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Splitting The Triangle - Part 1 (Full Chapter)

*Ok chick peas! Here is the full chapter and just to let you know, when I repost full chapters I will include the text in the sneak peak chapters but I will put it in italics so that you can skip to where you left off. You get me?? it's ok if you don't...I'm a very confusing person XD...enjoy!*

Nicki awoke the next morning feeling strangely refreshed, she reached over the other side of her bed remembering that Drake had stayed the night only he wasn't there. She sat up slowly to see if had taken his clothes, her heart sank when she saw they had gone from the floor. Slowly laying back down she pulled her blanket up around her and then rested her hands over her stomach and started to drift into thoughts about telling her family about the baby. Both her mother and Jelani called every second day to check up on her but she still hadn't told her mother she was pregnant and she was almost six months pregnant. In all honesty she was terrified of what her reaction might be...and what her father might do. A knock on her door interrupted her worrying thoughts and Safaree popped his head in.

"Ohh so you wake now?! 'Bout time!!" he said with a voice full of ignorance. Nicki side-eyed him and flipped the covers off of her tiny frame.

"Boy! I been through hell last night, leave da kid alone!!" She giggled as she finished her sentence. The smell of turkey bacon caught her attention before she could say anything else. "Oooh you makin' us some food?" She asked whilst patting her baby bump, Safaree guessed by 'us' she meant her and the baby and shook his head at her being all cute.

"Sure did!! It's gon' be ready any minute now!" He cheesed at her before moving closer and sitting on the edge of her bed next to her, he always thought it was cute how her feet would dangle and his could reach the floor easy.

"Faree?" She began a little hesitantly and he turned to look at her.

"Nicki?" He mimicked her before being punched fairly hard on the arm. "Ayye chill out woman!" Nicki laughed at his flinching and funny comment. "Nah, but seriously now..what's on yo' mind?"

"I think...I should tell my mom that I'm pregnant...well I don't think, I know I have to tell her!" She started chewing on her nail waiting for Safaree to say something.

"Oh, word? You're right doe you do need to tell her...maybe you should ask to go 'round for dinner, that way if things get outta hand you can just up and leave? You know what I'm sayin'?" He pulled her hand away from her mouth. "Nicki? Helloo?"

"Yeah I heard you nigga! I think that's a good idea...I wanna invite Jelani you know when he's visiting? I'll organise it with mom when he's home....and you'll come to, right?" She took his hand in hers as she waited for him answer, she noticed that he had said 'you' and not 'we'. He was thinking about it, he knew she would want to ask Drake too and truthfully he felt like it would rip his heart out to see her with him. He was brought back to the conversation by Nicki's tiny hand squeezing his.

"Oh..yeah..I mean course I'll be there Nic! And Jelani is coming back for three days on thursda-oh tomorrow!" He tried to play his answer off but Nicki knew there was something going on with him, she didn't mention anything though and smiled at the fact that he was actually going to go with her. They both looked down and realised that they were still holding hands and their fingers seemed to have automatically laced. Safaree shifted uncomfortably and pulled his hand away.

"So where'd Drake disappear to?" He asked as he made his way back over to the door. Nicki just gave him a dead face.

"Uuum School, DUH!" She let out a cackle after answering him with attitude. Safaree had the mornings off on wednesdays and Klara had told Nicki that not going back to school would be best for her baby's health so Nicki was officially free from school.

"Talkin' to a coon like he stupid!! Come on kiddo, by the smell of things my food is DONE!" With that he left in hurry as Nicki sat giggling to herself. He alwaysmanaged to make her laugh, that's what she loved about him not to mention he was the sweetest, kindest guy she'd ever met. But he was just her best friend, no matter what people thought. As she said that in her mind, she was quickly reminded of the tingly feeling she felt as they held hands not two minutes ago. She shook the thoughts away "Prolly just hormones" she muttered as she threw her robe on and went out to join Safaree and eat.

***Later On In The Day***

Nicki was laying on the couch watching Judge Judy, slowly drifting off to sleep when there was a loud knock on the front door. "If that's Faree's nigga ass forgettin' his damn keys again..." she spat angrily to herself as she tiredly made her way to the door, looking through the peephole she was met with a surprise.

She stood in shock for a moment, wondering what to do. "Shit, shit shit!" she managed to whisper to herself whilst standing as still as a statue.

