Saturday, 9 June 2012

Please Don't Tell...

Mr Tomlinson dropped everything he was holding and ran over to Nicki, he felt awful after acting the way he did towards her. She must have been genuinely sick.

"Nicki? Nicki? Onika, can you hear me?" he asked her even though there was obviously going to be no response. Soon enough the whole class had gathered around, Mr Tomlinson quickly dismissed them all and told them they could have an early lunch. Everybody left except Candi and Lauren, hey were kneeling by Nicki's side nervously.

"One of you go and inform the nurse that we're on our way over!" he demanded, Candi quickly shot to her feet and set off running towards the nurses station two school buildings away.

"And you, please grab Onika's belongings and take them to her locker" Lauren hesitated, she knew that Nicki was pregnant and was sworn to secracy, as was Candi. So she knew that going to the nurses station would reveal this secret however her worry for Nicki's health ruled her decsion, she leapt up and ran to change rooms to get Nicki's clothes. She would just have to prepare to deal with an angry Nicki.

"Ok, easy does it" he murmered to himself as he slowly and gently picked Nicki's tiny body off of the ground, usually he would have just waited for someone to come to them but the cold wet ground wouldn't be doing Nicki any good. Her body lay limp in his arms as he cautiously made his way over to the door at the nurses station, Candi was stood waiting with one of the nurses and a stretcher. As he lowered himself to place Nicki on the stretcher the pen in his shirt pocket hooked on to Nicki's hoodie making it rise upwards as he moved away from her. What he saw underneath her sweatshirt shocked him but Candi's hand snatching the hoodie back down snapped him out of his thoughts. Candi looked at him nervously and he gave her a look that said "I know what I saw".

The voices in the room sounded more like echoes but they slowly started to become clearer as her eyes fluttered open.

"Ohh welcome back Ms Maraj!" Ms Collins cooed as she made her way around the checkup table. "You've had everybody worrying about you!" She motioned to the door, through the small window she could see Candi and Lauren and...was that..Mr Tomlinson..She was just about to open her mouth to ask what happened when she got cut off.

"So, I gather you already know what is wrong with you?" She asked lowering her head and tilting her glasses to the end of her nose.

"I don't know wha -" She began but was cut off once again.

"Ms Maraj, you fainted..that's all I know" She smiled at Nicki and then winked and whispered
"I have put some information and lealets in your bag, make sure you read them and go see a real doctor!" She smiled once again and helped Nicki off of the table. As she opened the door she was bombarded with two bear hugs.

"Oh Myyy God Nicki, we were so worried!" Was all she heard as they continued the embrace. Candi pulled back to look at Nicki. She started to speak in a hushed tone, which to be honest was a first for Candi.

"Nic, I don't know for absolute sure, but Mr Muscles here mighta caughta glimpse of.." she trailed off as she stared down at Nicki's tummy. At that moment Mr Tomlinson edged his way towards them, Nicki didn't like where this was going.

"Excuseme girls" he motioned to Candi and Lauren "I need to have a word with Onika, she can catch up with you after lunch break" he ordered more than asked. Candi and Lauren turned to look at Nicki, she begged them with her eyes not to leave but she knew they had to go. As they walked away, they looked back at her and for the first time they saw her looking vulnerable.

Nicki's voice hitched in her throat and she started breathing fast and heavy, she knew what was coming and she tried desperately to hold back the tears. She didn't know why she was panicking so much and she was scaing herself, she slowly started to back away from him and he looked confused.

"Onika, don't worry you're not in trouble if that's what you think?" he tried to calm her, he had noticed her breathing and body language change and it was worrying him especially since he knew about her condition now. Without thinking she turned quickly a started running, she didn't check to see if he was following her she just kept running. She pushed through the busy lunchtime queues and crowds as the familiar feeling of tears started to sting her eyes. This couldn't be happening, now that he knew, her parents were bound to find out sooner rather than later. She quickened her pace even more as the thoughts flashed into her head she came to an abrupt halt as she crashed into someone. She shook it off and was about to keep going when two strong hands grasped her upper arms.

"Onika? Are you okay? Why you crying? Come here" He pulled her in to him and held her tight Safaree was the last person she wanted to see right now but his strong arms around her made everything seem ok. He felt her body relax and then start trembling, he knew she was crying and gently rubbed her back and spoke into her hair.

"Come on, Imma take you home"

"NO!..I mean, not now I don't want to see anyone yet...please can we go back to yours?" She looked up at him waiting for an answer.

"Sure you can" he replied as he gently wiped her cheeks "Just promise me you'll sop with the crying, you gon' got a nigga all choked up!" he payfully nudged her and recieved a weak, dimpled smile in return.

*Just to clarify the next chapter will be another flashback, just so y'all understand what has happened an all that! :)*

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  1. omg, Safaree was too cute in this chap! like, he seemed so stressed and upset when he saw Nic was crying. I hope this mr tomlinson man dosnt ring home or inform the principal about it, because shes so not ready for everyone to know yet. I hope Safaree takes her home and helps her out in some way