Sunday, 10 June 2012

Facing The Music...

The weekend had been and gone and Nicki had spent staurday and sunday in the hopsital. Candi and Lauren had visited before she was discharged but had to leave when Klara came to do her rounds. Safaree had also left to move their belongings into Jelani's house. Klara wasn't supposed to see Nicki again until her next official appointment but she had arranged for a friend of hers to go and a have talk with Nicki, alone. He was a psychiatrist, Klara had explained to him Nicki's situation and informed him that the main reason for referring her to him was her worry about Nicki's age and how she was going to cope.
Nicki liked him, he seemed very cheery and made her laugh a lot but at the same time helped her to realise the severity of her situation, which understandbly led to her cryng for the best part of an hour. It was starting to sink in, she was going to be a mommy in 6 months.
3 weeks later Candi, Lauren and Safaree had organised a surprise birthday party for Nicki at Jelani's house, it was a very small gathering. Just Nicki, Safaree, Candi, Lauren, and the vaks who now knew about Nicki being pregnant. Nicki enjoyed her party because she didn't have to wear baggy boyish clothes to hide her tummy. Not to mention feeling a little bit better about being 16 and pregnant rather than 15 and pregnant!

***2 Months Later***

"Ohhhh I don't wanna go Fareeee" She dragged the last part of his name out as she folded her arms across here chest and poked her bottom lip out.

"Don't be such a brat!" He snorted as he slid her a bowl of rice bubbles across the table to her. Nicki started to laugh at his remark, but the smile faded as she felt that same feeling come over her. She ran to that bathroom and started throwing up violently, Safaree appeared behind and quickly held her hair away from her face and the toilet bowl.

"Nasty!" He said as she instantly reached for her toothbrush and toothpaste to get rid of the horrible taste.

"Fuck you!" She quipped before pushing him out of the bathroom so she could shower and get ready for school. Safaree chuckled and let her get on with her morning business.

***Lunch Time At School***

"Faree, what's the name of the school counsellor I'm s'posed to go see after lunch?" Nicki asked for the fifth time that day.

"It's Mrs Ollendar, Nicki...write it down if you have to..oh but wait" he paused "...she has course councilling to do on Mondays" Safaree stated, making Nicki look up from her lunch.

"Well then why the fuck am I goin' to see her today then?" She snapped back. Safaree looked at her weird before he continued.

"First, don't be yellin' at a nigga like that and second another teacher with a counselling background will step in for her...well that's usually the scenario" He continued to to shovel his food into his mouth as Nicki made a move and headed to the counsellor's office.

***The Counsellor's Office***

Nicki had been waiting for 10 minutes now, she was tapping ner foot impatiently.

"Shit, makin' me wait like I got all the goddam time in the world" She said to herself. The only reason she was getting restless was the amount of looks she was getting from other students passing by in the corridor. "I would stare too, seeing a girl wearin' a big ass hoodie like this" she thought as she looked down at Safaree's baggy red hoodie she was weaing, which surprisingly was covering up her 5 and a half month bump extremely well. Finally the office door opened and a younger boy walked out, signalling to Nicki that he had finished and the counsellor could now see her.

Her heart dropped as she walked in, the replacement counsellor for Mrs Ollendar looked up and smiled.

"Ahh Nicki, please take a seat" he said calmly. Nicki looked at him and then the seat he was motioning to and debated whether or not to run again. It was Mr Tomlinson.

"I didn't know you know, a counsellor" Nicki said nervously as she took a seat, she hadn't seen him since he tried to talk to her after seeing that she was pregnant. He looked up from his papers on the desk and began to talk.

"Well, yes actually I was a counsellor first and then went on to get a degree in teaching Sport" He said nicely, Nicki didn't kow what to think. For the first time ever he was being...nice.

"Oh?" was all she could say back. He let out a soft chuckle.

"So what is it you are here to see me about?" He glanced up at her in between sorting the papers on his desk.

"......well, um...I, I am going to need to sort out...getting school work and..stuff sent home for the next..couple of months...." She trailed off and looked down at her lap as she finished what she was saying, she was so embarrassed "...and I was told to come see..Mrs Ollendar about it..." She quietly added.

"Ok, well it is protocol to ask, do you have a reason? He asked as he reached out to put a stack of paper into his desk drawer and looked back to her.

"...Sir..I know that you know!" She stated with attitude. He stood up from his chair and went over to sit on a chair that was directly in front of Nicki.

"When I am in this office, as a counsellor, that is what I will be. I am not always grumpy and snappy" he smiled and continued "as a counsellor I am here for students to talk to and everything will remain confidential" He tried to look Nicki in the eye but she wouldn't face him.

"..look, sir I just need to get my work for the next couple months sent home...that's all I came here for" She looked up at him as she finished what she was saying. Her voice was shaky and he could see the tears forming in her eyes.

She left the office feeling down, she had at least got her school work and everything sorted out but everything was getting on top of her. She had another appointment with Klara after school and she was feeling nervous, also her and Safaree had been arguing about when she was finally going to tell her mom she was pregnant...and whether or not to tell Drake but Nicki hadn't told Safaree that her and Drake had been secretly texting and talking to one another for about 5 weeks now. They had accidentally bumped into each other in the hallway and he kept apologising profusely about the night at the party and the way he reacted...he also told that he really liked her A LOT and he hadn't stopped thinking about her since that night. Nicki could see the sincerity in his eyes and knew she could forgive him, especially when she thought back to that tingly feeling she got when she was with him and he felt the same way. They were texting more than seeing one another in person that's why he still didn't know she was pregnant but Nicki was finally feeling comfortable enough with tell him. She was SUPER nervous and didn't know how he was going to react, she didn't wantto mess thngs up with him but she knew she was going to have to tell him sooner or later...

*wooow I actually hate this chapter! I changed it so many times and then I just got sick of it so *Lady Gaga Voice* BAM! I posted it! blah blah Typos blah sorry! ^_^ muuaah....please if anybody reads, comment! I finally figured out how to check pageviews haha and noticed people were actually viewing them....>_> but no comments :'''( Well I have to continue with this anyway to pratice for uni so...yeah!*

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  1. so wait......she still aint told mama carol bout being pregnant! OH LAAAWWWWD! She need to get round to that quick because she ganna find out another way and thats not ganna be a good time. And i was on some phsyic shit when they were talkin bout the councellor, like i knew it was ganna be her Pe teacher ! i hope she warms to him soon, and he can help her with some stuff !