Monday, 25 June 2012

*Sneak Peak* Splitting The Triangle - Part 1

***Starting where I left off last chapter***

Nicki awoke the next morning feeling strangely refreshed, she reached over the other side of her bed remembering that Drake had stayed the night only he wasn't there. She sat up slowly to see if had taken his clothes, her heart sank when she saw they had gone from the floor. Slowly laying back down she pulled her blanket up around her and then rested her hands over her stomach and started to drift into thoughts about telling her family about the baby. Both her mother and Jelani called every second day to check up on her but she still hadn't told her mother she was pregnant and she was almost six months pregnant. In all honesty she was terrified of what her reaction might be...and what her father might do. A knock on her door interrupted her worrying thoughts and Safaree popped his head in.

"Ohh so you wake now?! 'Bout time!!" he said with a voice full of ignorance. Nicki side-eyed him and flipped the covers off of her tiny frame.

"Boy! I been through hell last night, leave da kid alone!!" She giggled as she finished her sentence. The smell of turkey bacon caught her attention before she could say anything else. "Oooh you makin' us some food?" She asked whilst patting her baby bump, Safaree guessed by 'us' she meant her and the baby and shook his head at her being all cute.

"Sure did!! It's gon' be ready any minute now!" He cheesed at her before moving closer and sitting on the edge of her bed next to her, he always thought it was cute how her feet would dangle and his could reach the floor easy.

"Faree?" She began a little hesitantly and he turned to look at her.

"Nicki?" He mimicked her before being punched fairly hard on the arm. "Ayye chill out woman!" Nicki laughed at his flinching and funny comment. "Nah, but seriously now..what's on yo' mind?"

"I think...I should tell my mom that I'm pregnant...well I don't think, I know I have to tell her!" She started chewing on her nail waiting for Safaree to say something.

"Oh, word? You're right doe you do need to tell her...maybe you should ask to go 'round for dinner, that way if things get outta hand you can just up and leave? You know what I'm sayin'?" He pulled her hand away from her mouth. "Nicki? Helloo?"

"Yeah I heard you nigga! I think that's a good idea...I wanna invite Jelani you know when he's visiting? I'll organise it with mom when he's home....and you'll come to, right?" She took his hand in hers as she waited for him answer, she noticed that he had said 'you' and not 'we'. He was thinking about it, he knew she would want to ask Drake too and truthfully he felt like it would rip his heart out to see her with him. He was brought back to the conversation by Nicki's tiny hand squeezing his.

"Oh..yeah..I mean course I'll be there Nic! And Jelani is coming back for three days on thursda-oh tomorrow!" He tried to play his answer off but Nicki knew there was something going on with him, she didn't mention anything though and smiled at the fact that he was actually going to go with her. They both looked down and realised that they were still holding hands and their fingers seemed to have automatically laced. Safaree shifted uncomfortably and pulled his hand away.

"So where'd Drake disappear to?" He asked as he made his way back over to the door. Nicki just gave him a dead face.

"Uuum School, DUH!" She let out a cackle after answering him with attitude. Safaree had the mornings off on wednesdays and Klara had told Nicki that not going back to school would be best for her baby's health so Nicki was officially free from school.

"Talkin' to a coon like he stupid!! Come on kiddo, by the smell of things my food is DONE!" With that he left in hurry as Nicki sat giggling to herself. He always managed to make her laugh, that's what she loved about him not to mention he was the sweetest, kindest guy she'd ever met. But he was just her best friend, no matter what people thought. As she said that in her mind, she was quickly reminded of the tingly feeling she felt as they held hands not two minutes ago. She shook the thoughts away "Prolly just hormones" she muttered as she threw her robe on and went out to join Safaree and eat.

***Later On In The Day***

Nicki was laying on the couch watching Judge Judy, slowly drifting off to sleep when there was a loud knock on the front door. "If that's Faree's nigga ass forgettin' his damn keys again..." she spat angrily to herself as she tiredly made her way to the door, looking through the peephole she was met with a surprise....

*Annd Scene ^_^ Sorry it isn't much and tbqfh it's pretty boring :/ haha I'm super tired and I had promised another chapter so I gave y'all a sneak peak instudd *beams proudly* Also I haven't posted cause I had a pretty weird weekend :/ ..... buut anyway I will post again tomorrow :) Thanks for all the comment guys!! ^___^  *Blows Kisses to all the Barbz in the UK, USA, Australia, France, Barbados, Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, Canada and Columbia* Thanks for reading bugs!! Muuah!


  1. Awwwwwwww damn it was just getting good

  2. well then i wonder who it is....oh yea i hope you enjoyed your birthday and Happy (belated) birthday :)

  3. eeeek! can't wait for the full chapter mate. it's gonna be amazeballs, I can tell ^_^

  4. this was not boring! im cackling at Nicki sniffing out food like one of them dogs at the airport, lol! Safarees cute, but i dont think he shud tell Nicki he loves her just yet, because she might flip and hurt the baby