Thursday, 21 June 2012

I Thought It Was Supposed To Get Better?

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So I have decided on the message being bad news...but not too bad, I think poor Nic has been thru enough..I am torturing the poor kid :'''''''( But anyhoo not totally sure where I am going with Onikafaree/Dricki cause I never plan/draft my posts I jus' Type! ;/ Imma surprise y'all!
Alsoo, look at lil old me postin' on the day I promised! I just finished exams today and I'm finished uni for a MONTH :') alsooo after this post the next one will be like maybe Friday :/..or I might even post on my birthday on Saturday :) Welp...hope I don't disappoint :( Don't forget my brain has been frazzled by exams!! Ooooh also I know absolutely NOTHING about medical terms an awl dat soo yuuh haha please don't judge*

***starting from where I left off in the last chapter***

Safaree stood motionless for a moment, a million thoughts running through his head. The message, funnily enough was from Klara. He replayed the message to make sure he was hearing right.

"Hello, this is Klara Michaels calling from Clearview Hospital. I'm ringing because myself and another collegue noticed a few...things in Nicki's charts from the last two appointments, I have no idea how this happened and I apologize profusely but we need to see Nicki back at the hospital to run some tests and check her soon as possible. I'm trusting that you'll receive this message soon..."

Safaree placed the phone down and started to fear the worst, he knew deep down that his worry, love and concern for her was way beyond friendship level. To be honest he knew that he was catching feelings for her, well perhaps not even catching feelings because they had always been there, that's when he realized. He quickly ran back in to Nicki's room trying not to startle her too much.

"Nic! Nicki!?" he whispered loudly and urgently enough to wake her from her sleep.

"Huh..Faree?..What the hell! I was asleep!" She snapped, clearly irritated that she had been woken. She rolled away from him and faced the window keeping her eyes shut.

"No Nicki, Klara called..." He waited to see if he got a response before he continued. Surely enough she turned over slowly waiting for him to continue.

"Klara? Why? What did she want?" She asked looking over at her alarm clock to see it flashing at 23:19.  She looked back and kept eye contact with him waiting for him to speak. Safaree looked down before continuing.

"She said that her and another colleague noticed somethin' in your charts, somethin' they missed in your last two appointments..." He trailed off when he saw her worried face.

" what?" Her lip was quivering at this point and Safaree desperately didn't want her crying and getting all worked up.

"Well Ion know, she said we have to get you down to the hospital whenever we can, so get dressed and..pack an overnight back and your essentials just in case. I'll go call Klara and tell her we on our way."  He kissed her reassuringly on her forehead before he left.

Nicki sat worried for a minute or two. Why was this happening to her, it felt like she hadn't had any relaxing moments during her pregnancy. If she wasn't crying and getting upset, she had internal bleeding, or if Safaree and Drake weren't fighting something else had to be wrong. A single tear rolled down her cheek, before she swiftly wiped it away. "No!" she thought to herself "I am gon' be strong for my baby boy!" She assured whilst smoothing her hands down either side of her bump. She got up and did as Safaree said, packing enough underwear for two nights just in case.

After they pulled up to the hospital and were sat in a private room Safaree broke the silence whilst they waited for Klara to arrive.

"You want me to call Drake?" He really, really didn't want to but right now he had to think about what Nicki wanted and needed. He looked at her waiting for an answer.

"..Oh, yeah...please if you don't mind" She was bouncing her leg up and down, which told Safaree she was nervous. He rested his hand on her leg and it stopped moving instantly.

"It's gon' be ok..I promise" He looked her in the eye. Nicki didn't know why but he had a way of calming her like nobody else could, with the exception of her mother but she couldn't turn to her right now. Safaree took Nicki's phone and stepped into the hallway to call Drake.

"Hey Nic..what you doin' callin' so late? Drake chuckled down the phone. Safaree tried to stay as friendly as possible.

"Um, it's Safaree actually. Look I'm callin' cuz Nic's down at Clearview Hospital-" Drake cut him off before he could finish.

"What?! Why what's happened?!" He sounded genuinely worried which made Safaree feel a little less hostile towards him.

"We don't know yet...Her midwife left a message on our phone tellin' us there's something up wit' her charts." He let out a frustrated sigh as he said it, Klara was taking her sweet ass time wherever she was.

"I'm on my way, what room number?" It pained Safaree to admit it but Drake did seem like a nice guy, and although at first he didn't step up to the plate he was obviously trying now.

"It's room 308, hurry she wants you here" and with that the two guys hung up. Just as Safaree ended the call he saw Klara and another man were walking toward him. She greeted Safaree, as did the man and they entered the room together.

"Hello Nicki, I know you must be worrying and stressing right now but we're just going to run a few more tests and then Mr Kefnor is going to explain what's going on." Nicki glanced over at Safaree, fear plastered across her face, he was about to go over and take his rightful place holding her hand and telling her everything would be ok but just as he was about to the door burst open and a puffing Drake rushed over to her side and nodded at Safaree.

"Drake! Baby you're here!" She wrapped her arms around his neck, he returned the hug and whispered in her ear.

"I told you Imma be here for both a y'all" He pulled back to look her in the eyes and sweetly pecked her lips and gave her a reassuring smile before introducing himself to klara and Mr Kefnor. He took a seat next to Nicki's bedside whilst Safaree stayed where he was, in the corner.

"Ok, Nicki I'm just going to run over the basic things we do during checkups and then I'm going to ask the two lovely gentlemen to leave the room whilst I perform some other checkups." She carried on sorting out all the equipment and Mr Kefnor moved over towards the bed.