"Onika? Nicki, are you home? Your school called, they said you hadn't shown up for registration. Are you sick cause we brought you some chicken soup?" She sounded concerned. "Onika Maraj, I know you're home I can hear judge Judy yellin' through the TV! Now come open the door for your mother, this baby brother of yours ain't light to carry." Nicki's heart was racing and she started to panic and cuss herself out for leaving the damn TV on and forgetting to inform the school that she wouldn't be going for a few months. She knew her mother was just as stubborn as her and there was no way she was going to just give up and leave. Remembering what that asshole of a doctor said she tried to calm herself down by breathing out slowly, she didn't realise she was shaking. Looking down at her bump there was no way of hiding it, suddenly she had an idea...not a brilliant one but it's the only one she had. She tiptoed over to the door and unlocked silently and quickly and quietly ran back to the couch, tightened her robe around her and clutched a couch pillow to her tummy.

"Come in Mom, the door's open!" She messed her hair up a little to make it look as though she had been asleep.

"Ohh...Oop! Maybe I should have tried that first before waking my poor sick baby up" She scrunched her face up as she shut the door behind her and set Caiah on the floor, he immediately toddled over to Nicki with a huge grin on his face. It had been almost three months since she saw both her mother and Caiah and she missed them so much. She pulled him up on the chair next to her and started tickling him which caused him to let out an adorable laugh before kissing him on his cheek. She hoped her baby would be as chirpy as Caiah, he never seemed to cry or get bratty.

"Well, at least Safaree's been feeding you well! You look very healthy Nika" She smiled as she stroked Nicki's rosy cheek and then went to dish the soup in to bowls. By now Caiah was trying to climb all over her and play like he usually did, but she was trying to keep him from standing on her bump which was still safely hidden underneath the pillow.

"Lambchop! You so silly, stop climbin' on me boy!" Se couldn't help but laugh, her mother started to chuckle at the sight before her as she brought three bowls of soup over to the coffee table in the lounge room.

"Here you go baby, this should make you feel better" she handed her a bowl and looked between her and Cai "He's really missed you, y'know?" It must have been Nick's hormones but she was really fighting back the tears now, she felt so bad just leaving and not going back to visit them especially when they only lived fifteen minutes away. She knew it was different for them, they couldn't just go out and visit her because of how her dad would react when they got home. Always accusing her of screwing around with other men and trying to leave him. "Ohh Nika, honey don't cry he's here now and he's seeing you! Look how happy he is." she made herself room on the couch next to Nicki and pulled her into a hug. Not like a Faree hug or a Drake hug, although she loved those hugs and they always made her feel safe, this hug was a maternal, loving hug. Something she missed immensely. At that moment she knew she had to tell her, having Caiah there made it better because Nicki knew for a fact that her mother hated for him to be around arguments so she wouldn't raise her voice while he was there. She took a deep breath and tried to control her tears before talking.

"No, Mommy it's not that...well it's kinda that but..." She cried a little more and tried to wipe the tears away. Mama Carol was extremely concerned at this point, she knew her daughter was strong so whatever the reason she was crying it must have been quite serious.

"Onika, you can tell me..I'm here, I'm always here for you no matter what." she stroked Nicki's hair out of her face and looked at Caiah. "Cai, baby why don't you go play with Nicki's teddies in her room?" She didn't have to tell him twice, he had an obsession with teddies at the moment. He let out a little squeal before darting, wobbly, to Nicki's room. Mama Carol looked back to Nicki. "Now what's goin' on with you?"

"You said y-you'll always be h-here for me n-no matter what, do you m-mean that?" Her breathing was now short pants because of how hard she was crying, she wanted to rub her bump and try to soothe her baby but the pillow was still in the way.

"Onika! How could you even question that? You know that I mean it!" she looked sort of hurt that Nicki would question what she had said, but she had to be sure before she told her. "Now are you goin' to tell me what on earth has got you all upset?" Nicki looked down slowly, desperately trying to calm herself at the same time. Gently moving away from her mother's embrace she removed the pillow. Mama Carol's eyes were fixed to Nicki's almost 6 month bump protruding through her robe.

"....Mom, I'm pregnant...." Nothing but silence filled the room, apart from the faint sound of the TV which was still playing in the corner of the room. Nicki's breathing hitched as she waited for her Mother to say something. The tears were still streaming down her face. "Mom...p-please say something?" It came out as a whisper but she heard her.

"I'm not sure what to say Onika. I thought you were sensible...I thought you were trying to get somewhere in life?!" It came out as a half yell but the look in her eyes was surprisingly calm.

"I am! And I am still trynna get somewhere in life Mom! It was just one stupid mistake" She collected herself before continuing "I don't regret it though, I know I want my baby...and if he's anything like me he's gon' fight for his life.." She trailed off and looked at the bowls of soup going cold on the table.

"...he?...fight for his life? Is there someth-" She was cut off before she could finish talking.

