Monday, 11 June 2012

Finding Out

Nicki left school at 2:00pm because her last lesson for the day was a free period. She had planned out in her mind what she was going to do about telling everybody about the baby. She knew Safaree was working late on Mondays, she didn't know it was because they were struggling for money though. That meant going to her appointmemt alone which is why she was nervous, she had never gone alone before because she always had Safaree with her. Thinking about it made her feel guilty for arguing with him about the smallest things and she knew she was being such a bitch to him but sometimes she just felt so trapped.

As she was leaving the school grounds she got a text from Safaree wishing her luck and to be careful on the walk there. Nicki rolled her eyes and smiled as she replied to him. She had around 30 minutes to get to her appointment which should hopefully only last about an hour and then another 40 minutes to get home, she had arranged for Drake to go around to hers while Safaree was working to make things a little less awkward. As soon as she got the confession to Drake over and done with there was only one more person to tell...her mother.

"Ms Maraj?" The nurse called out her name, in the busy waiting room. Nicki grabbed her school bag and followed the nurse into a side room where she waited for Klara.

"Okaaay, Hi Nicki!! How is everything going?" Klara asked extremely cheerfully as she walked through the door. Nicki smiled and moved over to hop on the bed.

"Hey, Everything is doing ok thanks" She replied politely as Klara began the checkup.

"Well, all of that seems great" she said as she finished up the routine tasks "now for the scan" She lifted the red hoodie that Nicki was wearing and spread the gel across her ever-growing bump.

"No Safaree with you this time?" She questioned. As she rolled the scanner around on Nicki's stomach and pushed down harder to get a clearer image.

"Nope" she said popping the P "not this time..he has to work late, he's been so good to me I don't know what I'd do without him" She said watching the screen. Klara turned slowly to look at Nicki with a huge grin on her face.

"what? What is it??" Nicki asked half-excitedly not knowing what to expect.

"Safaree's gonna be super mad he couldn't make it to this appointment!" As soon as Klara said that Nicki knew what she was talking about. The last two times Nicki had her scan the baby was in an awkward position so Klara couldn't tell them the sex of the baby.

"Ohh my God!" Nicki squealed and started to tear up, she had been waiting for this moment forever, she was desperate to stop calling her baby an 'it'.

"You ready to find out?" Klara questioned as she looked over Nicki's anxious face. Nicki nodded her head and moved her hands to hold the side of her bump.

"okaaay...looks like you're boy!!" Klara turned to see Nicki's face light up as she wiped the gel of her and pulled her hoodie back down.

The whole walk home Nicki couldn't stop thinking about her baby boy, she could finally stop caling him an 'it', as soon as she left the appointment she texted Safaree and told him she had news to tell him when he got home. It sounded silly but Nicki was getting excited to meet her baby in 4 months time, she had always loved kids and was really good with her little brother Caiah. She smiled as she kept her arms wrapped securely around her waist with the pleasant thoughts ruuning through her head. It was mid February and the air was still quite cold, her appointment had lasted a lot longer than she thought and it was now nearing 5:30pm. She looked up and around as she realised it was getting darker which scared her slightly because she knew she still had a good 30 minutes to walk. Soon enough loud, obnoxious laughter and arrogant cheers snapped her out of her thoughts as she got closer to a large group of guys on the same sidewalk as her, they looked drunk and all turned when they saw her coming. A couple of them started moving closer whilst the others just yelled rude sexual things at her, she tried not to show it but she was scared and she started to slow down as they got even closer to her.

"aayyyee lookin' fine!" One of the guys said as he circled a tiny Nicki. Another one came up behind him with his hand on his crotch. She started breathing faster as panic and fear kicked in.

"You want some this baby? uuh...well come to daddy then.." He tried to lean in and grab her but she started walking backwards until she bumped into another one of them, his hands went straight to her waist as she quickly backed into him, she squirmed whilst desperately trying to get out of his grasp...

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  1. wooow i jus started reading u r a very good writter!!! post soon

    1. Thank you soo much!! U hv no idea how much tht means 2 me, I wasn't going to continue cause I didn't know if it was any good or not...but now..I think I will carry on! I will try and post later on today! ^__^ Thanks again!

  2. okay, im not here for you always saying your blogs rubbish! its the best one ive ever read *hand on heart*. aaawww im glad Nickis having a boy, because she has more experience with them because of Caiah. Safarees ganna be mad happy tho! And her telling Drake is making me nervous! hes either ganna flip and run away or be like the best dad evrr and make Safaree feel like a spare part!

  3. I love this particular blog it was very nice you are REALLY GOOD at this!!!! I hve been reading from the beginning.