"Look, I don't mean to be rude or anythin' but can you please tell me what y'all missed in my charts or whatever this problem is?!" Nicki was getting heated and fed up of being left out of the loop when it was her and her baby that were at risk. Mr Kefnor took notice of her fiery attitude.

"Ohh what a little spitfire we have here!" He let out a weird chuckle at his comment that Nicki, nor Drake or Safaree found very amusing.

"Sir, I don't find that very funny!" She death glared him as he shifted uncomfortably under Drake and Safaree's angry eyes.

"Excuse me! Mr Kefnor, keep your stupid comments to yourself and move out of my way!" Nicki and Safaree looked at each other in shock, they had never heard Klara like that before. Mr Kefnor looked down and stepped aside letting Klara get access to Nicki. She rolled Nicki's shirt up and attached a monitor to her bump, getting the baby's heart rate up on the screen to the side of the bed.

"Now, if you can manage it, can you please explain to Nicki what she's doing back here whilst I go get some more paperwork sorted?" She looked at him angrily before smiling at Nicki and leaving the room. Mr Kefnor wheeled a chair over from the corner and seated himself in it before beginning his explanation.

"First off..I apologise for the comment I made. I know you're all worried and it wasn't the best time to say that, I'm sorry. But the reason you're here is, myself or someone in my department missed some things on your charts-" Nicki cut him off sharply.

"Yes we know that awlready!! I've been told that!! What is it that you've missed??" She was getting angrier by the minute.

"It's your baby's heart, it seems to be beating irregularly" he glanced up at her before finishing his sentence "more so when you get upset or angry, so I suggest you calm down." The news hit her like a tonne of bricks, she struggled to wrap her head around what he had said. Safaree removed his cap and rubbed his hands over his face before sitting down again whilst Drake sat holding Nicki's hand, he was also at a loss for words.

", w-what's going to happen then?" she stammered, trying not to break down.

"Well, we're going to start you on some medication which should hopefully hold out until the baby is born and Nurse Michaels is also arranging for you to be medicated for your high blood pressure and prescribe you some vitamins that will help your condition. As for after the baby is born, the situation will have to be re-assessed but we're possibly looking at heart surgery to correct the problem." He stood up from the chair and straightened out his suit "Have you got any questions Ms Maraj?" She didn't answer, just simply shook her head no and with that he said his goodbyes and left. The room was silent all except for Nicki's soft cries as Drake slowly stroked her hand which was still enclosed in his. Safaree couldn't sit and listen to her crying anymore, it felt like it was physically hurting him. He knew she would be ok with Drake if he left.

"Look Imma go grab a drink or somethin' and leave you two alone for a bit. You want anythin'?" Nicki asked for some water but Drake didn't want anything.

"Come on Nic, you heard what that ass said. Crying isn't good for the baby..or you for that matter" He smoothed his hand over her face wiping the tears away.

"I-I Know it's j-just I can't h-help but think this is all my f-fault" It took her a while to say it and it was almost impossible to work out what she had said but Drake put his hands on either side of her face and turned her head to face him.

"Don't you ever think that this is your fault! You hear me!?" He said it sternly but with an affectionate tone. Nicki nodded slowly as he kissed her cheek moving to lay on the bed with her. He could tell she was tired, her eyelids were heavy and she snuggled closer to him as sleep took over. Drake just lay there resting his head on Nicki's as he felt her soft breathing against his neck. He couldn't sleep, everything was turning over in his mind. Before his thoughts could develop further Klara and Safaree reappeared, noticing a sleeping Nicki, and shuffled in quietly.

"Aww, how cute!" Klara cooed in a whisper, she looked at Safaree and saw the hurt look on his face but got back to her business when he caught her looking.

"Ok, well I have all of Nicki's prescriptions here you just need to take them down to the front desk and hand these slips in and they'll give you the medication." She gave a slight smile "Nicki can go home tonight, there is nothing else we can do other than mediacte...but I'm afraid we're going to have to wake sleeping beauty up whilst I do the routine checkup...for the second time today! And you two will have to leave the room, so maybe you could go get her prescriptions?" She looked between the two, kind of sensing the tension before clicking her fingers "Well off you go then!" Drake eased himself off the bed and accidentally woke Nicki in the process.

"Hey you, we gon' go get your medication whilst the nurse checks you over then you can go home" Drake smiled down at her and went to kiss her but she stopped him.

"...can you come stay over at mine tonight?" She whispered as she looked at him pleadingly, he turned to get approval from SB but he saw the door swinging. He had already walked out.

"Sure I can babygirl, we'll come back later when you finished here. Text me when your done, kay?" Nicki nodded and let him finish his kiss before he walked out and Klara proceeded with the checkup.

The three of them walked into Jelani's house slowly, truthfully they were all tired after all it was 3:00am. Nicki was all ready for bed seeing as she was in bed before they had to dash out so she threw her jammies back on and carefully got back under the covers lifting the other side open for Drake to hop in, he was clad in a pair of black Calvin Klein's. Nicki let out a long shaky sigh as she got as close to Drake as her bump would let her, he pulled her even closer and they both dozed off in no time with their baby nestled safely between them.

Over in Safaree's room he sat stiffly on the edge of the bed wondering what the hell to do. He was in love with her. He was in love with his best friend. He was in love with Onika Maraj, but now he was realising too late. Or was it too late?....

*Baayuum!! oh guys that took FOREVER!! I am soo sorry about how long it drags on for!! I was watching tv at the same time -____- not doin that again! But anyways, I hope it's ok and i just want to remind you I DO NOT KNOW anything about hospitals or babies or nothin'!! So sorry if y'all know that stuff and notice that I am clueless in that area! XD Enjoy Barbz p.s sorry for any typos! Muuah*


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