"Yeah, he's a boy.."She smiled as she said it but kept her gaze fixed on the table and wrapped her arms around herself. "But he has an irregular it's not good for me to get upset or worked up." She said wiping away the last of her tears. Mama Carol looked at her daughter, she was fuming no doubt about it but more disappointed than anything. She really thought Nicki was going to make something of her life and get away from Queens, she couldn't really see that happening now.  However hard she tried to stay frustrated with her she couldn't especially not while she had been sat there crying for a while.

"Onika, I meant what I said before...but I'm really disappointed with you." She had tears in her own eyes now. "But...I'll be here for you, I promise. It's going to take a long time for me to get used to this but, I love you and I won't leave you!" Before she could finish her sentence she had pulled Nicki into a tight hug. "I can't believe you've gone through all of this alone."

"No Mom, Faree has been looking after me, he's known for ages now...and, promise you won't get mad? But Jelani knows too, that's why he let me and Faree stay here while he was away." Mama Carol just shook her head, "You and that boy are like two peas in a pod sometimes, I swear! I'm glad they've been looking out for you though." They sat in silence for a while until Mama Carol broke the silence. "I'm going to make us both a drink and re-heat this soup and you can tell me everything I've missed." She pottered off into the kitchen whilst Nicki sat quietly on the couch. She felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders and she could finally relax and concentrate on staying healthy for her baby. After Mama Carol returned Nicki went though everything from the first time she was admitted to hospital, who the father was and all of the information about her baby's condition. Everything she said had her mother in tears, she felt awful that she wasn't there for her daughter through all of this struggle but she was now, and it was going to stay that way. Then Nicki moved on to another topic, something she hadn't even talked to Candi and Lauren about and especially not Safaree.

"Mom, how did you know that daddy was the one? I mean I know I'm only sixteen but...well I really like Drake but I don't know, there's something not quite right and I don't feel that same connection and love that I have for -"

"Safaree?" Her mother cut in. Nicki's eyes bugged.

"Yeah, how did you know?" She asked a little unsurely.

"I've always said I'll be damned if my daughter doesn't end up with that lovely boy!" She gave a dimpled smile that resembled Nicki's.

"You think?" Nicki laughed, she couldn't help it. Up until now she had only ever thought of Safaree as a best friend and she wasn't sure whether it was just her hormones making her feel a type of way towards him.

"Trust me child, he's a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have him but I think his heart already belongs to somebody special." Nicki looked down, she was disappointed even though she was with Drake and she truly did feel something for him but she could't ignore the way she felt about Safaree. "His heart belongs to you Onika, haven't you ever noticed the way he is with you? How he is never with any other girls? How much he cares for you, he's looked after you all this time...I'm pretty certain he wants you more than just a friend." She pulled Nicki's chin, making her face her way. "Talk to him, tell him how you feel or you might regret it." She thought about what her mother was saying and it did make sense but she didn't want to hurt her friendship with him, what if he didn't feel the same way back? She was brought back to reality by a sleepy Caiah emerging from her room rubbing his eyes. "Well we better be off." She looked at the clock, it was almost 6:00pm. "Come on Cai, say bye to Nicki." She could tell he was tired because he gave her a small wave and Mama Carol scooped him up. "We'll come visit you soon, kay?" she said as she kissed Nicki's forehead and put her hand on her bump "Look after my Grandbaby." Nicki chuckled as she said her goodbyes and shut the door behind them. She couldn't believe how easy that was, well not easy but not as awful as she had imagined, she kept smiling as she went over to her cell phone and called the girls, since Safaree was working she decided she was in need of a girls night but before she called them she noticed she had a voicemail message on her phone...

*Dang this chapter is sooo bloody looong Imma have to make it in to two parts XD sorry bubs! I decided to cut the drama down for Nic's sake annnnd for everyone who asked, Onikafaree is in process! I decided this because almost all of the comments I  received where Pro-Onikafaree so that it shall be!! And thanks once again for all of your comments ^_^ SUPER appreciated, thank you! And A BIG THANK YOU to the anonymous reader who wished me a happy birthday ^___^ Yup I had a great birthday thank you so much!! Oh yeah before I go, Imma try and get part 2 done tonight and also do any of you have twitter?? Cause I do, however I write this blog under a fake name and If I was to follow you on twitter you must promise me that you won't mention that I have a blog? It sounds weird but I prefer for my friends not to know, only one of them is a Nicki fan, the rest hate her :''''( they not even on twitter but they would laugh at me promise to keep it a secret bugs?? if you do then I'll put my @ name up on the next chapter ^_^ Muuuah*


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