Sunday, 10 June 2012

Still Needing you...

Safaree and Jelani waited impatiently in the waiting area. As soon asthey had reached the hospital Nicki was rushed off for tests and an examination. Safaree sat tapping his foot and checking his watch every 2 minutes, he heard Jelani muttering to himself and he seemed to be getting riled up again. Safaree was a tall muscular guy, could easily take anyone his age or even older, but Jelani was also tall and muscular, he was very stocky as well. He had a thick neck and whenever he was angry the veins looked like they were bulging. That's what alerted Safaree to his anger. Safaree was snapped out of his thoughts by a rush of angry words being yelled at him.

"What is wrong with you nigga? No hoes interested in yo' scrawny 18 year old ass, so you gotta be chasing underaged 15 years olds?! HUH?!" He got closer and closer to Safaree as he was speaking his mind.

"You better back the FUCK up Jelani!! Nicki meant what she said! I ain't her baby daddy! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Nicki, as a friend but I did NOT do this to her...yes, ok, she made a bad decision but don't we all at some point in our lives?" Safaree tried to reason with him, he had an explosive temper that sometimes resembled Nicki's.....and their fathers.

" right, I'm sorry.. I known you forever and I know you a good guy, I just...that's my baby sister in there and everything that son of a bitch be doin' to her at home... I feel so guilty for leaving there...but had I not gone...I mighta just killed the bastard!" He sighed and took a seat next to Safaree and wiped his hands down his face.

"I seen the marks and bruises on her arms, it's him doin' that to her isn't it?" Safaree asked calmly, he aready knew the answer.

"I can't even think about it, man..." he trailed off as he rested his face in his palms. Safaree started to think, Nicki can not be staying in a home where she is abused, especially not now that she was pregnant.

"....This may seem bold, and I won't blame you if you say no and start cussing me out again, but what if Nic was to come live with me...she could have my sister's old room?" Safaree waited patiently for an answer, expecting Jelani to explode again.

".....Or...since I'm moving to Florida, only temporarily though, I was visiting Nic to ask if she would house sit for me, that way she would be away from him and my house would be looked after but now that you mention it I would prefer for her not to be alone...would you stop with her, in my house?" He seemed hesitant but Safaree could see he meat every word.

"Dude, you sure??" Was all Safaree could say, he was slightly taken aback that Jelani, the overprotective brother was asking him to stay an look after Nic.

"I trust you. I saw the way you were with her today and you obviously care a lot about her, and you calmed her down like ain't ever seen anyone comfort her...not even Mom!" Jelani replied with a slight half-smile. Safaree decided it was time he stepped up to this responsibility. Her baby daddy, whoever he was, obviously didn't care or didn't know, and there was no way in hell he was going to let her stay in the same house as that monster.

"I'll do anything for her" As soon as he uttered those words Jelani embraced him in a masculine hug full of gratitude and handed him the keys to his place.

"Mind you nigga, I hear anythin' funny 'bout you Imma whoop yo' ass!" They both let out a light laugh before noticing the approaching nurse.

"Are you here with a Ms...Onika Maraj" She asked as she scanned over a clipboard in her hands.

"Uhh Yeah, I'm Jelani Maraj, I'm her brother..and this here is her friend Safaree" Jelani stood quickly to answer her.

"Is she ok, when can we see her?" Safaree urgently added.

"Sure, she is still waiting to have her examination done but she has had the tests done and they have been sent off. Right now she is with her doctor and he'll get you up to speed on everything that is going..but to answer your question, yes she is perfectly fine" She smiled and led them to Nicki's room. Bothe men entered quietly as they saw her sleeping, there was wires and machines around her which made them both feel a little uneasy.

"Ah! You must be..the brother" The doctor said as he pointed to Jelani "...and the best friend?" he asked as he motioned towards Safaree "She was telling me all about her favourite boys" he said with a smile on his face. The two guys felt a bit more relaxed seeing him, they got the impression that there was no bad news.

" you know what happened, I mean there's nothing wrong with her...or the baby..right?" Safaree asked as Jelani held eye contact with the doctor.

"Onika, suffered a partial bleed to the placenta, it can be serious but luckily for her and the baby's sake it was caught in time. We are going to keep her here over night and monitor her and wait for the remaining test results to come back. I'm all done here but by all means hang around, she is resting now but the midwife will be around soon to attend to her. I will be the one to deliver the baby but Klara Michaels will be Onika's midwife and be with her for all of her appointments and scans. There has been the worry about her age, she is only 15 years old, as a doctor I am NOT here to judge Onika but I am concerned about that particular aspect...ohh Sorry gentlemen I really can't stay any longer, I trust I will be seeing you around, take care" and with that the doctor left the room.

Safaree and Jelani stood there shell shocked, they were so thrilled and relieved that Nicki was ok but it really only just started to dawn on them, Nicki was going to have a baby.

After around two or three hours Nicki was still sleeping, Jelani looked at his watch which read 6:00pm. "Look man, now that I know she's ok I really hafta plane leaves in a couple hours" he said as he walked over to Nicki, he kissed her gently on her forehead and stroked her cheek, she didn't even stir. "I spoke to mom earlier, I told her that Nicki had food poisoning and that she was stopping at your place tonight" Safaree nodded in understanding, he knew there was no way Nicki wanted her parents knowing about this just yet. The guys said their goodbyes and then it was just Safaree and Nicki in the room. He pulled a chair up next to her bed and held her small hand in his until sleep took over.

* Ok so this drags on a LOT but it was kind of importantish...I think so, yuuh!*

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  1. okay, that was the most perfect cutest sweetest conversation between Jelani and Safaree. They are like the 2 people who care most about Nicki in the whole world. And thats like the best idea, her and Safaree lving together, because he can look after her and tell shes not fat when shes bout to burst and stuff and it will be just cuteness! And she dont have to live with her dad anymore >>>>> yay!