Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Revelation

Safaree made the turn down his street as Nicki sat silently in the passenger seat. He looked over at her and knew that she could feel him watching her.

"So, you gon' tell me what's going on?" he asked casually as he pulled into his driveway.

Nicki looked down at her nails and fidgeted as he turned the engine off and the car became silent.

"Hello? Nicki I'm talking to you" he continued, still nothing "Look I don't know what I've done or why you been ignoring a coon for the past few weeks but I'm s'posed to be your best friend! How can I be that when you won't let me?" He stopped suddenly as he realised she was crying again.

Safaree had been Nicki's best friend for almost forever. He was always there for her no matter what. Those nights when her father would come home screaming and shouting Nicki would run a few blocks down to Safaree's house and he would hold her until she stopped crying and fell to sleep. He always noticed the bruises on her arms but never brought them up, he just knew that he would always be there for her and constantly let her know that.

"Please don't cry Nicki" he tried to comfort her, he felt bad now especially because he hated seeing her cry. "Come on lets go inside, we need to get you outta those wet clothes and warmed up" He said as made his way out of the car. He turned to see Nicki slowly walking behind him "What is wrong with her" he wondered to himself as he let them into his house.
Nicki always loved Safaree's home, it was warm and comforting, nothing like her own home. The thought made shudder to think what might be awaiting her when she got home.

"Here throw these on" he said as placed some sweats and a T-shirt on his bed, he then left the room so Nicki could change. "Shit! I can't wear that" she thought to herself as she held the shirt up in front of her. She placed it back down and put the sweats on, she decided she would leave the hoodie on, the shirt would definitely cling to her bump.

"Nicki, I thought I said for you to get on some dry clothes, why you still wearing that ugly ass jumper?" he asked with a goofy smirk on his face.

"I'm ok Faree, honestly, it'll dry soon" She assured him. Safaree didn't question her, he was just happy to have finally gotten her to speak.

"Soooo you want anything to eat?" he asked looking at his watch, he remembered they had left school at lunch and Nicki probably hadn't eaten.

"Uughhh! I thought you would never ask!" She let out a small smile, she was starving, after all she hadn't eaten all day. As Nicki made herself comfortable on his sofa Safaree ransacked the kitchen for food, Nicki couldn't help but smile at his loudness and shook her head.

"What you shakin yo' head at?" he questioned as he re-entered the room, Nicki just looked at him and grinned, she had missed him so much and she felt so bad for avoiding him these past few weeks. She looked down as he made his way over to her and sat himself next to her making the sofa sink.

"Nic, you know I am always here for you, right?" he said as he pulled some hair away from her face and looked her in the eyes.

"Yeah I know" she whispered, she felt her stomach getting all knotted up, she knew she would have to tell him sooner or later. She didn't even know why she was scared to tell him, it wasn't even his baby. A lot of people thought they were together but there had never been anything like that between them, they were just best friends. She knew what he thought about girls that got pregnant in their teens, she was so scared that he would look at her differently if she told him and lose him forever. She collected herself and thought about how she was going to say this.

"Safaree...I do t-tell you something..." she trailed off and started to get all worked up again.

"Hey, come on I'm here, just tell me" he reassured her and wiped away the tears that were escaping her eyes. He saw her inhale deeply and turn to look at him.

"Safaree..I'm..I'm......I'm pregnant!" She managed to blurt out between tears, she dropped her head as her shoulders started to tremble. Without hesitation he quickly secured his arms around her and they sat like that until she managed to compose herself.

"I'm sorry I was ignoring you for so long, I didn't want have you find out and leave me" She said softly with her head against his chest.

"Nicki, when are you gon' understand that when I say I am never going to leave you I mean it?" he asked, not expecting an answer "I will be there for you and whatever decision you make about this baby, you hear me?" Nicki looked up at him and smiled

"Thanks Faree" She said quietly, she paused for a moment "Faree, it's like an oven in here" she said as she sat up on the sofa.

"Maybe it's that damn hoodie you still wearin'?" he joked, the realised why she was wearing it.

"I s'pose you know now, Ion need to keep this on..." she looked down and slowly pulled the hoodie over her head. She didn't look back up to see his reaction but she could feel him staring and she felt self-conscious all of a sudden, she bundled the hoodie up and held it close to her stomach in an attempt to hide her small round bump from him.

"Sorry I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable" he interjected.

"It's fine, I'm gunna hafta get used to gettin' looks, I'm only gunna get bigger" She let out a small giggle, and for the first time in ages it was a genuine laugh. She finally felt like she wasn't alone anymore, she kicked herself for ever having doubted Safaree, he always let her know that he would be there for her.

As they lay around watching crap on television Nicki glanced over at the clock on the wall and jumped up quickly startling Safaree from his sleep.

"Oh my god, have you seen the time?!" she gasped. Safaree rubbed his eyes sleepily and pulled himslef up from the sofa.

"Wooah, how long was I out?" he asked as he saw the time, it said 11:00pm.

"Ion know, couple hours maybe" she said in a rush "Faree, thank you...for everything, but I have to go now...and dad will be home..." she said worriedly as she trailed off and looked up at Safaree.

"You need me to come in with you?" he asked with a voice full of concern, Nicki didn't know that he had seen her bruises.

"No, no, no don't be silly" She quickly dismissed his suggestion.

The two of them made their way to Safaree's car, usually they would have to get his dad to move his car out of the way, but his parents were away for the weekend. Nicki slipped back into her thoughts as Safaree started the car and pulled out of the driveway. She had done one task, telling Safaree, which had put at ease so she just had to worry about her parents if Mr Tomlinson had called them and last but not least...Him.

*Not sure if anyone is reading but I have had pageviews so I will just continue, this isn't just for fun, I need to improve my creative writing for some of my topics at uni, so I thought what better way to do it!? Also I apologise for any typos, I do all of my typing on my iPad with false nails on...not easy -______- but heyho! *

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  1. aaawwww Safaree was so understanding. But, i thought he was ganna be like "shit! is it mine" and she was ganna be like "Yeah" and then he would say something cute and sweet bout them being a family and ...... but it didnt. So its not his. And i just peeped Dricki in the name of this fic so......... no. I am not here for a dricki baby. Nicki needs to find the adoption forms and hand them to Safaree right now!