Sunday, 10 June 2012

Trying To Look On The Bright Side

***Present Day (The day after telling Safaree her secret)***

Nicki woke up feeling more refreshed than she had in a long time, 3 months actually! As she allowed herself to wake up, she unconsciously massaged her tummy and got lost in her thoughts. She snapped out of her trance when her phone started to buzz on her bedside table. She had 14 text messages from Lauren, Candi, Jelani and Safaree and 3 Missed calls from Lauren.

"Where the hell have I been?" She muttered to herself as she pulled her comforter back. When she looked over at her alarm clock she almost died, it read 11:00am. "I was sleep that long? Well musta needed it" She thought to herself as she replied to her friends messages. Candi and Lauren were super worried about her on friday when she disappeared after talking to Mr Tomlinson. She let them know she was ok and that her and Faree were solid again. Safaree's message was as ignorant as ever and made he roll eyes and laugh. As she got to Jelani's message there was a knock at the front door.

"Now who in the hell could that be?" She said angrily as she threw on her robe and jogged down the stairs, as he opened it she screamed cries of joy and surprise.

"Laniiiii!!" She jumped up and threw her arms around his neck and dangled as he wrapped his arms around her. It was her brother Jelani, even though he still lived in Queens it was rare for him to visit, especially after the fight he had with their father.

"Baby sis, hows it goin??" He asked happily as he placed her down and shut the door.

"It's all good on this side boy!! How about you and Danika?" She asked raising her eyebrows as she poured them both some orange juice.

"Ahh you know, we doing' good, good in fact...I asked her to marry me" He waited for her reaction but he was greeted with something he didn't expect. Nicki turned around holding her stomach tentatively, her face colour was almost green.

"Nic, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, please don't be like this?" He pleaded but then he saw her face. "Onika, you ok you lo-" he stopped talking when she darted to the bathroom, she was gone for about 5 minutes before she reappeared.

" must have been something I ate or some virus.." She lied as she neared him.

"You need me to go get you some pepto?" He looked concerned and cute. She laughed and shook her head.

"No fool, I need you to spill the deets on this wedding of yours!" she said smiling from ear to ear. He relaxed a little knowing that she wasn't mad at him, he respected her thoughts on girls he dated and was glad she approved of Danika because he really liked her.

As they shared conversation and filled each other in on what was going on in their lives Jelani started to get fidgety.

"Keep your damn hands still boy!" She said whilst laughing, during their talk Nicki had made them brunch. As she was clearing the plates away Jelani was going on about something and as she heard him saying "moving to florida" she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She dropped the plates she was carrying and bent over holding her stomach as she cried out in pain. Jelani ran over to her immediately.

"NICKI! What's wrong?!" He was shaking and didn't know what to do, for a grown man he felt helpless. Just as he was about to reach for the phone Safaree busted through the door and yelled.

"Get yo' lazy ass up outta bed Onika!!" he turned whilst laughing until his eyes locked onto Nicki and Jelani in the kitchen.

"What the fuck!! What's happening!?" He yelled.

"Uugh Faree, somethings wrong..." She said as the pain intensified and she lowered herself to the ground.

"Is it the baby?!" Safaree asked without thinking.

"Ohh...I don't know, one minute I was fine and then then ne-" she stopped talking as she realised that Jelani was listening to everything. He had an angry expression on his face as he turned to look her in the eyes.

"Baby?! What BABY?!" He screamed, now directing his question at Safaree.

"Lani please? Stop..yelling at him, it's not him, he's not the father!" She yelled back as she started to cry, partially from the pain and fear as well as her brother's angry reaction.

Safaree had heard enough. "Why the fuck we just standin' here arguing when yo' baby sister is sat screaming in pain on the goddam floor?!!!" He screamed as he scooped Nicki up. She gasped in pain as he did so, making him stop what he was doing.

"Sorry! I'm sorry, did I hurt you??" He asked quickly, Jelani calmed down when he saw how much Safaree cared for her, he quickly grabbed his keys and got in the car. Safaree gently put Nicki in the back of the car as her tears and cries got worse, he rode in the back with her trying to calm her down as Jelani sped through mid-morning traffic to the hospital...

*Dun Dun Duuuuuun....My first real cliffy!! Pleeeeeease comment if you read, I have no idea what the hell I am doing, prolly doing it all wrong... :( *

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  1. OH FUCK SHIT! the baby better be alright because im ganna cry if its not. Im kinda mad at Jelani moving to florida tho. Like, maybe he wont go now that shes preggo? I hope not. That was cute when Jelani realised how much Safaree loves her and stuff because he really does.