Thursday, 28 June 2012


Uhhlright, well I haven't forgotten about y'all I will be posting... *strokes chin* maybe tomorrow but I just wanted to thank you all again for all the comments! I feel bad that I haven't had chance to reply to everybody :'''( *Nicki voice from RTM video* I'm sorry...but I'm gonna put my @ name in thus very post :D Remember what I said though bugs!? No blog talk in the land of twitter >_> @SoftLykeButta, I already followed you, did you see?? Mmmkay welp I think that is juuust about everything I wanted to saay *ponders* OHH yeah if anyone is looking for a REEEAAALLLY good Dricki story right about now go here >>>>>> Some of you probably already read it, and if that don't open, it's under the blogs that I follow and it's called Love Like This A Dricki Fic So yeaaah it is quite long and I thought it was amaaazing!! Alrighty then my twitter name is @FontyHeartsGali  and I'll be off now. Toodleoooo! *Kisses the Barbz* Muuah

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