Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Fresh Start...

Safaree awoke less than 30 minutes later, there was slight tickle irritating his cheek and he shot up out of his seat, startling Nicki in the process. He looked down to see her giggling hystercally.

"I been stroking your cheek for last 10 minutes" She spoke in between laughs.

"Ohh glad to see you think disturbin' a nigga from his sleep is funny!" He retorted with a smirk. Seeing her smile made him relax inside. Before he could tell her about the whole, moving into Jelani's house situation, a young woman came bursting through the door, there were papers flying all over and she dropped her bag on the floor spilling the contents. Safaree rushed over and helped her pick everything up.

"Oh I am so sorry, I was meant to be here at 4:00pm but there was a mad traffic jam and my daughter call-" Before she could finish Safaree cut her off.

"It is absolutely fine, don't worry about it! Not as if we can go anywhere anyway, she's in overnight" he said as he looked in Nicki's direction. She smiled tiredly at Safaree's kindness and then looked to the fumbling woman.

"Well, I am still very sorry!..ok...ok..Onika, is it?" She asked sitting herself down on a wheelie chair as Safaree went to take his seat again.

"...yes, but you can call me Nick" She replied shyly. Safaree gripped her hand to reassure her.

"Ok then Nicki it is! I am Klara Michaels and I am going to be your midwife for the duration of your pregnancy, but I am sure Dr Markus informed you about all of that" she said as Nicki and Safaree nodded their heads.

"Firstly I am going to have to ask this lovely gentleman..." She waited for him to insert his name. "Oh, Safaree" he said as he held out his hand to shake hers. "Ok well Safaree if you would please step outside while I ask Nicki to remove her clothing and put on this new gown" she said as she handed Nicki the gown and led Safaree to the door, she noticed the frightened look on Nicki's face and spoke up.

"Don't worry he can come back in once you are done!" She comforted as she and Safaree stepped outside to give her some privacy.

***Outside Nicki's Room***

"I'm know, the father if that's what you're thinking.." he said as she continued scribbling on the clipboard.

"Safaree, we aren't here to judge you, or Nicki, we are just here to help" She stated as she patted his arm gently. "And I believe you, If you say you aren't the father, you aren't the father" Safaree smiled at her and then they heard a small voice on othe other side of the door.

***Back In The Room***

"Alright Nicki, lets get started" She kept talking as she got all of her tools and cleansing equipment ready, Safaree moved over to the side of Nicki's bed and watched her as she unknowingly rubbed her baby bump in a small circling motion.

"Right, I am going to start with the easy stuff, like blood pressure and everything like that, which by the way will be what we do every appointment and then we'll get you a scan sorted..but then we get to the more invasive part, which is why you had to remove your underwear. To get a better look at what's going on I'll have to use this probe" She said as she pointed to the item behind her. She noticed both Safaree and Nicki shifting in the uncomfortable situation. "If you don't feel comfortable with Safaree in the room, it is ok to say so..?" She looked at Nicki questioningly.

"No!...I mean, if he doesn't mind, I would rather he stayed with me.." She looked up at him with evident fear in her eyes.

"Hey, stop fretting kid! I'll be here, I'm not going anywhere" He soothed. Nicki instantly calmed.

After Klara had finished with the basics and explained to the teens that eveything so far was all good, she wheeled over the scanner and gave Nicki a blanket to cover female area as she had to lift her gown.

"I'll warn you before I start, the gel is very cold!" She smiled as Nicki jolted at the cold substance being spread across her stomach. Within seconds the image appeared on the screen before them, Nicki breathed in calmly as Klara pointed out the different body parts of her baby.

"So, everything looks absolutely fine! The heartbeat is good and healthy! We can't tell you the sex just yet, but we'll be able to find out in a few weeks though! ..and it looks as though your are around...12 weeks pregnang!" She said excitedly. Nicki went from looking relatively happy to quite worried, Klara knew she was worrying about the next part of the examination.

"Ok, I promise you won't feel any pain as such...just a little discomfort, ok?" She looked from Nicki to Safaree then she slowly inserted the probe as gently as she could to spare Nicki any pain. Safaree felt Nicki's hand tighten around his own and she tried to shift around on the bed as a pained expression ran across her face.
"Ok, Nicki, sweetie, try not to move around. I know it isn't nice, just bear with me ok?" Nicki nodded silently and held her eyes closed as Klara finally got the instrument where she wanted it.

Klara finished packing up her things and then looked back to the two teens. "Well, looks like we are all done here! Everything is good so far and I will pass your notes on to Dr Markus, if you have ANYTHING you need to ask please don't hesitate to call this number" She handed Nicki a card with all her contact information on it and gave her arm a reassuring rub. After Klara had left Safaree took this oppurtunity to tell Nicki about Jelani's idea, to his surprise Nicki was all for it! He thought she would have protested at the idea of leaving her mom and Caiah, but she knew full well that they would survive without her. Jelani had texted Safaree and told him that Mama Maraj knew about Nicki moving out and although she was sad she was relieved that her daughter would be away fom the destructive household.

"Soo, you gon' tell me who the nigga is?" Safaree asked out of nowhere. Nicki looked away as tears started to form in her eyes.

"...or at least tell me what happened, I mean do you even know who the father is?" He really didn't mean for it to come out like that. Nicki snapped her head back around.

"The fuck Safaree?! You mean, is it something I do regularly?! Sleeping around with random guys?!" She looked hurt and stopped trying to hold back her tears and just let them fall freely. Safaree sighed.

"You know I didn't mean it like that!" he said sternly as her slid on to the bed with her. She knew he wasn't lying, she was just stalling from telling him the truth...she was afraid of what he might do. Nobody knew who the father was, not even Candi or Lauren and keeping it locked up inside was really eating away at her. Nicki broke the silence with a tired whisper.

"Do Candi and Lauren know where I am?" She adjusted her position so that she was looking him in the eye.

"Yeah..I messaged them this morning while you were with the doctor, he said you weren't allowed visitors today, but they gon' come see you in the morning kay?" He looked back to see tears rolling down her cheeks again. He gently stroked them away and pulled her closer to him, feeling her body relax into his.

"It's Drake..." Is all Safaree heard, she had barely managed a whisper but she was so close he could make out what she had said. He felt a huge wave of anger rush over him "That nigga...better watch what's comin' his way" he thought to himself as he held Nicki close to him, with her hand laying protectively across her bump closing the gap between them.

*My eyes are seriously, I been typin like a crazy bitch all day!!! Sorrrryyy for any typos, and I promise I will try and make it a little less draggy onny :/ muuaah*


  1. dont stop writing eveyone loves your story you are amazing!

  2. Nice! Gud job!

  3. this was not draggy, whatever that means ! lol, anyway, that was horrible when she had to get that internal examination and stuff...eww thats the like the worst part of pregnancy, part from like birth and stuff. Anyways, im actually scared for Drakes safety! Like, i hope Safaree dosnt do anything completely stupid ...:/