Saturday, 9 June 2012

Flashback: The Discovery

The signs were all there and she knew it. At 15 years old Onika, or Nicki as almost everybody called her, sat and dwelled on the thought. "It's impossible! There is no way this could happen! I can't be pregnant." These thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the school bell chiming through the classroom.

"Hey Nic!" A voice chirped in her ear, it was Lauren. "Candi's coming to mine tonight we're doin' the whole 'Girl's night in' up for it?" She asked cheerfully.

Nicki thought about it, her mind was all over the place at the moment and honestly she didn't think bothering her besties with her problems sonded that fun. Besides, she knew that if she did go she would just be putting off the inevitable. Taking the pregnancy test.

"Ohh Lauren, you know I would love to...any other time but mom needs to me to look after Caiah tonight, you guys have fun though!" She forced one of her adorable dimple smiles and said her goodbyes.

***Back Home***

"Onika! Onika!! I'm leaving now, dinner is all done and it's in the fridge it just needs heating up!" Her mother bellowed up the stairs. Who knew such a loud noise could come out of such a small person. Nicki shuffled her feet into her slippers and made her way downstairs, she had been waiting for her mom to leave so she could have the house to herself. She walked over to the living room and scooped up her younger brother who immediately started giggling. She didn't know what it was about him that always seemed to make her feel happier inside.

"So lambchop, we gonna get you all fed up then?" She asked him, making one of her crazy faces.

"Yuuuuuh!" He replied excitedly whilst thrashing his legs around. Nicki smiled at the way he was acting and set him down in his chair to feed him.

After Caiah was fed, bathed and put to bed Nicki sat her school bag on her bed and pulled out the pregnancy test. She breathed out slowly. "Come on Onika, pull yourself together" she urged herself as she made her way into her own bathroom, she had got the room with its own bathroom, although her older brother Jelani had put up a fight for it, she still won. Waiting to see the results on her test felt like an eternity to her, in a way she was glad because it gave her more time to prepare for what she would see but deep down inside she knew what it would say already.

She felt the colour drain from her face as she wrapped the used pregnany stick in toilet paper an dropped it in the bin. Her tears started trickiling down her face and soon enough those few tears turned into uncontrollable sobs, she could hardly stand and so shuffled slowly to her bed and secured herself under the covers after turning her light off. She hadn't cried this much since her older brother Jelani moved out, he was her rock and he just left her in the mess that was her drug addicted, abusive father. She kept her hand on her stomach and slowly rubbed it, she had no idea what she was going to do. But one thing was certain, she was not going to get rid of her baby.

*So I know there was like, hardly any dialogue in this one but I promise there will be more!! Please, if anyone reads, could you comment...and be honest! I need criticism cause I have no idea if I am doing this right! :/*

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  1. im glad she aint getting rid of the baby, because that would leave me heartbroken, but at the same time, wheres she ganna live? Is the father involved? Whats her mom ganna say? Ugh, im not even in this situation and its fucking stressing me out! lol, anyways this was good *Reads on*