

"Faree?! I wanna get in to bed, how am I 'bout to do that if yo ass is sittin' in the middle of it?!" She snapped and attempted to push him out of the way which only ended with them both laughing as she bounced off of him and staggered backwards.

"I know you care! I honestly have done so much for me and this baby" She said as she slid into his lap. "..and I have something to tell you!" She sang as she wiggled around on his lap with and excited grin on her face.

"Ohh yeah? And what might that be?" He lay back on the bed pulling her with him causing her start giggling.

"Yup! I found out today......" she looked down at her baby bump ".....He's a boy!" She couldn't help but smile everytime she said that and seeing Safaree make the same excited face that Drake pulled made her even happier. Her smile faded as the same shooting pain she experienced in the shower happened again.

"Ahh..sss" She hissed in pain as her hands went straight to her abdomen and her face scrunched up.

"Nic! Nicki!? What's wrong" He asked with a face full of concern. Once again the pain had come and gone quickly.

"...uh..I don't know, that's the second time it's happened now" She turned to face him, they were still laying down on the bed, her wrapped in to him.

"When did it happen last?!" He raised his voice as his panic increased. Nicki flinched at the volume of his voice.

" the shower, just before.." She contined rubbing her stomach until Safaree moved from underneath her and sat at her side. He slowly lifted her Pyjama top and started to rub in small circling motions. Nicki didn't stop him and relaxed as he carried on with his kind gesture.

"You think you need to go to the hospital?" He asked still massaging her bump.

"Noooo! Ion wanna get dressed! Lets just call Klara" She whined and motioned to her side table where Klara's card was sat.

"Lazy ass!!" They both giggled at his comment and as he was about to ask another question he looked down to see her sound asleep, breathing lightly. He stopped rubbing and pulled her top back down before gently laying her in her bed and tucking her in and turning her light off on his way out.

"Imma book her an appointment anyways" he mumbled to himself as he grabbed the phone, as he was about to dial he saw the message light flashing and pulled a face "Wonder who that is" he pondered as he started to play the message. What he heard made his heart jump......

*Haa cliffhanger!! Anyways, as I already said, Next post will be like waaaaay next week sometime soo, yuh! Goodbye! Sorry for any typos aaaaand sorry if this one is a little boring..I wasn't really into it, I have got so much on my mind right now...but next time I post I will be work free so hopefully I can get it back on track for y'all*


  1. OHMYGOD! How you about to leave us suspended like this for gatdamn week!?!?!? *huffs* Well as long as you still gone keep posting I spose its aight >__>
    Oooh hope it aint somthin bad in the message SB listens to!! And for Nic's sake I wish those 2 stubborn asses will get along! Totally agree with Nicki "Tuh, men" XD and we see that liddo Onikafaree moment at the end, you aint slick! haha
    Post soon!!

  2. why the cliffhanger*pouts*!!but i like your blog your a good writer. I hope that message isn't a bad one,Onikafaree is cute,post soon!

  3. I love your story! OMGGGGG! I hate cliffys :(
    Can't wait for the next chapter ^_^

  4. like, im glad Safaree and drake kinda sorted it out. well i mean they didnt exactly, and even i was mad that drake emplhasized it there baby, like its hardly there baby when he hasnt been there for her, despite him saying she knew she was preggo for ages! well yeah, i hope whatevers wrong with Nic is like just cramp, because she has had way to much drama already to start pooping out a kid at 5 months!